2013 Australia First Party candidate for Riverina chosen

APRIL 25, 2013

The Australia First Party has chosen its candidate for Riverina in the Federal poll.

The candidate will be Mrs. Lorraine Sharp, 47, of Wagga Wagga. She is a mother of five children and has lived in Wagga Wagga for eight years with her husband.

Lorraine SharpMrs Lorraine Sharp

Mrs. Sharp grew up in inner-city Melbourne before living in several rural Australian towns, including five years in an Aboriginal community.

She has studied Community Development (Social Sciences) and political economics in Melbourne and then film making (Documentaries), since moving to regional Australia.

Mrs Sharp acquired a Heavy Vehicle Licence and worked with her husband who was a truckie for 22 years.  She is also a supporter of the Australian Long Distance Owners’ And Drivers’ Association which happens to be based in the Riverina electorate.

Mrs Sharp has also worked on a voluntary basis in the area of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, mental health and homelessness which she regards as a privilege and a humbling experience.

Mrs Sharp said of her life experience:

“Through this journey I have learned much about the greatness of the Australian spirit and true mateship. These are the things that are the essence of Australianness; it’s all having a go”.

Mrs Sharp is worried about:

“Politically motivated social engineering has broken down our Australianness and continues to disenfranchise so many Australians; it is the source of many community ills. The future of Australia and Australians under the current globalist model of politics and big business is one of likely dispossession.”

Mrs Sharp said she was deeply committed to finding a future for Australian families:

“I fear for my own children and family and the alien future facing all Australian families. In this area, we must despair about the future of Australian Agriculture, in particular the Australian family farm, small Australian business and Australian jobs.

I know there is a health care crisis in Regional Australia, after surviving a life threatening illness and experiencing first hand the issues facing regional health care, much work is urgently need to be done by making free hospitals. Of course, we’ve spent so much on refugees to deny ourselves that right.”

Mrs Sharp cited the future of the Riverina as crucial to her thinking:

“I am pleased to stand up for the ordinary working people who sell their labour or who work in their own business or farming. I believe that the destruction of the Riverina farming industries by the water regime and foreign imports will open the way for farmers to quit the land and what follows is the rape of the land by mining. That would undermine everything.”

Chinese Trade Centre Wagga

“I see this Chinese Trade Centre in Wagga Wagga as the spider in the middle of the web of overseas takeover of our land and an agency of a pure and simple imperialism.

The collaborators in the major parties, particularly the Nationals, disgust genuine patriotic people.

I am determined that we fight back against this sort of globalist madness and this election campaign is part of that struggle.”

We don’t need this in Wagga.



edited and updated version, April 22, 2013

Daryl Maguire is the NSW MP for Wagga Wagga and he’s been intricately involved with the secretive ‘agenda’ of establishing a Chinese communist Trade Centre [CTC] in the Riverina region’s largest city.

Much of the following irrefutably sourced information, first came to the attention of Australia First Party via an operative in Tumut and courtesy of a business woman there named ‘Hansie’ As she conveyed it to our operative: “Maguire has spent about ten years working to bring this project [the CTC] to life”.

However, it’s only been in the past eighteen months that he has vigorously ramped up his activities to bring this scheme to fruition. The fawning subservience he’s shown to the state-capitalist system of the Chinese imperialists –  appears entirely borne from the money he can ultimately acquire, something that clearly identifies him as being a member of our country’s traitor class.

Quite simply Mr. Maguire, along with everyone from Bob Hawke to Visy’s Chairman Anthony Pratt and the mining oligarchs, is prepared to sell Australia off to China for massive private pecuniary rewards. He is doing what they are doing. He is a member of a group and it operates a system and hence we rightly speak of a ‘traitor class’.

The expose of Mr. Maguire’s commitment to the CTC is bad enough to stomach. However, there’s a dark and covert component to Mr. Maguire’s background which Australia First Party wants him to address. His credibility is on the line.

The Chinese Con Man – Jimmy Foo

Between 2001 and prior to when he was arrested in 2003, we know for certain that Mr. Maguire had at least four direct dealings with the inveterate and notorious Chinese con man, ‘Jimmy Foo’. Jimmy Foo’s most serious offence related to him robbing SingTel (a telecommunications corporation) of around $6 million Singaporean dollars,. However, J.F’s web of deceit extended beyond Singapore and found its way as far a field as Dubbo, where he conned that city’s Council and even a local evangelical Christian. Quite clearly, those occurrences cast a long cloud of concern over Mr. Maguire’s integrity.

It is a matter of record that Foo stayed illegally in Australia in the period between 1994 – 2003. According to federal police documents, J.F was able to avoid being arrested because “he had a cluck of counterfeit passports that made him look more like Jason Bourne”, than the simple conman he was.

Jimmy FooChinese Jimmy Foo

Whilst in Australia, Foo socialised and made a point of being photographed with some top politicians, including the then Prime Minister, John Howard; his Employment Minister, Tony Abbott; the NSW Premier, Bob Carr; former Prime Minister Bob Hawke right through to the former Labor leader Kim Beazley.

Quite significantly, Foo was also introduced to former Immigration Minister Philip Ruddock through the efforts of a Lebanese businessman Karim Kisrwani. Apropos to Kisrwani, it’s been established that he was a central figure in the infamous, cash-for-visas affair, of 2003-4.

As it turns out, Foo’s objective for making donations to the Liberal Party was to then use it as leverage to manipulate unsuspecting parties i.e. the Dubbo City Council.  To glean more about J.F’s devious activities, read:


Of course, the mist from those bygone days has dissipated.  However, a smell still lingers around. And whilst the facts indicate that Mr. Ruddock committed no offences in his dealings with J.F., it has to be said that the Liberal Party kept the cash benefits.

J.F. eventually came unstuck after a report in the Dubbo Daily Liberal about a falling-out he had with a former close associate, Gary Knight, who was the public relations chief for Pioneer Spirit Development. Pioneer was Foo’s brainchild – a $50 million, five-star resort in Dubbo, set on 28 hectares, which was to combine a 189-room hotel with 120 condominium-style villas to be sold off the plan.  See:


Pioneer Spirit Development also donated to the Labor Party, obviously ‘covering both bases’.

With respect to Messer’s Knight, Foo and Maguire it is relevant to state that, the former person is a long-term friend of the latter. And it came to pass that it was Knight who introduced Foo to Maguire.

In July 2003, the Federal Police raided the offices of Australian Rural Expo [ARE] in Sydney and confiscated their documents and computers. At the same time they arrested J.F. and Gary Knight, who was the then principal of ARE. A former Federal copper told an Australia First member that “Knight was going to be charged with facilitating Foo to disburse the money he had stolen from SingTel. However, J.F. said that he wouldn’t fight extradition and plead guilty to charges ‘on the condition’ that they let Knight go” – which appears to be correct.

Ultimately, Foo ended up back in Singapore where he was convicted for another large fraud involving a property scam that cheated a friend out of more than $1.7 million Singapore dollars ($A1.3 million) and he was imprisoned for six and a half years

Yet in a sense the spirit of Foo and Knight lingers on with us today with Maguire, because it was that infamous duo, primarily Gary Knight, who instigated and, indeed inspired Maguire to establish a Chinese Trade Centre in Wagga Wagga. At this point it’s not clear what Knight’s connection is to the CTC. But it appears that Knight has been totally shafted and abandoned by Mr. Maguire.

Gary Knight – what sort of a ‘knight’ ?

Mr. Gary Knight these days fronts for Australian Rural Expo (ARE). Knight explained back in 2003 that despite Foo’s dealings with the Immigration Department over his proposals to bring migrant workers to Dubbo, he received “no favours from the minister”. But Dubbo was then  -and the new gold mine is Wagga and the Riverina. It’s also understood from the same business source in Tumut, that Gary Knight some years back was very active with the Waui Corporation’s drive to secure a Trade Centre in the Riverina.

Regrettably, the notion of an investment link to China dies hard. Yes, we concede that those in Wagga Wagga are not working with the likes of Jimmy Foo, but it’s imperative to state that the Australian advocates for the CTC in Wagga might end up with millions for themselves. However, what does it profit someone to make a fortune, but lose their country? The warnings are historical and contemporary. Just look! For example, EVERY country in Africa that’s allowed the Chinese to set themselves up in their lands has been ruthlessly rorted by the invasive, exploitive and hegemonistic Chinese business class. Would it be any different here?

There are bigger questions too, that take us beyond the CTC as such, but which cause any Australian to think. What happens if China invades Taiwan or Vietnam and they become our enemies? So, how in the world will we contain at least 2 million ethnic Chinese living in our midst – 400,000 of them overseas students? And if anyone thinks that’s fanciful then let us take you back to August 2008, when 10,000 overseas Chinese students – who, let it be known, were each paid $150 to do so and had their transportation costs covered by the Chinese government – descended upon Canberra to verbally threaten and physically harass the peaceful pro-Tibetan protestors at the Olympic Torch Relay.  That was a veritable military  division of activists, mobilised by the Chinese security apparatus. And the peddlers of the CTC  seek 20,000 Chinese in Wagga! What could these people do to damage the Australian interest? Or does the traitor class believe the only interest now is them getting richer?

That 2008 day in Canberra, without any shadow of a doubt, overtly highlighted what a piss-weak, low-life, kowtowing, Chinese-loving government and media – we are endowed with. Obviously, what should have happened is that EVERY Chinese student who attended that vile rally should have been deported. Unfortunately, our universities have become so dependant upon them paying their fees that nothing was done to square the gross insult of that day. That folks is how imperialist penetration works.

But for a closer look at Mr. Knight, see:


Mr. Knight was also a migration agent and is a strident advocate of utilizing the supposed business acumen of Asia (and China in particular) to “revitalize rural Australia”. But due to him being arrested, he has since been disqualified from holding a ‘credited’ migration agent’s license. But when he was so credited, he vigorously lobbied for the watering down of visa rules and regulations in order to get Asian businessmen into the country.

Interestingly, the brand, ‘rural expo’, is hoped to morph into becoming the ‘permanent expo’ of a CTC of Chinese business people who will function in league with local and other politicians and businesses. However, these collaborators inhabit a fantasy world whereby they imagine that this Chinese business class will treat them with equality and respect. It’s akin to Neville Chamberlain waving a document when returning from Munich in 1938 and saying, “peace in our time”.

Today in Wagga, Mayor Mr. Rod Kendall along with the State MP Mr. Maguire and the Federal MP Mr. McCormack, are hell-bent on steamrolling every interest and the welfare of the people of Wagga – and, indeed the whole of Australia in order to get the CTC up and running.

Furthermore, this triumvirate-of-traitors also has the NSW Premier, Barry O’Farrell – pushing their barrow.  To substantiate Mr. O’Farrell’s deep commitment to the CTC in Wagga coming to pass we have only to look at his agenda to have “Sydney’s second airport in Canberra”.

The reason behind Barry O’Farrell’s plans to make Canberra Sydney’s second airport (sic), lies in who supports it: the Sydney Institute (run by Gerard Henderson) and the Lowy Institute which are both committed to having the CTC materialise in Wagga. The goal of a functional Centre in Wagga Wagga means that birth of the first of a few Special Economic Zones [SEZ’s], places where foreigners have special rights and the traitor class draws a profit. Thus, if Canberra becomes ‘Sydney’s second airport’  it will obtain full international status and flights from China can fly directly there. Thereby, the intrinsic logic for achieving this goal is because it’s a much shorter trip from there for Chinese to travel onto Wagga Wagga. An upgrade of the train line to Wagga Wagga is also being discussed behind the cloak of talk of Very Fast Trains.

Australia First Party wants Mr. Maguire to answer the following questions:

1.  How many times did you met with the convicted and self-confessed felon, Jimmy Foo?

2.  If you agree you’ve met Mr. Foo, what was involved in the discussions?

3.  Did you at any time counsel Foo over any immigration proposal?

4.  What is your relationship with Jimmy Foo’s close associate, Mr. Gary Knight?

5. Did you ever give Knight political leverage with assisting his clients to migrate to Australia?

6.  Is there any truth in the rumour that you were advised by the Federal Police in April 2003 that, you should disassociate yourself from dealing with Knight and Foo because they were “under investigation”?

7.  If that is correct, did you take their advice?

8.  Did you at any time discuss a Chinese Trade Centre for Wagga with Mr. Knight? If so, when did that first take place?

9.  Have you been involved in giving references for Chinese business clients of Gary Knight in order that they receive visas?

Mr. Maguire’s credibility is very much at stake here and the questions we’ve asked warrant a truthful response.

We must also note that Mr. Maguire has done little for the electorate of Wagga Wagga in his extended term as Member. He may beg to disagree and now point to his grand project. If he goes down in history as a trailblazer for Chinese Imperialism, a footnote in someone’s (sic) school textbook a half century hence, then he would have done much – for the wrong side.

WaggaWagga deserves better

ADDENDUM:   A matter of espionage comes full circle upon the Chinese ‘Trade’ Centre

If we were the American FBI investigating a person or group under the Racketeer Influenced And Criminal Organisations Act (RICO), out would come the legendary white-board with all the faces of the rogues connected by the dots.  And would not the skullduggery be revealed by its effect?

Australia First Party would say that what’s happening with the Chinese ‘trade’ Centre is Chinese Imperialism, rather one large step up from racketeering, although some might say the principle is the same.

Enter espionage and patronage and penetration of the nation’s politics and economic structures. Such happenings are the very guts of  imperialism.

The Sun Herald newspaper (April 21), in a remarkable piece of honest journalism for a mainstream rag, has pointed the finger at Federal Labor MP Joel Fitzgibbon over his commercial and personal relationship with Helen Liu.

This matter has been simmering for four years with allegations that Fitzgibbon accepted gifts and did favours for Liu. It seems that Fitzgibbon was caught out being less than honest over his relationship with Liu. The paper has pointed to a web of intrigue that saw Liu in the company of John Howard, Fitzgibbon, Bob Carr and other luminaries while she amassed a fortune in property after arriving in Australia in 1989.

While even Australia’s spy agencies may not have the formal proof either, it would seem likely that Liu is a spy. Her relationships with Communist Party officials in China and the ease with which she has conducted her business makes it somewhat inevitable.

The fix up for her citizenship and that of her Chinese partner – was organized by a certain Mr. Philip Everson who worked in a migration agency and employed a couple of Aussies to ‘marry’ them.

It must now be noted that Mr. Everson was a friend of Gary Knight, although the latter regarded him as a rather squalid and corrupt individual who would do just about anything for dollars.

Ultimately one of the young dupes of Liu and Everson would run a cleaning company that fed on Chinese students who would clean buildings that belonged to Liu.

Chinese Spies

There does not seem any connection between the Liu / Fitzgibbon spy affair and its related intrigue with the Chinese Trade Centre in Wagga Wagga save through a tendentious ‘link’. However that is not our point.

The connection lies in the RICO white board of Chinese imperialist penetration of Australia. If a Minister of Defence was inveighled in the affairs of a Chinese spy, what defence against espionage and subversion does the likes of Messrs Kendall, Maguire and McCormack possess? We can understand why the Chinese espionage service would be interested in the Defence Minister and so can most other folks. But Chinese Imperialism seeks to control and otherwise enmesh sectors of the Australian economy with their own and acquire cheap resources and political leverage. Chinese agencies would take a close interest in the affairs and the very personal secrets of the Riverina reps of our traitor class.

It seems to us that these traitor class Riverina icons men may be clever in how they advance their business interests – but they are idiots too. Make a pact with the Devil, as Faust found out – has its very special perils.


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