Jun 13: Call for Unity Discussions with Nationalist Organisations

by Jim Saleam,

Australia First Party has called upon all nationalist organisations to meet in Sydney soon to discuss the utility and the possibilities for the amalgamation of forces.

Private correspondence has been directed to these organisations.

For a long time now, it has been obvious to supporters and to leaders, that a number of organisations exist which lay claim to the label of nationalist. They have come into existence in different ways and have different brands and colourings and some varied strategic-tactical assumptions, yet the essence of their ideology and politics is of the same fibre. There has been a growing convergence of ideology, politics and method.

It is reasonable to say that these organisations have a responsibility to their memberships to determine whether it is possible to unify their resources, human and materiel.

The President of the Australia First Party, Dr. Jim Saleam, said today:

“I regard this dialogue as an important one. I have full confidence that the ideology of Australian Nationalism is the unifying factor, that it has permeated the thinking of the leaders of the organisations and I believe it is time this was reflected in a unity of politics and organisation. Our party is committed to this dialogue in the interest of the Nation and People.”