Sep 14: Slackbastard, Squadron 88 and how to fabricate a ripper yarn

I note that our muse at ‘Slackbastard’ is once again trying to link me with neo-nazism, this time by whipping up a tale about the ‘famous’ Sydney ‘Skull’ and a group calling itself Squadron 88.

So his keyboard ran hot on September 12 and a classic bit of disinformation appeared.

We know a good Nazi story always sells newspapers (er, blogs). The Antifa gang needs a bit of neo-nazism to establish shock-horror-revulsion and their game is always to try to link Australian nationalists to it. Why? Because that can occasionally confuse the public about the nature of the nationalist movement and yes, it could mix up possible recruits. More importantly, it whips up the antifascist troops of ‘Antifa’, particularly in maintaining their anger and rage in the fight against evil and badness and unholiness and non anarchist type thinking. After five antifascists were arrested at the Sydney Australia First office the other night while doing their best to make my life entertaining, I can see that ‘Andy’ needs to vent his spleen and get those anti fascists back on track.

So up pops a neo-nazi, one, two, three.

It seems as Slackbastard tells it, a video featuring ‘Skull’ appeared on the Net recently, only to be taken down soon after. It was said he was threatening black people. Really?

Then Slackbastard went on trying to prove that ‘Skull’ is some sort of “sidekick” to me and so on, linking me (sic) to neo-Nazism in circular guilt. It might be better thought that ‘Skull’ is a ubiquitous lad known to just about every political organisation and club in Sydney. He has announced no allegiance save his affection for Pauline Hanson. However, the world does know he supports St. George Leagues Club. Perhaps Slackbastard might report they are ‘Nazi’ too?

A story I heard suggested that the Skull video may have originated somehow as a spoof of a video by Ralph Ceminara of the Zionist-linked Australian Defence League. Ceminara had recently published an anti Muslim rant that went rather wrong when a deluge of publicity caused him to denounce his own words as peppered with fraud. Somewhere along the line, this ‘Squadron 88’ published the Skull spoof. Why? I can’t say with any certainty. Indeed, I don’t need to know.

Years ago, I recall that neo-nazi provocateur and political police pimp David Palmer, claimed that he had been associated with me in the Australian nationalist movement National Action in 1989, but had left because I just wasn’t anti semitic enough for his taste. Of course, this creature had never been a member of National Action, but had merely insinuated his way onto its general mailing list. The idea behind his public comment was to ‘link’ National Action in various ways with his so-called neo-nazi group. His masters wanted that for the clear reason that lurks behind neo-nazi game-playing discussed here – to create political confusion.

The game goes on into the present with the master behind Antifa calling the shots. The strategy is of some concern given that the quickening of political events calls for the construction of a truly Australia-wide and activist nationalist party grounded in an Australian faith and with an Australian message. We cannot afford to be derailed.

A little of Slackbastard’s latest commentary implies to my mind a desperation to establish what this Squadron 88 may be doing in order to use its activities for smear. However, I suspect that the plan is to ‘link’ it to the Australia First Party in some way yet to be worked up

Whatever this group may be and whether it knows it or has intended it or not – it is now just short of provocation. I say without hesitation that much of the history of neo-nazism in Australia has been provocation. If the publication of the Skull video had any result, it was to create propaganda for the Antifa. If its other reported action – which Slackbastard also refers to as the distribution of so-called anti-Semitic leaflets in Bondi a couple of weeks back – serves as a guide, it may be this misplaced activity served to create favourable publicity for Zionism.

The truth is simply that neo-nazism is not any sort of Nationalism. If there are any young people anywhere who think the opposite, then they need look again. Of course, Slackbastard knows the truth and must continue to lie.