Labor Values itself and foreigners. Look what Foreign Labor has done to Blacktown

The Labor Party is stuffed.  It chronically breaks promises.  It does deals with any political party to get into office and to remain in office.

Labor members have left in droves.  The Labor brand is “toxic” throughout Australia – in the bush, in regional Australia, in rusted on working class electoral seats.

All that is left of Labor is its history

Labor’s soul-searching has seen it recruit new members from immigrants. How below the belt can a political party get?  We’ll let you into Australia, we’ll give you a visa, so long as you vote for us.

Rudd’s Big Australia has opened the door to 200,000 foreigners arriving in our capitals cities every single year, overburdening our public resources. In Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth they have swamped the housing market. Rents are unaffordable, affordable housing doesn’t exist, the roads are choked every day, hospital waiting lists are in the years, school rooms are overcrowded.

Labor has not only abandoned traditional Australian workers and snubbed our unions, Labor has sold the farm and sideshifted Australians to make way for its immigrant vote.  In the 2007 New South Wales election, when most of the voters gave the Labs a landslide victory, the only ones who voted for Labor were the seats of south-west Sydney, the ‘ethnic belt’.  From Blacktown, Mount Druitt, Parramatta, Auburn, Bankstown, Lakemba to Liverpool, Macquarie Fields and Campbelltown, Labor only held seats because of its immigrant vote.

Labor’s soul searching has it reinvented itself as the Foreign Labor Party, and it shows – 457 visas issued to anyone who asks for cheap foreign workers, millions in taxpayers money is gifted by Labor to foreign powers – a billion to Afghanistan by Labor’s Bob Carr!  Illegals intake increased to 20,000 a year now!

The rot manifested itself under Mr Self-Righteous himself, Labor’s Gough Whitlam. His record is one of opening the flood gates to immigration not seen since post-World War II.  He set up Vietnamese ghettos in Cabramatta and Fairfield in Sydney, and Richmond, Footscray and Springvale in Melbourne.  They flooded these once Australian suburbs and were allowed to turn them into Ho Chi Minh cities shops, signage and racist employment -a complete invasion.   Hawke and Keating invited all the Chinese in, and Rudd and Gillard have invited in thousands of Pacific Islanders, Arabs and Indians/Pakistanis – all patriarchal in culture.

Domestic violence against women in Australia amongst these groups has soared since.

Two prima donnas and a puppet

Whitlam was wholly arrogant about it all as well – calling it ‘reformist’. It is one for political academics to prove which Labor Prime Minister has been the greatest prima donna – Whitlam, Hawke, Keating or Rudd.  Whitlam is hard to out frock.

But consistent with their massive egos, all were renowned for unilateral decision making, condescension, tantrums and arrogance.  Gillard is not any of that. She is an installed puppet of Labor’s faceless choosing.

Labor’s traditional values were once about ensuring a decent standard for the ordinary working Australian.  That has morphed into what the illegals get on Christmas Island, while Australia’s own homeless hover systemically around 600,000.

Labor’s ethnic hub in Blacktown has suffered considerable overdevelopment, sprawl and congestion in the past twenty years as immigrants have been encouraged to settle there and take over. Blacktown City has become the most populous City in NSW, the third largest in Australia behind Brisbane City and the Gold Coast, and the eighth largest growing City in Australia, thanks to Labor policy.

Since 1996 Blacktown has copped a 17% population increase – mainly foreigners.  It has 48 hew suburbs that used to be open space and farm land – remember the 1970s Green Belt?  Well that green belt is now roof tiled.

Blacktown’s ethnic mix measured in 2006 was dominated by Filipinos (16,000, or 5.9%), New Zealanders including Pacific Islanders (12,000, 3.5%), Arabs (9,000, or 3.2%), and Indian (7,000, or 2.7%) and Chinese (5,000, or 2.0%).

Not surprisingly, Blacktown City remains Sydney’s domestic violence capital. The Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR) report showed the Blacktown local government area, incorporating Mt Druitt and Quakers Hill police stations, continues to have the highest rate of reported domestic violence assaults across the city.

From June 2009 to 2010, 1754 domestic violence assaults were recorded in the Blacktown LGA. The figure grew by 52 cases on the previous year’s where 1702 domestic violence cases were recorded – 125 more than in the June period 2007-08 where there were 1629.

Blacktown is a ‘melting pot’ alright – for drug crime, domestic violence, sexual assault, armed robberies, muggings, gang crime, bikie crime, home invasions, drive-by shootings, bag snatching, dangerous dogs – lovely place.

In August 2012, men wearing balaclavas and carrying handguns, they forced the man in Mount Druitt (Blacktown City) to hand over 22 pistols and revolvers from his gun safe.  Police Detective Superintendent Finch said handguns such as the semi-automatic, self-loading ones stolen from the Mount Druitt home were “the weapons of choice on the streets of Sydney at the moment”.

Blacktown is Foreign Labor’s legacy.  As for the Libs, they have continually ignored Blacktown and the entire Sydney West as a too hard basket – like Gaza.

Sydney’s West – just like Gaza