Australia First Party nominates Terry Cooksley for Blacktown City Council

June 5,  2012:

The following press release was forwarded to relevant local media.


The Australia First Party has nominated Mr. Terry Cooksley to lead our ticket for Blacktown City Council Ward 5 in the September 8 poll.

The party ticket has three members. The party is registered for local government elections in New South Wales.

The party will also offer candidates in Hawkesbury City, Blue Mountains City, Penrith City, Wollondilly Shire, Sutherland Shire and some other cities and shires in the State.

Terry said today:

“I am pleased to represent all residents, the workers, small business people and other working people, old people and youth of Blacktown City on the ballot for Ward 5 on September 8. I do notrepresent the old system parties and those who pay them.”

The Australia First Party has contested Ward 5 previously; in 2008, the party polled over 1530 votes or 5.67% of the poll.

Terry continued:

“I note the decay in Blacktown City under the impress of continued immigration and enforced multiculturalism, policies agreed to by the major parties. The Ward 5 area has suffered with ethnic gangs, crime and neglect. I can only stand up for the real neglected people – Australians – but I can see the artificial multicultural society is cracking and that will hurt many groups.”

The party has a local programme. Terry continued:

My Policy is:

  1. Citizens’ Initiated Referendum
  2. Council resources to fight homelessness
  3. Mobilize people against the privatization of electricity and other utilities
  4. Block Council expenditure on all multicultural propaganda and expend funds only on celebrations of Australian culture and identity
  5. Pensioners’ rates on all public transport for unemployed people.

Australia First Party reasons that Western Sydney is to bear the brunt of the massive population increases planned for Sydney by globalizers in politics and business. It is not a question of saying there’s no infrastructure; it’s a matter of saying it’s dead wrong.

Terry Cooksley concluded:

“If I am elected to Council, I will serve as a people’s ombudsman for all genuine complaint and protest. I also believe in contributing to people’s opposition to the massive population increases the New South Wales Liberal government desires in tandem with all ‘Big Australia’ dreamers.”


Terry Cooksley – Essential Facts:

  • Terry Cooksley has lived the last forty years in Blacktown City.
  • In the past, he was an activist for various natioanlsit movements including Australian National Action and Australians Against Further Immigration; he was also a candidate for One Nation.
  • Terry was on the Australia First Party ticket for Ward 5 in 2008. Terry, has been usually self-employed.