Marrickville City Council (West Ward) By-election – protest your vote to restore local values

Australia First Party publishes this platform for the Marrickville by-election on November 15.

As a long-standing local of inner west Sydney, I stand as a candidate for Councillor on Marrickville Council.

As a truely Australian political party, the Australia First Party contributes our involvement for the long ignored local residents of Marrickville.  We stand as a protest vote representative of the thousands of disaffected residents of Marrickville and indeed for disaffected Australians.

We stand for the members of Australia First Party in other areas throughout the Nation who search for ways to localise the nationalist message and build community activism against self-serving and discredited Liberals, Labor and so-called ‘Greens’.

Australia First Party stands for Australians.

Jim Saleam, Australia First Party

If elected, Jim Saleam will use his office as Councillor to achieve:

Local Function

•    The Core Functions of Local Government need to be maintained: lowest possible rates, rubbish collected, roads maintained.
•    However, while Marrickville Council remains under the ideological dominance of an extreme libertarian and Green agenda; so the area has unaddressed drug crime, homelessness and ratepayer financial stress and an ongoing commitment to marginalize traditionalist-minded citizens to the advantage of those who favour various forms of so-called ‘diversity’.

Greens for more boat people
•    Marrickville Council should initiate a system Citizens’ Initiated Referendum, whatever the limitations imposed by State law, to guide and regulate Council conduct.

Local Business

Newtown Retail
•    The City Council should apply Incentives to build innovative local business especially small business retailers.
•    Better for Marrickville locals to listen to local business than the Anthony Albanese / Carmel Tebbutt inner-city Labor mafia. The Council should arrange direct consultation of local business at every turn.
•    Australia First Party will not be supporting any West Connex motorways carving through Marrickville, nor any exploratory gas drilling in any part of Marrickville.  Marrickville is an inner-Sydney residential and retail zone. It is not a bypass for traffic.
•    Tempe Lands shall remain Tempe Lands for Marrickville City locals.

Local Housing

Unaffordable Housing in Marrickville
•    The City Council must work for more Public Housing for locals, not for investors outside Marrickville and certainly not for foreign investors like the invading Chinese.
•    Affordable housing is about owner-occupiers and public housing for Australian citizens.
•    All refugee housing privilege as imposed by the Federal government will be resisted. Charity begins at home.
•    Emergency housing where possible should be adapted from Council property.
•    Marrickville Council is about Marrickville. It is not a vehicle for aspiring Greens, Labor and Liberal political aspirants using Council to get a leg up to State and National politics.  A contract of service should be adopted that governs the behaviour.

Local Cost of Living

Cost of Living in Urban Australia
•    Australia First Party recognises that many ordinary Australian households in Marrickville are suffering financial stress from escalating costs of living – continual increases in council rates, electricity bills, gas bills, water bills, schooling, groceries, insurance, etc.
•    Marrickville council must lower its rates and lobby the State Government to lower and means test utility charges to households and small businesses.
•    Australia First Party opposes any privatisation of public assets such as electricity, gas, water, transport systems.  Australia First Party on Marrickville Council will campaign for the re-nationalisation of public utilities.
•    Housing demand in Marrickville is part of Sydney’s housing demand. It is being driven by foreign investors who are denying locals affordable housing where they grew up. We realise this as local ethnic cleansing by foreign capital. This must stop and must be reversed!

Local Safety

Police Presence in Marrickville
•    The City Council shall become proactive in the drug war, providing permanent facilities for the affected, to identify in conjunction with Neighbourhood Watch schemes and the police – drug dealers, labs and victims and to favour parental intervention to rescue the victims.

•    The City Council shall invest substantially in establishing night safety for its residents, including City funded police patrols, professionally monitored CCTV at key black spots, and outsourced night patrol rangers.

Local Heritage

Newtown Community Market
•    The Marrickville Council shall protect the heritage values of the Beynon & Hayward warehouse in Petersham
•    The Marrickville Council shall fund a community-based audit of all potential heritage buildings and objects in the Marrickville City Area and establish a community based heritage committee to evaluate planning/restoration options.
•    The Marrickville Council shall permanently preserve the legitimacy and management of Newtown Community Markets.

Vote 1 Jim Saleam for Marrickville West“We thank our opponent, the anarchist ‘Andy’ Hutchings,
for his photo of our posters in Marrickville.”