Australia First Party nominates Gloria Watling for Wollondilly Council

May 27 2012:


The Australia First Party has nominated Mrs. Gloria Watling to lead our ticket for Wollondilly Council North Ward in the September 8 poll.

The party ticket has three members. The party is registered for local government elections in New South Wales.

The party will also offer candidates in Hawkesbury City, Blue Mountains City, Penrith City,
Blacktown City, Sutherland Shire and some other cities and shires in the State.

Gloria said today:

“I am pleased to represent all residents, the workers, farmers and small business people and other working people, old people and youth, of  Wollondilly Shire on the ballot for North Ward on September 8. I do not represent a moneyed-interest. I represent the people’s interest.”

The Australia First Party has noted that the current Liberal government has talked of the Shire for massive development, over 25,000 homes. At the same time other parts of the Shire have been targeted for Coal-Seam-Gas mining (CSG). The latter threatens to poison our Shire and cut into the value of land and ride over the property rights of ordinary Australians.”

Gloria continued:

“I am opposed to any population explosion in the Shire.  If it shoudl be allowed to happen then we will regrettably experience the destruction of one of Sydney’s key fresh food-producing areas, as well as the eradication of a vibrant community and lifestyle.

If all that doesn’t finish off family businesses, then CSG mining certainly will. I stand with productive working people against these blights.”

The party has a local programme. Mrs. Watling continued:

“In this campaign, my policy is:

  1. Citizens’ Initiated Referendum
  2. An end to over-regulation by Council
  3. Council involvement in solving Australian homelessness
  4. No Coal Seam Gas mining – full effort.
  5. Oppose any plan to explode the population of the Shire.

Gloria concluded:

“As a member of Council I would listen to what the people of Wollondilly want and take up issues on their behalf as a veritable people’s ombudsman. I know that I may be up against entrenched interests that will seek to undermine us all in the interests of the Macquarie Street agenda. But I have never backed down from a fight and I believe I am qualified for the job, not simply the important routine job of Councillor, but for the real job I have set myself.”

Gloria Watling – Essential Facts:

  • Gloria Watling has lived the last 25 years in Wollondilly Shire. She has is married with an adult family.
  • Gloria was a candidate in the 1990’s in North Ward and polled very well.
  • Gloria has been usually self-employed and has assisted in her family’s own transport business.
  • In 2008, Gloria helped in the National Truck Shutdown.

Gloria Watling has an appreciation of the needs and interests of Australian working people.