Each year, Australian nationalists commemorate the miners’ rebellion at the Eureka Stockade on December 3, 1854. The date is of spiritual significance, for it was when the gold-diggers at the Ballarat mines stood up to an unjust system of mining licences overseen…

Wagga Awakes! Council Cuts Ties To China

Wagga council voted on Tuesday night to end its 32-year-old relationship with Chinese sister city Kunming. In a hotly debated motion, the winning vote to ditch Kunming was cast 4-3.

The meeting was held via a conferencing app owing to COVID-19 restrictions with the motion’s initiator, councillor Paul Funnell, addressing the council.

In a speech full of blunt truths, he highlighted the existential problems of being a democratic council with “…a business ethics document that speaks of transparency, ethical decision making and procurement practises”, while its sister city holds to “the very opposite” of those policies.

In the lead in to my Campaign in Cook – my Private War with Eric Roozendaal

by Dr. Jim Saleam Dr. Jim Saleam at a Newcastle rally opposing the refugee influx   As the Australia First Party candidate for ‘Cook’ (Sutherland Shire) in the Federal poll in 2013, I await the personal attacks and smears. I have a…