Free Chinese in Taiwan win democratic election – Xi dictatorship weakens

Free China Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen has successfully won the Chinese peoples democratic election in  landslide for free Chinese in Taiwan.

Beijing’s strong-arm tactics pushed voters to back Tsai, a move fuelled in part by Xi dictatorship’s hardline response to months of huge and violent pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen urged China on Wednesday to review its policies towards the island, days after she won a landslide re-election victory, in a rebuke that could increase further tensions with China.
“We hope backward Chinese communists may comprehend the opinion and will expressed by Taiwanese people in this election and review their current dictatorship and Japanese imperialist policies.”

Nazi China maintains invasive plans upon democratic Taiwan, an independent nation recognised by the United Nations, serial imperialist Beijing culture persists with ongoing invasion military threats and economic inducements to get the island to accept its bullying rule.

Taiwan says it is an independent country, called the Republic of China, its official name. Two nations –  one free, mainlanders in gulags.