Capitalism Without Creed – The Third Phase of Australian Cultural-Political Rulership

Courtesy of New Australian Bulletin

Australia is emerging into its third phase of Australian cultural-political rulership. Disregarding our country’s colonial origins, the compromises of 1901 that led to the Australian nation created the first phase that we shall know as Imperial Constitutionalism. Monarchists kept us very much in the British fold during our first phase following colonialism.

The second phase, that we’ve been ruled by since the dismantling of the White Australia Policy and the entrance of Malcolm Fraser as prime minister we refer to as American [Oligarchical] Democracy. We left behind our English yoke and became reliant on America economically and for our security, honouring this guardianship by dutifully following Uncle Sam into the Vietnam War, and adopting [colour-blind] crony capitalism. Accordingly, we became the United States’ lieutenant in the post-war Pacific. Neither of these ‘systems’ has ever been static, or black-and-white, but nonetheless they maintained their constant features under rulership. Equally, both were unchallengeable and paranoid with it.

Under Imperial Constitutionalism, patriotism was determined by a monarchist devotion, while advocating for an independent Australia amounted to Bolshevism. In the first phase — and the pre-perestroika part of the second phase — the greatest threats to rulership were communism. At no time in our history has nationalism been allowed to flourish to the point of rulership. Strangely, communism has become acceptable to a capitalist class which once ran McCarthyist purges against those believed to be red. This disparity in trading with Communist China we define as ‘capitalism without creed’, since the capitalist ‘system’ has become divorced from the capitalist ‘essence’ which when running free has no conscience and honours only allegiances that result in profits. However, we shan’t spend time detailing the first two phases. This is not a thesis but an essay that posits we are in a transitional stage between the second and third phase of system, or rulership.

This latest stage of our country’s cultural-political identity is more worrisome than the other two as it entails a seismic ideological shift from those that have hitherto underpinned both capitalistic stages. Accelerating this change is China as it challenges the US both militarily and economically. While the United States has been locked into conflict with the phantom of ‘terror’ in the Middle East since the beginning of the new millennium, China has consolidated its military and economic power in the region. Fatigued from a protracted and futile war, the US is veering towards isolationism. The cost of maintaining its presence in Asia is too high. How likely is America to come to Australia’s defence in the event of a dispute involving China when such a conflict would be impossible to win without resorting to weapons of mass destruction? What value is ANZUS anymore? It is a political certainty such a phenomenal risk would not be welcomed by American voters.

Yet, while not being the subject of this essay it is a pivotal question that can’t wait for a confirmation from our “ally”, nor would an affirmative response be in any way reassurance. Calibration is needed, and for the ruling class, that is first and foremost economic. Subsequently, and regardless of past vicissitudes, we have a ruling class keen on guiding our primary allegiance away from the American Democratic system into a pact with Communist China on the basis of advancing the “economy”, and little else otherwise.

COVID-19 gave the world lessons the Australian political class will agonise over given the implications. There is an almost guaranteed prospect of halting immigration, at least for the foreseeable future. Surprisingly, Labor’s American-born evangelist Kristina Keneally has proposed cutting the immigration intake, while the Sydney Morning Herald has alleged that Scott Morrison wishes to restore us to previous levels of immigration. One of the adjuncts to the immigration industry (sic) is Australia’s universities, which is at the crucible of discussion about both the economy and its role in immigration. Both of these are determiners of the next phase.

Kristina Keneally has taken a populist stance on immigration for Labor, for all the good it will do either of them


Nev Power, who heads the COVID-19 Coordination Commission is giving serious thought to allowing universities to fly in thousands of foreign (Chinese) students to stem the flow of profits from these brands. His consideration comes after China’s ambassador to Australia, Cheng Jingye, threatened a boycott of the industry over the government’s call for an enquiry into the genesis of the virus. SBS reported that Prime Minister Scott Morrison saying it was merely a “possibility”.

Chinese students make up the largest proportion of the overseas student “market”. Education is our third biggest ‘export’ to China valued in 2018-19 at around $12 billion. But what difference does that make where national security and the interests of Australians are concerned?

It is diabolical that discussion around Australia’s institutions of higher learning can be singularly concerned with profits. Academic excellence is disregarded in favour of maintaining universities as a business model. The addiction to Chinese students is especially infuriating given universities are a pay-to-stay business which offers an outcome of permanent residency for the foreign students. Consequently, universities are directly altering the national demographic for profit. Meanwhile, they are lowering tuition standards for all concerned. Security must then be considered.

For many of the Chinese diaspora, the road to Australia began with the universities. The next step involved property acquisition and bringing in relatives to bolster the Chinese presence. Ironically, many of these elderly relatives have been placed in public housing intended for Australians, something which the community is largely unaware of. All of this is well understood and welcomed by the administrators who will react like a cat flicked with a rag if questioned about the ethical considerations involved. To query such — especially for concerned professors etc — is branded “xenophobia.”

It’s not enough that these students have taken places that should have gone to native Australians, but once here the ‘international students’ organise politically. One of the strongest student unions in Sydney University, Panda, is comprised of Chinese overseas students. Who are these foreigners to come here and engage politically in the first place? In point of fact, international students were indifferent to campus politics until the first Chinese international student was elected to a union board in 2016. Campus politics are now controlled by Chinese student blocs. According to a 2019 SMH report, “Both the Student Representative Council (SRC) and the Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association (SUPRA) are held by candidates from Chinese international student blocs as are about half of the elected positions on student union boards (The former two-term president of SUPRA was a member of the communist party).”

Sydney University presents the next generation of fully Australian politicians

The traditional alliance of students and the major parties which recruited from the student union pool has been affected by this. Today, student bodies are watching for any course content they deem “anti-Chinese”, and they’ll swiftly use their considerable influence to shut down anything offensive to Beijing. As such, curriculums are at the mercy of a foreign element who are manipulating the faculties into censorship. Given the universities kowtow to the Chinese not only in terms of favouring their patronage but also in providing resources and even partnering in sensitive research with identities connected to China’s military, they have become a dependable asset for the regime in Beijing.

Academic institutions welcome the communist diaspora with open arms (and palms) and are sought by the Beijing regime. Various groups operate as fronts for the communists. The Confucius Institutes number more than 500 worldwide. They claim to be about teaching Chinese languages and culture (and they do) but in reality, their function is to spread Beijing’s propaganda worldwide.

Our universities embrace these institutes, which are funded generously from the communist capital. Despite the obviousness of their motives, the Confucius Institutes have never been questioned by the administration. This would suggest a strong degree of complicity between universities and the communist Chinese government which represents more than money.

A Greek-Australian student is being targeted by the administration at the University of Queensland, the most Sinophile university in the country. Drew Pavlou is accused of numerous breaches of university policy simply for doing what students do — protesting. But it’s what he demonstrated against that has their knickers in a twist. Pavlou is highly critical of the Chinese Communist Party. He isn’t afraid to show it. Last year he participated in a protest where pro-Hong Kong democracy activists clashed with Pro-Beijing supporters. Pavlou was assaulted by thugs connected to the Chinese government. Rather than probe the counter-protesters the university ran an investigation into Pavlou culminating in a 186-page report. He is now facing expulsion on trumped-up charges.

Drew Pavlou makes China mad so the University of Queensland are obliged to expel him

Whether the university does or does not expel him the fact remains that yet another incidence of harassment against an Australian by communist forces has occurred and the country sits by gaping like a paddled mullet. People can see it’s wrong but they’re paralysed by vacuity. What makes Pavlou’s case worse is that the university has taken the side of an un-democratic foreign power and is persecuting him for engaging in democratic free expression.

Australian swimmer Mack Horton refused to take the podium alongside proven Chinese drug-cheat Sun Yang at last year’s world swimming championships in South Korea. His protest drew the ire of the communist regime which set about a program of harassment against Mick and his family. It began on social media and escalated. Horton’s firm had its computer system hacked and death threats and abuse are constant. According to The Australian, the family has had plants knocked over, dog faeces was thrown over the fence, and he regularly receives calls threatening his daughter (he doesn’t have a daughter). Broken glass has been thrown in the family’s pool. Chinese students turn up in the early morning to harass the family by banging pots and pans and creating disturbances.

“This is not an amateur operation,” a national security analyst told The Australian. “The Hortons’ story is very disturbing… It says something about the reach of foreign powers within Australia.”

Rules-abiding Australian swimmer Matt Horton refuses to stand next to a filthy Chinese drug cheat

Actually, it says something about the reach of a foreign power in particular. That power, China, has been harassing Chinese ex-pats here with impunity. Last year, we reported about how fake Chinese police cars had been spotted in Perth and Adelaide, their intention to spook dissidents it still regards as its own citizens.  Nationalists do not accept any Chinese population, no matter how benign, nevertheless, at present, it behoves the authorities to respond to this flagrant act of intimidation by a foreign power on general principle alone.

Notwithstanding, these cases are insignificant when compared to China’s military show of strength when in June last year three Chinese navy ships sailed into Sydney Harbour amid tensions over the South China Sea. A small contingent of nationalists was the only turnout to protest this blatant exhibition of aggression. The rest of the country milled about like sheep. Not even the braggadocio of those self-declared patriot groups was on display that week, proving their interests lie more in insular matters than the symbolic invasion of Australia by a hostile nation.

Last year it was reported how a Chinese syndicate was flying in elderly Chinese to partake in a professional begging racket in Sydney and Melbourne. The men and women were coached in how to act homeless and sent out to collect charity which was then handed over to the syndicate organisers. Police intervened. That scam showed a high degree of contempt not just for Australian law but our people. It would be naïve to believe it was conducted without the knowledge of the Chinese state. The begging con is aside from the constant profiteering by unscrupulous ‘daigou’ shoppers stripping supermarket shelves of baby formula in spite of store-imposed limits and selling them onto the black market. Daigou shoppers have gotten hostile went confronted by outraged customers observing their methods for dodging the ‘two-tin’ limit at major supermarkets. Unlike Australians and others who’ve cracked under stressful Kung Flu conditions in supermarkets, no daigou has faced arrest.

Entire businesses feature Daigou-favoured goods such as cosmetics and Ugg boots in warehouses situated in industrial areas.

Outside a warehouse complex in Sydney’s Alexandria, road markings are painted on the road reserved for coaches carrying cashed-up Chinese tourists. Intelligence revealed that eight buses a day would arrive. The building flew a “Duty-Free” banner. The store’s retail name was linked to a Chinese company. Citizen investigators discovered all transactions were conducted in Yuan, which likely means staff wages were too. This establishment did not benefit Australians one iota. No revenue was generated, no jobs for Aussies — there wasn’t even a shopping experience to be had since westerners were not allowed to enter. Odds on, it paid no taxes and collected no GST. Any non-Chinese lurking outside was watched carefully and one staff member even followed a curious nationalist and photographed his car.

Underhanded acts and programs like those outlined above must be considered in concert with the aggressive acquisition of Australian resources such as farms, water, minerals and produce. Australian companies have been flogged off in a dizzy grab for Chinese cash and the Chinese have dominated the property market.

Entire suburbs are now populated by Chinese, and owners of apartment buildings favour Chinese superstitions and customs by incorporating lucky numbers and adhering to aspects of ‘feng shui’. With real estate agencies operating directly from China, Australians properties have rotated on a 24/7 international property listing. Firms prefer to market directly to the Chinese and unfortunately, sellers favour them too since they pay big. This addiction to fast, plentiful Chinese money has led to homelessness for Australians priced out of the rental market. Young families are unable to afford a home. The Australian Dream died a death at the hands of quislings and profiteers. These are the swine who planned to facilitate a Chinese repopulation via “theme parks” and ‘educities’, all shorthand for China-zones.

The infiltration at the academic level, the mining of scientific data with military applications, the influencing of Australian politics and the buy-up of strategic assets such as Darwin Port is not merely for business deals but prongs in a soft invasion of our country.


The third phase of rulership is ominously heading towards us like dark storm clouds. The COVID-19 has knocked the wind out of Australia along with the rest of the world. Its consequences have been brutal for globalism. Nationalist-minded folks hope this will lead to policies more agreeable to our desires for restoring the country. Mixed signals from the government make that uncertain. The political class has never viewed Australia in terms of its folk, but strictly as an economy. Everything in life is given a costing and evaluated according to its economic benefit.

The recent rescinding of a vote by Wagga Wagga City Council to cut ties with Chinese sister city Kunming might have been a watershed occurrence. Nationalists and patriotic citizens were suddenly hopeful. Then the Chinese objected; the corrupt councillors who’ve long profited from the arrangement cried “racism”. Michael McCormack, the Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the National Party whose seat is the Riverina were furious. Why? The lying Mayor Greg Conkey made lots of noises but the real reason was always ‘trade’, or more simply, payola.

The Nationals, who are in a coalition with the Liberal Party, must find their divide in the pandering to China. Questions the government will face once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted will include how to rehabilitate the economy. The obvious answer for those like the Nationals is to do as Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has and turn to China for investment. Yet, this may not be as routine as they might think. Approval by the Foreign Investment Review Board for every company trade will now be required, so it’s said, to prevent China cleaning up on a fire sale of Australian companies hit by the virus (Assuming the FIRB is above manipulation). This hasn’t prevented a company owned by communist China from buying water rights to the Murray Darling, an area which has suffered greatly through the drought. Added to that, Chinese buyers are already rubbing their hands in anticipation of tumbling property prices and no mechanism is in place to prevent those.

Continuance of this sort of business practises in a post-coronavirus world would be unacceptable and would auger in the third-phase, capitalism without a creed. The authoritarian trajectory we have been on for some time will become irreversible and Australian law (such as its worth speaking of) will forever fall to the will of the communist power.

China is squawking about Australia’s push for an inquiry into the origins of the virus. Will the government resist the influence of the oligarchs and condemn our largest trading partner? Our national integrity requires we do so, but the consequences will be dangerous. Thus far, by following Europe and America the matter of accountability over the coronavirus China has responded with threats to crush our economy. If that’s not a wake-up call over our independence then what is? Apart from threatening the universities, they are making threats to impose tariffs and run an “anti-dumping investigation” into Australian barley exports.

The Chinese attitude to Australia was beautifully expressed by a belligerent Hu Xijin, editor of the English-language communist Global Times. He indignantly Tweeted, “Australia is always there, making trouble. It is a bit like chewing gum stuck on the sole of China’s shoes. Sometimes you have to find a stone to rub it off.”

Professor Clive Hamilton, the author of Silent Invasion, told media, “They show how the Chinese Communist Party has always thought of Australia… It is important to acknowledge that because so many prominent Australians have fallen for the friendship trap and talk in these dreamy-eyed ways about how China is our friend and we have to behave like friends.”

Those “prominent Australians” he refers to are the oligarchs of which we speak; they drive industry and sway government policy. They are fellow billionaires Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest, a mining magnate, and media mogul Kerry Stokes, who also has interests in iron ore.


Twiggy Forrest burning the midnight rice

In late April, Forrest gate-crashed a government press conference in Victoria while escorting Victorian Consul-General Zhou Long, former coordinator of Cyber Affairs at China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs: in other words, a Chinese spy. Believing Long to be a business associate of Forrest’s, Health Minister Greg Hunt hesitantly allowed him to take to the podium and deliver a speech in which he claimed that China had responded to the crisis in an “open, transparent and responsible manner.” Forrest reiterated this outrageous argument to media.

The following day Stokes used The West Australian newspaper, owned by Seven West, to urge Scott Morrison to appease China in its fury over its push for an inquiry into China’s role in infecting the world. Extraordinarily, he also defended China’s practise of ‘wet markets’ which sell exotic animals to satiate the obscene appetite the Chinese have for devouring precious wildlife.

“If we’re going to go into the biggest debt we’ve had in our life and then simultaneously poke our biggest provider of income in the eye it’s not necessarily the smartest thing you can do,” his paper reported him saying.

“The facts are throughout the entire Asian region wet markets are the only way to trade produce,” he said. “People have got to respect that’s the way they’ve conducted themselves and traded for years and generations… If we want to interfere with what they trade, that’s going to be a very difficult situation to convince people that we know what they should eat.”

Kerry Stokes developed a taste for bat soup while on business in China

His comments wilfully ignore the scientifically accepted theory that the virus originated in those wet markets (forensic evidence including tracked mobile calls now suggests the virus did start in a lab a fact that may explain China’s added eagerness to cover-up the whole affair). Plus, it doesn’t bother him that one of our cherished and endangered animals, the koala bear, happens to be on their menu.

Professor Hamilton told The Daily Mail, “China has been grooming senior Australian business and political leaders in the expectation they will become advocates (as they have-ED), and effective spokesmen for the Chinese Communist Party.

“We’ve seen that with Mr Forrest and Mr Stokes acting as megaphones for Beijing’s messaging in Australia. In this case, they are pressuring the Morrison Government to back down on its push for an inquiry into the origins of the coronavirus.”

“Chinese diplomats have for years been quietly building their support in Australian business, universities, and politics, and they’ve done well given how many of our elites count themselves as friends of China,” he added. “China has powerful Australians who are doing its work, and that’s been extremely damaging to our interests.”

One of those was former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who stopped Chinese tech giant Huawei’s bid to build our 5G network. Following on from Forrest and Stokes he joined their chorus in pressuring the PM to grovel to China regardless of all the damage they’ve wrought on the one million Australians now unemployed.

“An Australian prime minister who ends up in conflict with China cannot expect any support or solidarity from the Australian business community,” Turnbull Tweeted.

Remembering this is but the showroom of oligarchs and elites without the least encumbrance of morality to persuade them. A 2003 Canadian documentary The Corporation examined the modern-day corporation from a legal perspective and found it to possess the same legal rights as a person. Probing its social responsibility and its business practises, a psychology professor assessed the Corporation as a person and diagnosed it as a psychopath. No such study has been conducted on the Chinese Communist Party but it’s odds-on that the results wouldn’t be far off that of the Corporation. It also bespeaks the business community’s absence of conscience over dealing with China. Magnates, moguls, and billionaires tend to be credited with a higher intelligence given their accomplishments. Seldom does anyone call them what they really are – criminals. Find an honest businessman and a unicorn will be grazing nearby.

A who’s who of oligarchs in Australia reveals mining magnates like Forrest and Gina Rinehart who along with her Communist Chinese business partners from Shanghai Cred are powerful sponsors of China since their dream all along is to transform Australia’s top half into a mining quarry for the Chinese. Likewise, property tycoon Harry Triguboff bewails the loss of Chinese students who were meant to cram into his shoddy Meriton apartment blocks. None will be pleased with the Morrison Government’s stance on our number one trading partner.

Harry Triguboff, he’s outlived 90% of his own apartment blocks

These are the movers and shakers who decide the fates of governments. Stokes is Chairman of the Seven Network; he has enough media propaganda power at his disposal to convince half of the nation that there was no coronavirus. What becomes of their considerable buying power?

The Morrison Government is just a government; a change in governments could easily happen (although not until 2023). If it did so with Labor then all bets would be off. Labor’s dedication to Communist China is written on the walls. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is so besotted with the communists that he signed his state up to the One Belt One Road, China’s pathway to global domination. No concerns about Uighurs dissuaded him, no tremors about human rights or pangs of conscience over the treatment of the Tibetan people. The harvesting of human organs doesn’t bother him and he no doubt believes Taiwan belongs to China. Ditto for all those oligarchs and business reptiles because as we’ve said they see Australia purely as an economy and not a people. What’s worse, the death of 97 people, the destruction of Australia’s economy and the forced unemployment of a million workers just brush off him like water off a duck’s back; could’ve happened to anyone.

However, Labor isn’t alone. The Liberal party membership counts among it those equally indentured to the great Panda. Will they be silent when their business interests are put at risk? Or will they band together and overthrow Morrison in a coup based on a ‘sounder economic policy’? To those Sinophiles, consumerism is the creed, and we are consumers; that’s all. There is no place for tradition, no room for culture, all those things are eradicated. Australia is a brand, nothing more. It’s so easy to make a profit the guiding principle of a nation once all that makes a nation has been removed. This is why capitalism is colour blind because it aims to eradicate cultural supremacy. Business has been among the hardest pushers of identity politics because Woke thinking helps break down the established culture.

You may not believe that a grown man can be a woman one day and a rocking horse the next but Coke sure as hell does. What’s more, the power of such social programmes as Woke pushes quickly to become codified in law. To transgress against Woke has involved being arrested. What then under creedless capitalism with a vested interest in keeping China happy?

One may ask how likely that is, and it’s not at all unlikely. Australia is currently between the US as China, one as the guarantor of our security and the other we’re dependent on for trade. Our economy can theoretically live or die by China. In two instances we have compromised our nation in our defence and economy. An armed but neutral Australia would face none of this.

With our dependence on Chinese trade, what one hand gives the other takes, as China has shown when it’s cross with us. Meanwhile, there is no certainty around our assumption that the US would come to our defence if things kicked off against China. Likewise, if we joined the US in a losing conflict against China, we would also seal a darkened fate.

However, this is not an essay on conflict scenarios. The hypothesis in this article is of acquiescence imposed on government by Business (assuming it needs imposing). Simply put, Australia would be a consumerist nation in which the rule of the Chinese Communist Party had a decisive sway over our way of life. For instance, we mentioned how transgressing Woke leads to punishment. To take a particular example, one cannot argue that transgenderism is a social construct, a total fad created in the perversity of our age. To do so becomes ‘hate speech’. Remember, too, how business which is pushing for us to surrender all concepts of what is true and right for the sake of doing business with China has sponsored every insane Woke fad. Major banks have shut down the accounts of those who’ve refused to fall into line and colluded with the state in an attempt to ‘unperson’ them. The media and police have conspired to persecute nationalists outside of all notions of truth and justice. And this is without being officially indentured to China.

What is coming will only intensify our shift away from freedom and liberty (in the name of security). The change began before 911, and even previous to Johnny Howard seizing our guns. One can only imagine what sort of system we’ll have when this country cannot afford to offend China under any circumstance. Nationalists would be arrested, and dissenters punished like Hong Kong protesters. Except, the punishments will be meted out by our own.

China’s English-speaking mouthpiece The Global Times published a jingoistic piece about how their military can project anywhere in the world. It bragged of how it can now protect its “interests” wherever they become threatened. What would happen should Australia decide to reclaim Chinese assets on our territory. What if we stopped the iron ore, the water, and the produce of our agriculture from reaching them? Again, that question dovetails with ‘conflict scenarios’ and we do have a response to that ‘what if’ that we will publish in due course.

If the government is to be guided by COVID-19 lessons it will resolve not to allow us to be dependent on China for manufacturing and vital equipment such as PPE and medical supplies. We should be dependent on no nation, but self-sufficient. A sober rethinking of our rulership system could only logically conclude that Australia needs to restore its own manufacturing base. And if we go down that road (which nationalists advocate) it will extend the FIRB’s brief to include a review of ALL foreign investment. Such a review must see to the termination of the Darwin Port lease along with a string of reversals in mining licenses and sale of agricultural land. If common sense prevails NO such assets will be sold. Likewise, the universities will become free, or at least part-way affordable, and concentrate on the education of Australians (minus the anti-White identity politics). The current business model is a sham front for a population replacement agenda.

The post-COVID-19 world will be all about China and what may come from heightened tensions with the United States. The China Flu has caused a resurgence in nationalism for both the US and China with China stoking its own nationalist fervour to distract from its domestic atrocities while condemning nationalistic reaction to China’s contamination of the civilised world.

China has used its coronavirus downtime to strengthen its military and puff out its chest in the disputed South China Sea. Beijing will certainly take advantage of the global chaos created by its homegrown virus. Equally, every terrorist alive has observed just what germ warfare could achieve against the west. China may well make its move on Taiwan in a pre-emptive escalation to test the United States. At present, America is defying expectations and remaining active in the Indo-Pacific. Even its decision to remove all its heavy bombers from Guam has a strategic purpose, according to the Rand Corporation. But might its alliances stop at aiding Japan and South Korea? Would they extend to any clash involving ourselves? And how likely is a clash?

Trump is using China to deflect attention from his own handling of the crisis but he is right to do so. The presidential elections looming, he may be touting his resolve, but it’s unlikely that Joe Biden would suddenly become conciliatory towards China either. A cold war between China and the US is virtually inevitable.

Suffice to say, a post-COVID-19 world presents our greatest challenges. There are two roads to take, one of protectionism, and one of economic subservience. A third involves annihilation.