Jun 27: AFP for WA Senate

Australia First for Senate in WA


To find out more please visit our new WA website:   http://australiafirstwa.net/

Western Australia must have strong, no-nonsense representatives in Canberra.
Our team are realists not politicians! We’ll be there to serve you, not line our own pockets!

We support:


An immediate moratorium on immigration!

Strengthened borders

Including all airport points of entry. Beef up our deterrent capability and remove ALL incentives for third world economic migration. This includes Centrelink payments. Citizenship should be removed from proven Radical Islamic State lawbreakers and deportation should be mandatory!

Superannuation Protections – Self Funded Retirees

The hip pockets, super, and investment accounts of every Australian baby boomer and working man and woman are now being eyed off by the vultures of government, the banksters and globalists. This golden goose is irresistible to both Turnbull and Shorten! Much of our super is even now in the hands or globalist financial corporations beyond our legal control!


Relieving the pressures on Home Ownership/Mortgage trap

Young families with children find themselves in an impossible position with many near destitute and others losing all hope of ever owning their own part of the Australian dream. We’ll work hard for a return to sanity in the housing market. We’re fed up with seeing honest hard working Aussies sliding hopelessly to the bottom of the pile as they are pushed out by foreign, often Asian, buyers! We will hold government to account in the Senate! Vote for our team and Canberra and the whole of Australia will soon know we’re there!


Measures to end Student Loan Debt Enslavement

Today many young Australians work in dead end part time jobs and cannot afford further education or a real career. This is an insult! The phrase “the lucky country” is regarded with cynicism and rightly so. Our young people are robbed of their working future by well funded foreign students who push in ahead of them.
We say, Australian students must come first – ALWAYS! We’ll encourage our universities and colleges set up additional campuses in foreign countries and let them charge levies to be used as subsidies to Aussie students here at home. Let foreigners pay for our kids education for a change. We need Australian born and bred doctors, nurses, specialists and professionals in ever field. If Government’s MAJOR RESPONSIBILITY is to SERVE THE PEOPLE then government must create the playing field to support Aussie education, trades and technology!


Far tighter control of home, business, property and rural land sales to foreigners!

Foreigners only need one place of residence and must live there the bulk of the time – or sell. The gradual drift in home and business ownership and control from Australians hands (Asian acquisitions in particular) irreversibly threatens our national sovereignty and as sure as night follows day robs our children of their birthright. This is not “New China!”


Decoupling from all Globalist “Free Trade” agenda rip offs and the United Nations.

We fully support trade and tourism (where Australia genuinely benefits) but over decades national parliaments in the West have ceded their power and authority to UNELECTED international organisations (eg. The European Commission), many of whom are controlled behind the scenes by mega wealthy and powerful commercial businesses or malevolent individuals – indeed sociopaths!

Deadly diseases reappear carried by improperly screened asylum seekers migrants and foreigner visitors

Our irresponsible ideologically and money obsessed Governments have re-exposed the entire Australian population and especially the young and the elderly to deadly third world diseases unknown in the west for decades. Typhoid fever is just one! General Practitioners are helpless in the face of this new third world onslaught!

Green Responsibility

Make no mistake, true Greenies are not the left wing “progressive” students (read regressive rubbish heads) or the oxygen wasting coffee swillers of Claremont and Subiaco, they are the growers, farmers, station owners, agricultural scientists and others who took the time to understand our unique and complex continent.


Hundreds of thousands of Australians suffer in silence as they witness the destruction of their families, loved ones and property. Drug takers are victims both of sellers and an inefficient government system. We will go after the manufacturers, importers, distributors and dealers to stop this modern day plague! Genuine results audited rehab is also vital.



A nation that forgets it’s history, both its failures and its brave deeds, soon degenerates into a directionless corrupt opportunistic rabble. We’ll fight to see both our national history and world history restored to the curriculum in both primary and high schools.

We Oppose

“Political Correctness” in all its toxic forms

The “thought police” of political correctness! We disagree with them and we don’t fall for their failed Cultural Marxist (Communistic) ideologies. They are WRONG! We, not they, represent the majority (not to mention common sense and moral decency). It is we who stand upon the shoulders of a magnificent multi millennium old western civilisation. They just festered and grew recently out of the dark minds of atheistic low life people such as Carl Marx! Just ask the average person from the former communist Soviet Union what they think of the wasted seventy years their people suffered under that failed system, then as yourself “Should Australia be listening to these same fools?”

Multiculturalism and diversity do NOT strengthen a society or a nation!

In truth, they divide and steal from its rich culture, traditions, heritage and achievements and pander to the whims of a few noisy minorities. In reality “progressives” are regressives because they have nothing but bright ideas. They can’t tell the difference between a bright idea and good idea (quite rare are those good ideas, but it is they alone which drive humanity forward).


Globalism versus Nationalism.

The sole reason for the existence of Globalism is to make the financial elite mega rich and powerful on our rapidly collapsing planet. Globalism steals our children’s future – utterly! The Nation State (nationalism) on the other hand supports patriotism, freedom and the chance to fulfill one’s life ambitions whether you be a mum or a dad, a worker or a business person.