Wollondilly: the war of smoke and mirrors and falsehoods begins

Alarmed by our claim that the State government (with the agreement of the Wollondilly Council bureaucracy and some Councillors) seeks to explode the population of the Shire with 26,000 new homes (for whom?), the local political elite said we were fearmongering and not being truthful.

Odd, as we were quoting official sources!

An article appeared in the Wollondilly Advertiser referring to various persons from a Liberal MP to the Mayor, all speaking against us.

Our readers can examine the piece for themselves:


‘Australia First Party-endorsed candidate Gloria Watling from The Oaks said she sent the flyer to about 4000 households in the north ward.

The flyer says: “Now we are told there’s to be a state government-pushed plan to build 25,000 homes in Wilton — for new immigrants?”

Mrs Watling said she didn’t believe the proposal would get off the ground but hoped that the houses would be for Australian residents if it were approved.

Wollondilly mayor Col Mitchell said about 8000 new houses were being proposed for the Wilton interchange…’

– – –

We feel peculiarly honoured by such treatment.

Wollondilly – a regional shire at risk from Sydney Sprawl

Wollondilly is now on the front line of the population question. The major parties treat the people with contempt in their quest for a Big Australia. The interest groups behind the scheme shall be referred to again and again as Gloria watling’s drive towards Council – gathers pace.

It is now a war of smoke and mirrors where the truth is to be concealed behind ritual denunciations of us for ‘fearmongering’ and even ‘racism’.