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Welcome to the website intended to serve Australians interested in Australian Heritage.

By ‘Australian Heritage’ we necessitate:

  • Australian History
  • Australian Society
  • Australian Culture
  • Australian Environment
  • Australian Values

This website was created in 2003 to assist a new political-generation of nationalists who established the Sydney branch of the Australia First Party.

There is a growing resistance to the politics of New World Order liberal-globalist-capitalism throughout Australia and in the rest of the world. Australian families, workers, farmers, small business owners and other patriotic working people are recognising they are bonded against a globalising traitor / ruling class of money and position. This patriotic resistance requires a new sense of direction and a new leadership. This leadership can only come from the various forces of nationalism and patriotism in this country. There must be a non-sectarian and co-operative spirit in building activism at the base level amongst all nationalist and patriotic people. This unity in action will be the first stage in winning political and organizational unity. A united movement can then best direct the resistance struggle.

All nationalists and patriotic Australians now have a political vehicle. They are urged to get behind AFP and should consider membership in the Australia First Party. The party is a registered party in New South Wales and became a Federally registered party in June 2010.

In joining this new force, applicants are affiliating to a national movement of men and women dedicated to a program for the reaffirmation of Australian identity, independence and freedom.

The views expressed by the authors are not necessarily the views of the Australia First Party. At all times, the AFP encourages debate to define its policy and method. Authors who have allowed reproduction of their articles here are not necessarily members of the AFP.

You may contact Australia First by e-mail, or as below. The failure of erstwhile patriotic movements and parties to build a movement amongst the people to affect change – is marked. It is time to move the resistance forward on this new and activist basis.

You have your country to reclaim!

  1. Party Of The Nation: An Introduction To The Australia First Party: Philosophy, Methods And The Rights And Obligations Of Membership, April 25 2010
  2. Australia First Appeals To Australia’s Truck Owners And Drivers
  3. The Eight Core Policies Of Australia First
  4. Russia And China: The Approaching Conflict
    An essential text by New Zealand nationalist, Dr. Kerry Bolton
  5. The ANZAC Declaration: Australia First Party And New Zealand Nationalist Alliance: Declaration Of Common Interests And Future Relations (April 25 2008) and the Manifesto Of The Australia First Party And The New Zealand Nationalist Alliance (June 14 2008).
  6. Australian Students Unite:Nationalist Student Activism: New Perspectives On Ideas, Strategy and Tactics For A New Movement
    Brian Knight
  7. The Works Of Graeme Campbell
    Collected pieces by one of Australia’s leading nationalist thinkers and activists.
  8. The Multiculti System And Its Methods For Dictatorship
    The open bid for thought control and police dictatorship in a crucial multiculturalist conference in February 2006; and our response to their sixty recommendations for absolute power.
  9. The Struggle: Articles And Reports On Activism, Opponents And Opportunities
    On-going commentaries by various authors on the false Sydney ‘anti-racist’ / ‘anti-fascist’ globalist movement, the success of the Sydney Forum, Australia First Party activism, news of the patriotic movement in general. A necessary guide for all on the struggle in Sydney.
  10. Toowoomba Under Attack!
    A Conspiracy Of Interests Foments Anti-Australian Racism ; Political-police, Perverts And Pimps Unleashed To Impose The African Refugee Madness On Another Australian City By John Pell, Dr. Jim Saleam, Val Hale
  11. Contract Labour: The Challenge To Australian Workers And Our National Identity. A Speech To Members Of One Nation. Dr. Jim Saleam
  12. The Fight For Sydney Dr. Jim Saleam
  13. Happy Australia Day 2009: Celebrating the 221st anniversary of the birth of Our People R. Fraser
  14. Housing Crisis Directly Linked To (Asian) Immigration
  15. Chinese In Australia To Mobilise On Tibet Question: Ethnic Politics Takes Dangerous Turn
  16. Australia First Supports National Trucking Shutdown July 28: Statement June 21 2008
  17. A Sydney Morning Herald Report Confirms Ethnic Cleansing Of Australian School Children From Their Schools
  18. Thirtieth Anniversary Of ASIO Bombing Of Sydney Hilton Hotel Passes Without Public Notice
  19. Dr. Daniel Pipes, Zionist Propagandist For ‘Israel First’, Seeks Your Help Against Islamic Threat
  20. Sorry Day: The Ultimate Deception Of Aborigines, An Attack Upon European Australia
  21. Review: Perry Jewell’s Drugs, Despair, Deliverance: Operation Osterley
  22. Cronulla Says “Eureka” (The Story Untold)
    Ben, 2007 (a young poet in the Sutherland Shire)
  23. An Urgent Warning To Residents: The Hastings Is Under Imminent Attack February 2007
  24. Mould On Toast Joni, May 2 2006.
  25. Politically-Correct Policing Covers Over ‘Ethnic Crime’ Georgia Smith, February 2006
  26. Left Wing Feminists And Capitalism Georgia Smith, January 2006
  27. More Foreigners Less Trust Georgia Smith, January 2006
  28. Interview With Kyle Chapman, leading New Zealand nationalist
  29. ‘Unity Is Strength’: Lyrics Of The Song Of Federation
  30. The Sacralization Of The Nationalist Calendar: One Way To Fight Multiculturalism, by Anon, July 2003
  31. A Clever Game by Anon, December 2003.
  32. Ten Reasons To Oppose The Fake Republic Jim Saleam, November 2004.
  33. Tools And Fools: Trotskyites Unmasked! Jim Saleam, May 2003.
  34. The Cultural Struggle Anon, October 2002.
  35. The Illusion Of Parliament: What Is Parliament? Understanding Parliament And The State Power Jim Saleam, March 2003.
  36. Reclaiming The ‘Freedom’ Heritage Of Eureka Stockade Jim Saleam, January 2003.
  37. Nationalism And The Moslem Question: Thoughts On Foreign Policy, Immigration And Defence W. van Blitterswyk, September 2002.
  38. Eddie Ward: East Sydney Firebrand. A Prophet Who Discerned A Globalist Agenda In 1946. K. McCauley, October 2002.
  39. The American Century. Antonia Feitz, March 2003.
  40. Questions For ‘The Greens’. Alex Donovan, May 2003.
  41. The New Class Elite. K. McMannus, May 2003.
  42. The Refugee Invasion: Getting Into The Collective Brain Of The ‘Open-Borders’ Gang Jim Saleam, June 2003.
  43. Beyond The Politics Of Left And Right Jim Saleam, August 31 2003.
  44. Political Trials In Australia: Pauline Hanson Is Only The Latest Victim. A Discussion Based On The Speech One Nation Banned. Jim Saleam, September 11 2003.
  45. Riding Shot-Gun For John Howard: The Conservative Faction Of The New South Wales Liberal Party Jim Saleam, Speech To The Sydney Forum, August 28 2004
  46. Fourth Sydney Forum: Read The Program Of A Successful Event
  47. Third Sydney Forum 2003: Read The Program Of This Event
  48. Healthy Mind: Healthy Body Anon, 2004

“Australia Must Remain Predominantly White”

Graeme Campbell