Matt Hodgson’s team pledges to defend Blue Mountains community values and heritage

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Australia First Party

Blue Mountains City Council

First Ward


Matt Hodgson’s team pledges to defend our Blue Mountains community values and heritage.

People’s Programme For Action And Your Candidate’s Pledge

On September 8 you get a chance to stand against the big parties and the greedy corporate elite and developers.

1. End Council extravagance and rate hikes. Ensure Council lives within its means and is transparent in its spending.

2. Citizens Initiated Referendum should be a voter’s right in the City. That means genuine community participation where voters can propose Council by-laws and policy directly.

3. Council must become our first line of resistance against inappropriate development, against State government imposts and to lobby to finish the highway!

4. Council needs to uphold our local community values, to stand up to powerful developers, limit immigration-driven over-crowding, and stop the big parties selling off our community assets and land.

“I am pledged to fight for these things, to represent you and be open to your complaints and your advice.”

Matt Hodgson.


Who Is Matt Hodgson?  A Worker, Not A Politician!

Matt Hodgson is 36, a qualified fitter and turner and NOT a local enforcer for the big parties, or the corporate elite or their development dreams.

Blue Mountains Under Attack!

Our Blue Mountains are under urban attack. The character of our regional towns is being lost within Greater Sydney’s extending megalopolis and din of 6 million.

The major parties want immigration-fuelled urban congestion and sprawl.  Locals are ignored. Only developers and the corporate elites benefit. It must all stop at the Nepean River!  We are not Sydney!


What about the Explorers’ Tree?

Australia First’s application to have the Explorers’ Tree precinct declared a heritage site was rejected by the State authorities. Current councillors are getting on the bandwagon of the 200th anniversary of the first Blue Mountains crossing, yet financially abandoning Blue Mountains heritage to rack and ruin. Our Council has a duty to protect our heritage.


What about cost-of-living stress and homelessness across the Mountains?

The Liberal government’s State Budget has ignored desperate families, and unemployed and homeless people. Household bills are unaffordable to many. More Mountains people are being forced to ‘live rough’, some with children – all the refuges are full.  

Council has moral duty to provide crisis housing, care for vulnerable locals, to address the problem.

Council needs to means test its rates and charges.