Blue Mountains Gazette censors Australia First Party

Representative democracy – what is that?

In Australia, it is supposed to mean politicians representing their constituent citizens who have been voted in by electoral choice.  But consider Labor’s current Prime Minister Julia Gillard who has imposed a carbon tax after promising not to before being elected, which most Australians do not want.   And consider the Liberal Government in New South Wales under Premier Barry O’Farrell which has since sold off the State’s public electricity assets without an electoral mandate.  And consider the Liberal National Party Government in Queensland under Campbell Newman, who is head-long sacking thousands of public servants without a mandate.

Australia has representative democracy in name only and then that opportunity is permitted only once every four years.  Even then, otherwise busy Australians in the lead up to elections are bombarded with conniving party political propaganda and pork barrelling false promises designed to get into power at any cost.

LibLabs dominate the political climate in Australia. Liberals are just a factional variant of Labor – look at how similar Whitlam and Fraser became.  Look at how much a Labor policy advocate, the Liberal’s Malcolm Turnbull is.

Australians at national, state and local level have little choice.  The election cycle is Lib, Lab, Lib, Lab, Lib, Lab, Lib, Lab … get the trend?  No wonder so many Australians are disheartened by our politics.  Political disinterest is reinforced time and again in the sizeable informal vote and the lack of enthusiasm by 18 years olds to register to vote.   Many Australians now vote just to avoid the compulsory $55 fine.    With political ambivalence across rural New South Wales, it has become nigh impossible to recruit a candidate from the populous even from those few even slightly interested in politics.

Australia’s political duopoly that is LibLab, currently poorly hung with a green prostheses, has ring circled the system to perpetuate its hold on power.  Try being an independent candidate or a minor party and realise the hurdles that the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) has imposed!

For instance, to be accepted by the AEC at local Council elections, a candidate for must find another two people to simultaneously present for registration, even though only one person may seek election.  And that is just for one geographic ward in a local Council election.  It is easy for the LibLabs with their party numbers, as they can just ring in internal party member puppets.

Then even when one has managed to clamber over the AEC barbed wire designed to keep out newcoming threats to the LibLab oligarchy, the mainstream media impose tactics of misinformation, favouritism, prejudice and even downright censorship.

Take the current local Councils election across all shires and cities throughout New South Wales.  In the Blue Mountains, our party, the Australia First Party has submitted multiple media releases and articles to the Fairfax owned and controlled Blue Mountains Gazette newspaper.   Our submissions support our candidate for Ward One in the Blue Mountains Council election, local resident Mr Matt Hodgson.

However, the editor of the Blue Mountains Gazette, Damien Madigan, has chosen to censor the Australia First Party.  Not one media release or article has yet been published by the Blue Mountains Gazette.  Such censorship of political opposition would be expected in ex-KGB Vladimir Putin’s Russia, but in the regional Blue Mountains in democratic Australia?

Editor Damien Madigan’s full page spread in today’s Blue Mountains Gazette on pages 32 and 33 details all candidates platforms of those vying for election across all wards of the Blue Mountains Local Government Area.  There is Labor, Liberal, Greens, and the usual last minute Independents.  Then there is also the promotional advertising – as usual, the happy photogenic political faces with their corny hollow slogans:

“Not just promising, delivering”

“Local Liberals, Local Results”

“Clean Green Council”

..and Mr pro-Development himself, Don McGregor.

Despite our Matt Hodgson being interviewed by a Gazette journo just last week as a signal to the AEC of candidate fair coverage and the promised inclusion in this week’s special candidate coverage spread, both Matt and Australia First are conspicuously missing any mention whatsoever.

With Council election just one more issue of the Gazette before the election, today’s Blue Mountains Gazette’s two page spread ‘Know Your Local Candidate’ has censored the Australia First Party from all publication.

The journo’s excuse is “production oversight”.  Editor Damien Madigan what are you up to?  Whose pocket are you in?

Australia First has arrived in the Blue Mountains.  We are here to stay.  We genuinely represent Blue Mountains local residents – that is our competitive advantage!

The Australia First Party, like no other candidate, is pledging to do overhaul the staid extravagant Council in the way Matt Hodgson’s team is:

  • Means Test Council Rates to genuinely support low income families and small businesses
  • End the major parties Taj Mahal multimillion dollar schemes that we can least afford
  • Refocus Council on Roads, Rates and Rubbish
  • Overhaul Council management and stop Council’s extravagant waste on external consultants
  • Fast track getting the highway finished
  • Fight to uphold the quality and affordability of public transport
  • Strengthen Family Support Services across the Mountains
  • Work with the Salvos and local charities to provide for local homeless and families on the breadline
  • Demand fair funding and resources for Blue Mountains Public Schools
  • Involve the community and partner with chambers of commerce in local planning and development decisions
  • Protect Blue Mountains cultural heritage and its World Heritage


We suspect that by our principle of putting Australians first, we pose a real threat to the self-serving LibLab Elites and to the horse-trading Extreme Greens.