Hawkesbury 2015

The Liberal State government and its local Council puppets remain on a collision course with a growing people’s heritage struggle around
the preservation of the historical old Windsor Bridge and the Thompson Square precinct.

Save Heritage Windsor Bridge

The bloody-mindedness of the Premier (in particular) to enforce the diktat – is noted. The government simply refuses to consider other
reasonable bridge-building alternatives. It does not beggar much brain-searching to conclude that it is all an exercise in culture-busting,
something which breaks the resolve of the community and their bonds of the local identity, all prepatory to the big developments and
population surge scheduled for the Hawkesbury.

Old Windsor Bridge plaque

The main factor in defence of the Hawkesbury’s heritage remains people’s action.  On Jun3 3, 2012, a popular rally pilloried the State government’s plans on Sunday June 3. Some 200 people braved the rain to make their feelings felt.   Some twenty Australia First members participated.

Macquarie Arms Hotel 1815

If elected, the Australia First Party will continue to fight to preserve Hawkesbury’s heritage.



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