Rugby Australia’s leftie All Black pirate rorts $14 million

What better way to undermine Australian Rugby than by appointing an obese All Black pirate chick who hates Australians, hates free speech and rorts $14 million in attitude payout.

Wallabies?  Led by an obese All Black pirate with hateful lippy, gangland jewelry donning a hijab?


All Blacked Rugby Australia has announced it has just forked out $14 million to its lead player, Israel Folau, a Tongan imported offspring (who should be playing for Tonga) ‘for any hurt or harm’ head honcho Raelene Castle caused him by sacking him for Christian Folau’s personal off-field evangelism on Instagram back in April 2019.

$14 million is not Castle’s money. She’s Kiwi anyway, accented up, All Black diehard – what were they thinking?   She ran Netball New Zealand from 2007-2013 and flogged Canterbury (on this side of the ditch) for the following four years.

What due diligence Cameron Clyne and Rugby Australia Board?

2017: “I’ve just got some unfinished business at the Bulldogs..for us it’s really about developing a meaningful community programme..literacy, numeracy, nutrition, all sorts.  Rugby league folk are out there aiding schools and pushing positive message to a wide range of groups.  What premiership?”


Folau was dropped by Rugby Australia on May 17, after Rugby Australia claimed he breached the Professional Players’ Code of Conduct, which has now found to be crap.

Then Rugby Australia under All Black Raelene went after Folau’s wife, Maria, in vengeful spite.


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