2013 Australia First Party chooses candidate for Calare

Press Release:
July 29, 2013


The Australia First Party has endorsed a candidate for the seat of Calare – Mr.
Peter Schultze.

Peter Schultze
Mr Peter Schultze


Mr. Schultze is 27, formerly of Penrith and he attended school there.  Peter studied
to be a Heavy Vehicle mechanic and worked for an engine manufacturer. He now works
in the mines in the Calare electorate.

As a mining worker, Peter is aware of the destruction Australian national assets by
the multinational corporations. He is shocked and dismayed by Rio Tinto which has
offloaded its majority stake in the Northparkes copper and gold mine near Parkes to
a Chinese mining company. China Molybdenum has agreed to pay $884 million dollars
for Rio’s 80 per cent stake in the mine.

“I believe that the wealth of Australia should progressively be returned to the Australian people. This electorate takes in rich farming, mining and other productive lands, yet the profits are not serving the Australian People. The number of Australians able to enjoy a living on the land is declining. The National party does certainly not represent Australian rural interests. It has sold Australia out via the implementation of the Lima Agreement, GATS and Agenda 21 interests.”

Opposition Grows To Sale Of Gold Mine At Parkes To Chinese Imperialists

“I believe that the takeover at Parkes is probably linked to the Chinese Trade Centre conspiracy in Wagga Wagga and is a part of the move into Australia by the new Chinese imperialism. Many mining workers are deeply suspicious. Our jobs will probably vanish to a horde of visa labour.”

Australia First Party has noted the presence of contract labour at different points in the electorate and coal seam gas mining as new threats to the people’s livelihood.

Mr. Schultze said that the election in Calare was taking a decided ideological flavour:

“The Palmer United Party is the party of the mining oligarchs that wants mass migration to fuel development. The Democratic Labor Party makes some sense about protecting Aussie manufacturing, but also is an immigration party that favours refugee arrivals and continued population growth.

The Greens are rabid refugee advocates with a liberal social agenda. The major parties service the same foreign driven economic forces as ever.

In Australia First Party, people have another option – an unashamed Australianist interest.  For the record, I oppose all refugee admissions – legal, illegal, whatever.”

Australia First Party has as its Electorate Programme:

1.  No, to coal seam gas mining.

2.  The nationalisation of the Lithgow arms industry and the revival of an Australian military weapons industry as a matter of urgency.

Lithgow Arms Industry

3.  The protection of Australian agricultural production from foreign imports

4.  No to contract labour.

5.  For an Australian domestic fuel industry and fuel price to better service the rural community

6. Given Energy Australia will purchase Mt Piper and Wallerawang power stations, the retention of state assets in state hands and the nationalisation of privatised assets.

7. Urgent attention to community health needs and additional staff training and with the suspension of the useless refugee support schemes work towards free medicine.

8. Improvement of water quality and the ownership of water by the people and not state boards or private corporations.

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