‘The Shire’: Why would Mayor Provan protest?

The television soapie, ‘The Shire’, has excited a lot of negative commentary from Shire residents.   And rightly so!

Ethnic diversity implanted upon The Shire by Channel 10 – ‘how embarrassment’!

It is unnecessary for Australia First to refer to the stereotyping of Shire youth as beach-nothings, simple minded, male-chauvinist (sic) and so on.

Shire Mayor Carol Provan has denounced the show. But we think the Mayor is really just having us on.   After all, Carol is up to her bourgeois neck in ‘diversity’, ‘tolerance’ and multiculturalism.

It has been the aim of the state’s propaganda machine to wage a successful culture war in the Shire against Australian behaviour and cultural norms. The Mayor must know all that. ‘The Shire’ programme is part of this anti-Australian cultural war.

Channel 10 transformational image of Sutherland Shire out of its Pyrmont Head Office

Channel 10 transformational image of Sutherland Shire out of its Pyrmont Head Office
What the?

In our view, the Mayor is being deceptive to the ordinary people of the Sutherland Shire.

Despite News Ltd’s Channel 10’s naïve desire to profit from media contrived assimilation,
two days ago News Ltd’s Channel 10 could do with a foreign racist morality check.

News Ltd’s Sydney’s Sunday Telegraph ran the story of arrested Arab, Mohammed Fouani, and his alleged big man callous petrol-dousing attack ‘s plan to burn his ex-girlfriend alive on a Sydney prostitute who has been horrifically disfigured with burns to 45% of her body her body.

Fouani has been charged with recruiting a teenager to carry out the attack after the prostitute rejected a cash offer of $5000 a week to quit the sex industry, the court heard.  The teenager allegedly purchased a carton of milk, which was then emptied and filled with an accelerant – clothes and a cigarette lighter were also provided to the teen.

As the victim approached the brothel about 9.45pm, she was pointed out to the teenager, the court heard.  She remained in the Concord Burns unit for several months but has since been released and is now undergoing further treatment.

Sounds like News Ltd is borrowing SBS Propaganda, to entice a more mainstream Australian audience into greater toleration of backward patriarchal cultures.

Be in no doubt, Sharia racism and sexism looms!