Jun 1: Conference: ‘Australian Independence and the Aboriginal question’

Australia First Calls a Special Conference for 2015:

The President of the Australia First Party, Jim Saleam, in consultation with other patriotic people, has called a special conference for June 2015: “Australian Identity, Australian Independence And The Aboriginal Question”.

The conference will be a response to the present debate on a referendum for amending the Australian Constitution in respect of the “recognition” of Aborigines as the original ‘owners’ or ‘custodians’ of our Continent.

It is resolved by Australia First Party to call upon all Australian nationalists and patriots to actively oppose the question in the referendum.

However, it is further resolved that a specific approach needs to be made to Aborigines to support this position.

It is expected that this appeal to the Aboriginal peoples to resist the referendum will be a unique part of the entire referendum struggle.

In preliminary discussions amongst Australian nationalists and other patriots, it was held that the ‘recognition’ of Aborigines in the Constitution had nothing to do with and advancement of Aborigines or part-Aborigines, but everything to do with the delegitimization of the Australian state.

Jim Saleam said:

“We are nationalists and our goal is to win Australian independence from the New World Order and its globalist economy. We recognize that the legal status of Australia has been undermined in the United Nations framework idea of ‘Land Rights’. Aborigines were told that these claims were to their advantage and symbolic in ‘recognising’ their status on the Continent such that they might also advance themselves economically. We say that in truth the Land Rights framework was imposed to suggest that there was something ‘illegal’ or ‘improper’ about the claim of the Australian State to sovereignty. We suggest that once sovereignty was disputed, outside powers would respond by asserting claims for influence. They are beginning to do so in various ways and right now Land Rights itself is being reversed. What Land Rights did was to open the borders. I fail to see how any true Aborigine could accept that as any sort of good outcome, but very few have so far seen it.”

This conference will discuss a series of questions that have not been discussed by Australian nationalists and other patriots in open debate. It will discuss Australian anthropology, pre history, ancient history and Aboriginal culture. It will look at the development of a native-to-the-soil European Australian identity and our contact with the land. It should look too at the recent breakdown of Aboriginal society, the false claims of the Land Rights liberals, and the re-colonization of Australia by the global economy and the resultant challenge to Aboriginal survival.

Jim Saleam added:

“One outcome that I would seek at this conference is to develop a political line to mobilize and to otherwise support some forward thinking Aborigines in the true defence of their racial identity. I said ‘racial identity’. We cannot have Aboriginal culture without Aborigines, whether they are ‘mixed out’ or drugged out or grogged out or existence. If any appreciable number come to reject this sort of ‘cleansing’, as we do for ourselves, there is a basis for a discussion. We must therefore overcome the severe inability of our side in this debate to reach out in that direction, to explain to Aborigines that unless globalism is defeated whether in its New World Order guise, or United Nations guise, and unless Chinese imperialism is excluded from Australia and our Continental sovereignty restored, the destruction of both Aboriginal Australia and White Australia – is inevitable.’

The conference is not billed as a specific Australia First Party event and as yet no firm agenda is available. The agenda will develop as people are drawn in. because this conference must launch a key part of the Vote No campaign and must draw in wide circles. This part of the Vote No campaign must be the anti imperialist section and its message singular. It would be a campaign to preserve the two identities

We expect more to be said in he lead-up to this conference.