Joe Ferguson can’t be bought like the Liberal-Labor sheep or by the Globalising Greens

Local Newcastle man Joe Ferguson is standing for mayor because the Liberal mayor was found to be corrupt and the other candidates have strings attached. Even the independent candidates are stooges for Liberal or Labor.

Joe Ferguson feels he at least has as honest a chance as the next man in Newcastle. With the Leftist Fairfax newspaper (The Herald) trying to tarnish him, he’s sending a message that he can’t bought.

Joe Ferguson is the Australia First candidate for the Newcastle lord mayoral by-election on Saturday. He has worked in the local meat industry, and property management and maintenance.

Joe FergusonStraight-Talking Joe Ferguson
a Newcastle hard worker


Average Joe simply says to the people of Newcastle:

“I am a candidate for lord mayor because I am an ordinary Australian worker not beholden to the elite of ‘‘official Newcastle’’ and their ongoing globalist ‘‘reform’’.

I have clean hands in the corruption stakes. I am not part of the local elite – featuring both major parties – which has “reformed” Newcastle into a second-class service town, overseas student centre and investment hub for foreigners.

I am a fighter against drugs, privatisation and homelessness and will stand for the ordinary citizen as your accessible representative.

I oppose ‘‘reform’’ because Newcastle is now running on a money-spinning, foreign takeover, overseas students and speculation in property courtesy of  foreigners.

Our pensioners, unemployed, and home-buyer families don’t seem to get an advantage – but some elite group seems like it does.

I believe Newcastle council has been compliant in the destruction of a heritage. Once upon a time, Newcastle was an industrial hub with jobs for all, a training place for the best of apprentices, a centre of technical innovation, a place of solid cultural achievement and family values – and a source of pride for all Australians.

It went down to globalism.

I know that these big problems come from elsewhere, but action  in council can lessen the impacts, and be part of a broader effort to redirect our country out of destructive globalism.

Newcastle is undergoing rapid change. The pressure to step up dangerous coal seam gas mining in nearby areas is on and the raping of Hunter coal resources by the multinationals suggests the city will be enslaved to these economic activities. Our port facilities might get an upgrade, but it won’t exactly benefit our people.

The removal of the rail link to Newcastle city tells us that the property developers are moving in to rob us of our recreation and convenience.

I am the candidate for a People’s Newcastle, where homelessness and under-housing, the drug scourge and property buy-ups by aliens  will all be challenged and addressed locally, in the open.

This alternative vision is that of an Australian economy producing for Australians first, one that guarantees all our livelihoods and our fair share of Australia’s wealth, a system where we all have decent housing and good community services and an opportunity to do better by our own labours.

I cannot see the major parties and the globalising Greens defending Newcastle this way.

I wish to preserve Newcastle’s lifestyle, heritage and environment and remain opposed to merging Newcastle into a huge single urban zone stretching from Port Stephens to Wollongong.

I condemn the housing developments targeting foreigners for profit, the policies that downgrade our city to a service-economy with unsustainable population growth based upon immigration, the Agenda 21 United Nations idea adopted by our council in the name of sustainability.

The goal must be a sustainable Newcastle, progressive and safe, answering the needs of its people.

I shall act to unfold a cultural revolution in the politics of Newcastle against globalism.

If elected, I will use my office to:

  • Achieve more public housing as a key strategy of social renewal. Emergency housing, where possible, should be adapted from council property.
  • Have the environmental dangers of coal seam gas mining and other exploitative mining addressed by appropriate agencies.
  • Campaign for the re-nationalisation of electricity to lower prices and to guarantee jobs.
  • Campaign against the privatisation of water.
  • Offer incentives to build innovative local business with better public transport and the defence of the city rail-link.
  • Offer proactive initiatives in the drug war, providing permanent facilities for the drug-affected.

Joe Ferguson is the Australia First candidate for the Newcastle lord mayoral by-election on Saturday.


Joe is Newcastle’s only candidate with no strings attached.