True Independence

Eureka Rebellion of 1854|
Authors:       Dr Jim Saleam, Lorraine Sharp
Publication Date:  January 26, 2016
Read by chapter:
Chapter 3:  The Australian Crisis: From Empires to Emporium
Chapter 4:  The World Situation and the problems of Australian Independence
Chapter 5:  Australia’s Peril: Against which States and Forces does Australia struggle for independence?
Chapter 6:  Australia’s advantages and disadvantages in the struggle for independence
Chapter 7:  Australian Continentalism and the idea of ‘Eurasia’
Chapter 8:  The Traitor Class v The Patriotic Bloc of the four Classes
Chapter 9:  The Rebirth of the Australian Nationalist Movement
Chapter 10:  Conclusion:  The Call to Struggle for Australian Independence
Appendix:  For a Patriotic United Front
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