Blue Papers

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Blue Papers to Restore Nationhood and Wealth to Australians

Blue Paper

Blue Papers‘ are defined as Nationalist White Papers, that are intended to be precursors to socio-economic policy, legislation and legal enforcement nationally.


Blue Papers

  1. Blue Paper – Australian Values Standard
  2. Blue Paper – Citizen Bill of Rights
  3. Blue Paper – Conditional Citizenship
  4. Blue Paper – Immigration Standards
  5. Blue Paper – Nation State Democracy
  6. Blue Paper – Public Prudential Governance
  7. Blue Paper – Sovereign Wealth Security
  8. Blue Paper – Citizen Security of Free State
  9. Blue Paper – Civil Order
  10. Blue Paper – Viable Basic Living
  11. Blue Paper – Two-Tiered Regionalism
  12. Blue Paper – Economic Nationalism
  13. Blue Paper – Perpetual Budget
  14. Blue Paper – First World Ethical Code
  15. Blue Paper – Decent Work Charter
  16. Blue Paper – First World Health Standard
  17. Blue Paper – Holistic Urban Design
  18. Blue Paper – Smart Integrated Transport
  19. Blue Paper – Charter of National Service
  20. Blue Paper – National Emergency Rescue
  21. Blue Paper – Defence for National Sovereignty
  22. Blue Paper – Dual Vocational Curriculum
  23. Blue Paper – Australian Heritage Enshrined
  24. Blue Paper – Australian Global Leadership
  25. Blue Paper – Single Legal Jurisdiction
  26. Blue Paper – National Anti-Corruption Court
  27. Blue Paper – Monocultural Cohesion