True Blue Patriots?

There exist a mob of fake patriots out there nose-ringed by ‘others’ to wave the Australia Flag around at street protests.  Are these just ‘useful idiots’ of Australia’s national enemies?


  1. Ring-nosed to a foreign power – especially imperialist Israel and China
  2. Globalist political parties within Australia:  ‘Greens-Left’, ‘Conservatives-Right’, rural gentry con artists known as ‘The Nationals’,  ‘Neo-Liberal Moderates’, and of each their respective stooges like Pauline Hanson, Cori Bernadi and Bob Katter


Following the Islamic Terror attack upon the Lindt Café on December 15 in 2014, shockingly striking at Sydney’s pedestrian heart in Martin Place, the Reclaim Australia (from Islam) street protest movement was formed by Wanda Marsh, John Oliver and Catherine Brennan.

It was grassroots Australian responsive demonstrable patriotism against Canberra’s rapid impost of hordes of anti-Australian Muslims upon unsuspecting Ordinary Australians.  It was akin to the Gold Rush digger uprisings from 1851 in demonstrable protest against the British overlord’s rapid impost of hordes of Third World Chinese ‘celestials’.

While equally legitimate, the Reclaim Australia movement was naïve civic patriotism, one-dimensional against extreme Islam jihadists in our midst let in by Canberra to persecute and terrorise Christian-Secular Australia.  The Reclaim movement was short-lived lasting from April to October in 2015 when its public figurehead Shermon Burgess (‘The Great Aussie Patriot’) suddenly quit after being exposed as a patriotic fraud for cucking some Asian.

Reclaim Australia’s 5-month butterfly lifespan (April-October 2015)

“This life, which had been the tomb of his virtue and of his honour, is but a walking shadow; a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

– William Shakespeare, Macbeth (c. 1605), Act V, Scene 5, line 23.

These lot are self-serving against Australia’s national interest and against the preservation of wealth of ordinary Australians.  As globalist factions they each pose a constant and growing threat to Australia’s nation-state sovereignty, to Australia’s traditional values, to Australia’s public wealth and to the hard-fought First World way of life of Australians.

Under unarmed invasion by Canberra Laborals’ indiscriminate mass immigration policy and under racist totalitarian siege from anti-White Australian Multicultural policy, the normal decent White mainstream of Australian society are being deliberately de-culturally marginalised by incompatible and hateful Third World migrant institutional favouritism in our own country.

Nationalists ultimately will only defend and safeguard and defend Australian national values from all comers. Fake patriots we label ‘civic patriots’, ‘ziopatriots’, ‘useful patriots’, the ‘Alt-Right’ – are but useful tools of Australia’s enemies set up and fed to globalist media lions at every protest event.

We observe the ploy.

Ziopatriots to Israel, hijacking the Eureka Flag (background) for foreign ends

The following statement was approved by the then ‘management committee’ of the party on January 10 2011. It is a key party document:


‘The Australia First Party recognises the dependent nature of the Australian state upon the forces of globalism. Australia is a client state, ruled by a traitor class which is integrated into a transnational network of globalist elites and their economic and political structures.

This class would govern Australia as a resources quarry cowed by thought-policing and a secret political police. Australia is further menaced by a new Chinese imperialism that competes with the American face of the New World Order for domination over Asia and the Pacific, with Australia a pawn in the game.

The unfolding population / food crisis coupled with New World Order wars launches refugee hordes at Australia’s borders, whilst the traitor class sponsors a mass immigration recolonization of Australia for the purposes of economic enmeshment with the ‘global economy’.

In the world crisis of the first quarter of the twenty-first century, Australia lacks status as an independent country. Indeed, Australia may disappear by century’s end as a country – and suffer partition by other states.’

In order to rescue our country and our people means removing Australia to a position outside of the chaos of globalism.

That means the creation of an independent Australia. To win an independent Australia where political power can be exercised directly by the people, where wealth comes to all who labour and where arms and the initiation and the enforcement of the laws are in the hands of the people, a new force outside of the old parties and their worn-out ideologies and prejudices – has become necessary. This new nationalist movement must now fight and win the struggle for Australia’s national independence.

It is ultimately necessary to unite all who can be united against the traitor class into a broad patriotic front to achieve Australian national independence. All those parties, groups and trade and community associations which contest the ideology, the politics, the economics and the cultural expressions of globalism, can find common ground against the foreign control and exploitation of Australia. Their uniting thread is the cause of Australian national independence.

The patriotic united front should not be a matter for tomorrow, but a matter of immediacy. United fronts operate in two ways: we predict the ultimate formation of a mass united front in times future, one that will win Australian national independence at a moment when parties and groups, economic and social and cultural associations all bond together in intense struggle. For today, we must build for that future in struggles on a daily basis around all manner of issues; we must wage community campaigns apposite to each Australian group and build unity on the ground. It is mandatory to seek this unity.

The Australia First Party is an incorporation registered as a Federal party. That does not mean that its function is only to contest elections. The party operates to the ‘three tier method’. This means that the party contests elections, wages community campaigns of all sorts to build links with fellow Australians and to unite all Australians – and develops its ideas and principles into an Australianist ideology that also carries on a cultural defence of Australianity against globalisation. The three tiers operate as a unity.

In one sense, the party reaches out to groups of a patriotic nature which may operate to one or another of the three tiers as their individual method. The party seeks to build relationships with such parties and groups and to unite whenever necessary to defend common interests and win common victories. New patriotic groups form either as political, trade, or cultural groups. As Australia descends into chaos, that process is organic.

Australia First Party within the broad Australian patriotic movement seeks to be a vanguard movement. This means that the party struggles to affirm the power of the ideals of Australian identity, independence and freedom, to carry those ideals everywhere, to defend them and preach them with zeal as a veritable Australianism and to inspire all others to tread the path towards the overweening fight for Australian national independence.

The party states clearly how it would prefer its dealings with other patriotic political organisations to be conducted and what relationships should be developed.

The Australia First Party recognises that different parties and groups exist for several reasons. These reasons can include: geographic circumstance, particular historical factors, previous organisational histories, the inter-relationships of people and sometimes – internecine struggles that are to be regretted, but which are human nature.

The Australia First Party declares that it will treat the other political organisations within a patriotic united front in this way:

  1. Negotiate with any would-be candidate to avoid electoral competition.
  2. Assist, when requested, other parties etc. in an electorate or council area where Australia First Party has no candidate.
  3. Develop united activist campaigns on public issues or on other fronts, with any party or group – and do this in a consultative and cooperative spirit.
  4. Exchange intelligence on disruptive elements, or state or other programs which undermine the integrity of the patriotic movement.
  5. Avoid all unnecessary, unreasonable comment on other parties and groups; but point out fairly and reasonably, what any differences may be, whenever appropriate.

The party states clearly how it would prefer its dealings with other patriotic community organisations to be conducted and what relationships should be developed.

The Australia First Party recognises that different community associations arise for different reasons. Some defend the interests of the Australian productive classes – workers, farmers, small-business or other patriotic working people. Some advance the defence of Australian heritage and identity. Some explain new ideas that can inspire a very different Australia.

The Australia First Party declares that it will treat other organisations that represent the Australian community within a patriotic united front in this way:

1.   Build links with each group and attempt to link together each group that all understand and appreciate the role of the party and each other.

2.  Assist all in their struggles as requested.

3.  Develop united activist campaigns on public issues with each group – and do this in a consultative and cooperative spirit.

4.  Exchange intelligence on disruptive elements, or state or other programs which undermine the integrity of the patriotic movement.

5.  Avoid all unnecessary, unreasonable comment on groups; but point out fairly and reasonably, what any differences may be, whenever appropriate.

The Australia First Party will always maintain its independence and initiative in any united front arrangement and will act to secure its interests. However, it accepts that the times require a flexible and co-operative attitude.

Certainly, the goals of the Australia First Party are (i) to unite all nationalist and activist minded people into a single party and then to seek further working arrangements with whatever political forces may thereafter exist for whatever reasons outside of the party’s ambit and (ii) to deepen the unity of Australia’s productive classes and their organisations against the traitor class and to create wider unity amongst all those resistance organisations which critique globalisation in ideas and culture.

Certainly, the party’s aim is indeed to impose order where we detect diffuseness and to give focus where we note disarray.

Nonetheless, the party reasons that such general goals can not be reached by a self-proclamation of virtue. Rather, the party will fight such that its ideological position and political line progressively gain hegemony. It shall do so openly and honestly and by all fair means of discourse. No other organisation should feel anything else than a sense of relief that the position is made clear.

In the interim, and given that the fair contest of parties and other forces will continue, the Australia First Party has concluded that the only practical way whereby all may learn of each other and build the necessary bonds and links which allow for final unity, is to work confederally to construct a practical unity in struggle.

The united patriotic front is the requirement to which all should work.’


The truth test of True Blue Australian Nationalis is bloody simple.

“Whatever will benefit Australia, that we are for; whatever will harm Australia, that we are against.”   – William Lane