In its Annual Threat Assessment, ASIO’s director-general of security, Mike Burgess, has flagged changes to its terminology in discussing terror threats. Gone are the terms “Islamic Extremism” and “Right-Wing Extremism” and in their places the vaguer expressions “Religiously motivated violent extremism” and…

China-flu Brings Mass Unemployment & Divides Australia

Depending on whereabouts in the country you are, the contingencies the Morrison government have taken to contain the outbreak of COVID-19 so far have seemed a bit like a phoney war. That was until today with images of tens of thousands of Australians queuing up outside of Centrelink offices, many for the first time in their lives.

Melbourne Neo-Nazi Group Is An Asio Trojan Horse

Three weeks ago, ASIO’s Director-General Mike Burgess cited ‘Neo-Nazis’ as “among our most challenging security threats.” A week later, in a pub in west-Melbourne, a gaggle of toxic outcasts who’ve been causing headaches for dedicated nativists for a while now initiated a new club in the hope of remaining relevant.
The leader of this paltry group is known to talk to the feds and has often sat down with ASIO. His timing couldn’t have been better.

Far-Right And Neo-Nazi Terror Threats – Just One Big ASIO Lie

In a public address yesterday at the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation’s Canberra headquarters, ASIO Director-General Mike Burgess, gave many warnings (sic) about espionage” and jihadi terrorism in our country. Some of that is probably true, as far as it goes. But he also lashed out at “far-right groups”. And then he singled out those neo-Nazis!

Now Canberra’s sheltered workshop is spying on Ordinary Australians

Canberra’s Mass Immigration Department lets the enemy inside our gates and ceremoniously hands over unconditional citizenships willy nilly.  Then Australia’s Signals Directorate (another spy agency) says it now can’t trust Australians. And that’s not just the imported fake ones, but hard working…