Blue Mountains ‘Refugees Advocates’ Ignore Australia’s ‘Internal Refugees’ – The Homeless

The growing pathological refugee advocacy movement has its Blue Mountains supporters. This movement puts the interests of parasitic aliens upon a (pseudo) moral pedestal and it considers aliens have rights over and above the Australian People.

A Blue Mountains Refugee Support Movement (BMRSG) has come into being and has published a programme.

BMRSG demands:

  • The Australian Government honours (sic) the UN Convention on Refugees, signed by Australia in 1954
  • Abolition of visas without rights to work, Medicare and Centrelink support
  • End of incarceration of asylum seekers for long periods or in remote camps
  • Abolition of excision of territories such as Christmas Island

Once someone claims to be a ‘refugee’ and demands ‘asylum’, he automatically acquires certain ‘rights’. These ‘rights’ (sic) are exercised with full access to Australian services and care, whilst their supposed ‘claims’ to ‘asylum’ are assessed. Almost all claims are approved. They then move on to homes, jobs, money and health care and this is considered a ‘right’ derived of  Australia signing a 1954 Convention of the United Nations.

Notably, the Australian People lose a right (sic) as these aliens gain one. They are privileged. We are not.

The refugee parasites live better than the real refugees in our country, thosewho cluster in our parks, under our bridges and in shop doorways – the internal refugees called the homeless. They are refugees from globalist capitalism, the people crushed by decades of economic rationalism, ‘reform’, ‘restructuring’ and all the other false pathways of our economic system. They have only such rights and benefits as the welfare system, can afford them.

The BMRSG type cares little for Australians. Ausies are down the moral pecking order. It would prefer that someone else better himself over those who were born to the right.

We cannot mince words if a group of Australians appears willing to give away the resources of the Australian people – to aliens. Is it that they get free entry to heaven if they do this? Is it that they are ‘better’ than their narrow-minded Australian fellows? Is it that they have some personal quirk that allows them to feel pleased and warm? Is it that they have some bizarre political agenda to perpetrate a historical get-square with a country they see as bigotted and narrow and isolationist?

Whatever it is, these people are focused and organized. The Blaxland Uniting Church is one of the hotbeds of this ‘activism’. This church operates the Gateway Family Services, which  has carried on multiculturalist propaganda that now sustains the latest lunacy. Their website explains their logic at:

The chairwoman of the political abortion called Blue Mountains Refugee Support Movement is  Marie Standen and its secretary,George Winston. Both have long commitments to this pathology.  People have come forward to us with information regarding these and other refugee advocates and we will say more soon as the dots are joined.

Recently, a  certain Meg Benson of Leura was reported as having taken advantage of a Federal government scheme to have so-called refugees housed in her home. Did this lady take in a homeless person? Did she take in an Aborigine? How does a moral hierarchy work?

It is time for patriotic Australians to also become focused and organized. We have to fight a cultural war and a political war against the refugee advocates. We cannot allow them to go unchallenged.

Their rank moral hypocrisy must be dragged out into the light of day for the homeless of the Blue Mountains and other patriotic people to judge them.

Australia First Party makes the point that the refugees must go home. But more. When that happy moment comes that the Australian Nation makes them ‘returnees’, they will leave with a gift – the property of those who aided and abetted, who organized and propagandized, for their entry to our land, put to  a mass fund and repatriated with them. That might be justice indeed.

If the Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group would like to accuse us of advocating a class war against them, it sounds pretty right to us.

In the meantime, voters can elect Matt Hodgson on September 8 to Blue Mountains Council. He’ll do his best to call a loon a loon, without fear – and certainly no favour.