Victorian Election in Bayswater: Vote 1 JOHN CARBONARI

John CarbonariJohn Carbonari

Restoring Decent Quality of Life back to Australians


Live in the Victorian Seat of Bayswater in outer eastern Melbourne?

Eastern suburbs Bayswater below the Dandenongs remains a bastion of traditional Australians.

But it is under threat from Liberal “safe seat neglect” and from highrise for foreigners.

Concerned about government flogging off Australia and letting Australians go to the wall?

Do your Australian family and Australia a favour by voting for a difference to the selfish and regurgitated Lib/Lab/Greens.


Australia First Party for Bayswater


Consider what the Lib/Lab/Greens offer:

Lib Lab Greens

  • Relentless increasing of Municipal Rates to fund non ratepayer services/Corporatised Councils.
  • Gas and other Utility Bills through the roof, and forecast to skyrocket for foreign utility owners.
  • Neighbourhoods of family homes being destroyed for increased density to cater for
    immigrant plague.
  • Jobs sent overseas, and swarms of foreign 457 visa scabs throwing Aussie workers onto the scrapheap.
  • Youth adrift/purposeless through Aussie culture relegated under the pox of multicultism.
  • The scourge of drugs and violent crime rampant, undermining families and a civil society.
  • Aussies priced out of housing market by Chinese buyer access/demands.
  • Never ending revenue raising “fines”, stressing family budgets to pay for politicians squanderings

JOHN CARBONARI is highly concerned about all these and will act to address the corrosive Lib/Lab/Greens policies behind these being inflicted upon Ordinary Australians.

8 Core Policies of the Australia First Party

1.  Ensure Australia Retains Full Independence

Protect our sovereignty (national, constitutional, and personal) and maintain an adequate defence whilst being compassionate and fair in our Nations international dealings.

2.  Rebuild Australian Manufacturing Industries

This is the only way we can be self sufficient. It will provide jobs for our children, and help buy back the farm and allow Australia to be free of foreign debts. Our infrastructure has been run down over many years – it must be rebuilt. We must improve the practicality and relevance of our educational systems, and target government support for industry to diversify, innovate, perform, and expand. We recognise that small business is fundamental to this policy. A satisfactory financial environment is also essential.

3.  Control Foreign Ownership

Bring foreign ownership and investment back under control.

4.  Reduce and Limit Immigration

Immigration mistakes can be big long term mistakes. Immigration policy must take into account social cohesion, employment opportunities, urbanisation and environmental issues.

5.  Abolish Multiculturalism

End the divisive, government funded and institutionalised policy of multiculturalism.

6.  Introduce Citizen’s Initiated Referenda

Amend the Australian Constitution so that the people can initiate constitutional referendums which, if approved by the Australian people, will amend the Australian Constitution. This simple step will confirm the political authority of voters and make politicians aware that they are the servants of the Australian people, not their masters.

7.  Strengthen the Family

Promote policies that strengthen and protect the traditional family.

8.  Strive To Rebuild A United Australia

Promote policies that recognise the interdependence of city and country.

For loyal Australians

Voting for other than the Australia First Party 

is a waste of time.

…the Lib/Lab/Greens will just use your vote to do what they want.