Maurice Girotto holds to his promise in Penrith East Ward

The following appears in this week’s Western Weekender that covers Penrith City:

I have lived and worked in the Penrith City area for 25 years. I have been a truck owner-driver for 20 years and participated in the 2008 national truckies’ action for better rates and conditions.

O’Farrell’s NSW Liberal Government is scheming a new ‘infrastructure tax’ to perpetuate Sydney Sprawl.  But we fear the so-called ‘new suburbs’ are being set aside for Green Gillards Illegals.

The facts are set out in a ‘Green Paper’  based upon The Way Ahead for Planning in NSW, a NSW O’Farrell Government review of property development laws.

A bureaucratically-convenient ‘one-size-fits-all’ principle over-rules ordinary ratepayers.  O’Farrell’s State Planning Laws are designed to benefit corporate economics only and so corporate developers only will benefit.  The NSW Business Chamber is rubbing its hands at the looming profit.  Ordinary ratepayers are in the dark until the dozers arrive.

O’Farrell’s Infrastructure Tax is to accommodate Green Gillard’s Illegals. It is for suburbs that are yet to be built and connected up with the rest of Greater Sydney, clearly for people who have not arrived in Australia yet.

Penrith Heartland is threatened to be whacked out of existence!

Sydney Sprawl threat set to destroy our Penrith Valley

The long established farmlands that supply much of Sydney’s vegetables will be wiped out.   This is Sydney’s biosecurity for crying out loud!

O’Farrell has set his pig dogs Hazzard and Hartcher to ruin the landholders agricultural rights.  The Coal Seam Gas jeanie has bamboozled O’Farrell’s naive Liberals.  But its toxins will irreversibly contaminate our Nepean River and the Penrith Valley heartland.


AGL’s Coal Seam Gas drill within 40m of the Nepean River – corporate greed personified!

I pledge that Penrith Valley is for the people who live here, who farm here, who have market gardens here, who have family heritage here.  Our valley is not for mining ruination.  Our valley is not for corporate property developer profit.  Our Penrith Valley needs to be defended against the LibLab sprawl scourge for its growthist Greater Sydney six million.

A Greens global one-world borderless world is not my vision. Penrith Valley has earned rights.  We are not an outlying Sydney sprawl cash cow!

Mr Maurice Girotto – committed to the people of Penrith Valley

Australia First seeks:

1. Citizens Initiated Referendum rights. That means Penrith voters can propose Council by-laws and policy directly and have them voted on by the people of Penrith.

2.  No destruction of the market gardens and other farms of Penrith City for housing development.  We will lawfully act to protect our identity and way of life.

3. A Council co-ordinated truck-park and transport hub to create local jobs.

4. Homelessness and sub-standard housing should be addressed by Council. Australians before illegal queue jumping opportunists!

“I will speak for working people, which is exactly why I reject the major political parties who govern for the rich.”

* You have my word, Maurice.