High court ruling on Aborigines may end in civil war

The constitution, imperfect though it is, is under attack. Recently, the High court voted 4-3 to allow to foreign-born criminals to avoid extradition on the basis that each had Aboriginal ancestry.

In doing so, they have conferred special rights upon the blackfella which supersede our migration laws on the basis that their ‘Aboriginality’ connects them to the land in a wholly transcendental fashion not applicable to the rest of us; not even those of us White Australians with ties going back several generations. Suddenly, race matters very much.

ACTU protest exploitation of school children fails Working with Children checks – it’s time for Nationalist Schools

Leftist immoral ABC media labels them as ‘young people’, but decent Australians just refer to them as ‘children’. Just abolish the ABC. It only serves itself and preaches Leftist bias. The hateful Commo-Left knows no bounds of depravity and abuse by using,…