Our Blue Penciler


Our nationalist editor, ‘blue penciler‘, for this website is currently delegated to Mr John hood AC, Social Policy Consultant and 7th generation true blue Aussie.

John Hood AC (an obvious pseudonym) is the guardian of this website, maintaining the nationalist message of Australia First Party.  Mr Hood facilitates authored and referred contributions, content screening, submission proofreading, research, website design and administration. Otherwise Mr Hood keeps abreast of relevant issues, keeps this website current, dynamic, and pertinent to Australia First Party members and Australian nationalists generally.

Members and supporters of the Australia First Party and otherwise loyal and patriotic Australians, regularly contribute to us their ongoing concerns about the state of our nation and offer their ideas for a better Australia.  Many such concerns as well as constructive contributions are published on this national website. Many prefer to preserve their privacy and so are published under the convenient pen name of John Hood.  We are also ‘inspired’ by selected sources from time to time.

Nationalist contributions may be offered through any of our network branches and forwarded on to our national office for vetting and dispatch.

Disclaimer: The views, assumptions and opinions expressed in this article are the author(s) own.  They do not purport to reflect the official policy of the Australia First Party or its members. Data references (images, documents, links, copyright, sources, etc.) appearing in this article are not necessarily controlled or monitored by Australia First Party.  Refer to this website’s Conditions of Use.

The ‘AC’ postnominals?

AC is the Companion of the Order of Australia:  “awarded for eminent achievement and merit of the highest degree in service to Australia or humanity at large.”  Well if Hyperbowl can get one for misandry, then it’s up there with Grand Poobah of The Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes – duly accepted.