Australia First Party NOT to Concede Defeat in Hawkesbury or Penrith

The Council results are in. The Australia First Party stands two chances to take a seat.

In Hawkesbury City, Australia First hovers at 5%.

In Penrith Ward  East, Australia First sits at just under 10%.

In Hawkesbury, the pre-poll votes and the postals are yet to be counted. Members who stood on the pre poll booths reported a very high registration of interest in the party. 

In Penrith, we await also the postals.

Traditionally, the postal votes everywhere tend to favour us.  In council seats where we have not yet run before, Australia First Party has established not just a presence with voters, but a real leadership alternative.   We have laid electoral foundations in each Council Shire and City from which we shall build and grow to secure genuine local representation.

The method of electing councillors is a difficult-to-understand system of quotas and preferences. In both Hawkesbury and Penrith, seats are open to be taken and the party refuses to concede at this point that we have missed out.

Australia First Party received over 5% in Blacktown Ward 5 and 7.2% in Wollondilly North Ward.

The Party congratulates all our candidates, as well as our members for their support, many of whom have handed out how to vote cards, delivered leaflets, and who have nobly contributed behind the scenes.

Your efforts are known and greatly appreciated.

We shall announce progress updates shortly as they come to hand.  


Dr Jim Saleam, NSW Chairman of The Australia First Party