Nov 4: Problems with the Reclaim defamers of Australian Nationalism

As the defamation war emanating from so-called ‘patriots’ within the ranks of Reclaim Australia (Shermon Burgess) and the Party For Freedom (Nick Folkes) continues against Australia First Party and me personally, I note too odd ‘contradictions’ between the dirt-mongers in how they operate.

Shermon Burgess, who calls himself the Great Aussie Patriot, has in the past few days said:

“Beware of Jim Saleam who runs the Australia First Party. He is a vile white supremacist who has taken to social media trash talking Patriots who fight against Islam. He wants us to fight the Jews, the Asians and anyone else he sees as non white. Myself and Reclaim Australia do not support Jim Saleam or Australia First.”

Israeli influence in AustralianOf course.

However, one has never asked Reclaim Australia, let alone Mr. Burgess himself, to “hate” – “the Jews, the Asians and anyone else he sees as non white”.

If I have – where? when?

And as for “trash taking”, one has has made it very clear that Burgess’s brand of patriotism denies the ethnic basis of the Australian people.

If he does that, which he does, then he believes something that sums as:-

Diversity minus Islam is still Diversity’…as our slogan puts it.


In other words, this great patriot is just another version of anti Australian, but one wrapped up in our National Flag. He seeks a diverse (sic) society – but with Muslims excluded somehow.

The problem with this great patriot is that he thinks anyone is an Australian – if he will just dislike Islam as a violation of our “values”.

Burgess offers no overall criticism of immigration, no other programme except “fighting Islam” and sees patriotism within the parameter of building a movement against Islam in Australia and perhaps everywhere else. That’s it.

To have that programme exposed in front of the public and to ask those Aussies who have come forward on the matter of ‘anti Islam’ to discuss the whole subject of immigration and identity – is trash talking nobody. It is a matter of trying to raise the political understanding of people. Why would Burgess seek to narrow the immigration discussion to just Islam?

Of course too, I have said openly that anti Islam alone can serve alien agendas. It does. Behind the anti Islam groups are a host of political vampires seeking to feed on it all for a foreign policy purpose. They want to drum up public sympathy for Israel by spinning the yarn that Israel is really standing up to Islamic extremism. That theme comes out over the matter of “Jews” in the Burgess denunciation of me.

If you criticise Zionism and Israel, which is a huge factor in the Middle East chaos (and I have broached these subjects in my criticisms of Reclaim Australia) – then Burgess says that is ‘hating Jews’. And he’ll smear you for it.

Understanding the Zionist ideology that inspires Israel, is politics – not the hatred of a race and all its members. Zionism is no friend of Australia – that is my argument. And on occasions the Zionists have aided and abetted the Islamic terrorists for their own purposes.  So Burgess covers up.

When we said he is a Zionopatriot, we summed it right. He seeks to lead the anti Islam movement (sic) into a Zionist swamp. The great patriot is a pied piper.

Zionism financially nose-ringing Reclaim AustraliaWe understand your cause, come with us.


I note that his friend Nick Folkes started the defamation on us a couple of days back when he blasted that Australia First Party were Islamo-nazis.

I assume Folkesy reckons too that criticism of Israel and Zionism adds up to hating Jews like the Nazis did and that in the modern context the Muzzies are held to perform that function, so we end up with Islamo-nazism.

Nick has it that I am a “fuhrer”, so I suppose it all fits (in his head at least). This smearing is designed to cover up the activities of the Zionopatriot push inside the anti Islam movement. It’s the throw-off, the smokescreen.

However, the role of the Freedom Party is more devious in the whole mess. Its role is to appear a little like Nationalism, albeit in a very strident language. Nick Folkes seems to contradict Burgess about matters ethnic in a piece of private correspondence.

I reproduce it just as Nick wrote it:

“It’s not about “allowing”. No one ‘allows’ Muslims, they just do it. The inbred camel molestors force their ways on the host population. And our
host population; a mix of secular morons and progressive Christians are so piss weak and lazy Dad’s army could invade and win.

There is something wrong with white people especially Anglos, they have lost their soul. Our people have no sense of identity or culture,
they’re willing to promote third world sewage cultures and people from backward inbred cultures and societies all in the name of ‘multiculturalism’.

Our greatest enemy is the unwillingness of white people to do anything about the current mess.”

Lost Nick.  Our people? White people?

Surely, the leader of the Party For Freedom hasn’t defined Australians by ethnicity?

Now I rather admit that I don’t quite write like Folkesy. Terms like “sewerage cultures” and “backward inbred cultures” are outside of my discourse and have never appeared in our party literature. However, if we take these terms very, very, loosely, and suggest they extend beyond Muslims (as Nick always says “What race is Islam?”) then he must be talking about other migrant groups as not having Australian values and as ‘unassimilable’?

Now this also contradicts a statement made by Nick Folkes to a member of Australia First Party (he may deny making the statement) that Jim Saleam was a “F##@@&&t if he believes in the ‘White Australia Policy” and “we have gone beyond that” and “we are for the people here”.

Are Burgess and Folkes contradictory? Well yes and no. As it stands in words, yes. However, in terms of function they are harmonious to the full degree.

The aim of the Zionopatriots is to use the issue of anti Islam to occupy political space that should be occupied by an anti immigration movement and to confuse ‘patriotism’ with ‘nationalism’ and try to exclude. anyone who raises up the traditional Australianist programme.

Speaking as a “vile” Australian nationalist (not white supremacist) I reason that these ‘patriots’ (read: Zionopatriots) can defame as they wish. I hope they intensify it as it adds to the furore around the nationalists. People are seeking out the nationalist truth and they are finding it. Zionopatriotism is just another hiccup along the way. The patriot movement will take the path of nationalism.

Israeli Three StoogesWhere are they going?    Who is nose-ringing them?