Nationalist Links

The appearance of any Link on this page does not necessarily imply any political connection between any Australian nationalist party and any/or other organization or person, with the exception of those members of the Australian Council of Nationalists.  These links are provided on an information basis. We seek to update these on an ongoing basis.  Australian nationalists are advised to use a wide array of sources to inform themselves.

Mysterious Australia

This site deals with the archaeological and historical theories of Rex Gilroy, concerning pre-Aboriginal Australia and Australia and the Pacific area in the times of the ancients, ancient contacts, and settlements.  The associated website has shut down.

The National Independent

This website supports the quarterly magazine of the same name. The National Independent contributes essentially to the subject of ‘race’, the taboo issue in Australian politics.


We suggest the following overseas links of interest and value to Australian nationalists. There is no formal connection between the operators of this Site and any of the organisations named here.

Alliance for Peace and Freedom

The APF stands for a Europe of sovereign nations in which the independent states work together on a confederated basis to address the great challenges of our time and to protect, celebrate and promote our common Christian values and European cultural heritage.  On the 30th of November 2015 a new Executive Board was elected at the Alliance for Peace and Freedom’s annual congress. The Board consists of delegates and elected politicians from several European countries.

The original European National Front was made defunct in 2009.  It was a fraternal association of Continental European parties, each of which challenges the New World Order system and its globalist ideology. European National Front was a coordinating structure of European nationalist parties. There had been one elected MEP from ENF in the past. He was the leader of the Italian New Force, Roberto Fiore.  The website has been shut down.  Three parties of the European National Front are today included at the Alliance for Peace and Freedom.

Canada First Immigration Reform Committee

Based in Rexdale Ontario, The Canada First Immigration Reform Committee, offers sober analysis of the immigration challenge to the Canadian identity.

The Canada First Immigration Reform Committee was founded in 1997 to fight for the ignored Canadian Majority in immigration matters. CFIRC believes that Canada’s immigration policy should reflect the will of the Majority, rather than the desires of selfish special interest groups. CFIRC believes that the composition of a nation is one of the most important political questions there is. Any immigration policy should be ratified in a binding national referendum.

This site is dedicated to the reform of the current Canadian Immigration System which is, by literally all accounts, not working. The Canadian populace has never been given an official voice in Immigration, and this has led to widespread anger and resentment of the Canadian Political system and many Canadian politicians. Canadians need a binding referendum on Immigration and immediate reform of the current dilapidated system.

New Force

This nationalist party, with sections across the country, operates closely with other forces of European Nationalism. It is active amongst youth and students and conducts regular rallies and open campaigns.

Serbian Action

The Serbian Action movement is an activist Third Position and Orthodox party opposed to the NATO/EEC system and New World Order imperialism.