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What is the Australia First Party?

Australia First is a registered political party for Australians who recognise that the Australian People are different to other nationalities/ethnic groups of the world in appearance, language, history and way of life.  Of equal importance, we believe that the Australian Government’s only duty is to ensure the future and best possible life for this Australian People.

FACT:  By 2050 the Australian People will have become a minority group in Australia.


Is the Australia First Party “promoting hatred” against Refugees?

No, the Australia First Party simply promotes the idea that Australians should take care of our own homeless and disadvantaged fellow Australians first, before we concern ourselves with those who are foreign to us.

FACT: There are less than 14 million Australians left in the world today, compared with 6,858 million non-­Australians. That is 490 foreigners for every one Aussie.   So who is endangered?


Is Australia First’s message “divisive”, as those who speak for foreigners accuse?

No, the people of the world have always been divided up into different religious and ethnic groups. Australia First calls for all Australians to unite and work together as one National team.  Without the Inner strength that comes from a united homogenous Community, Australians will be unable to solve the huge problems like family dissolution, homelessness, crime and child poverty that face us today.

FACT: “Charity begins at home.”


Does the Australia First Party promote “racism”?

No, the Australia first Party works to put an end to the anti-Australian racism that is promoted by Governments, Churches, and the Media, who imply and act as if the Australian People are somehow less deserving of aid, support, protection and assistance than foreigners are.

FACT: The anti-discrimination commission has never found in favour of an Australian complaining of being discriminated against due to they being Australian.


What does Australia First mean?

Australia First simply means Australians, individually and as a community, acting through the Australian Government, putting the needs of Australians first.  Because, if we don’t no one else will.

FACT: Australians sent millions of dollars overseas to help the victims of the Pakistani floods. The Australians in flood ravaged Queensland and Victoria heard nothing of any help coming from Pakistan.


Is the Australia First Party a “far-right wing” political party?

No, the Australia First Party rejects the old Left wing vs. Right wing political spectrum taught in school as a divisive red herring.  The only real political divide in In Australia is between those people who put the needs and welfare of Australians first and those people who don’t.

FACT: Our Federal Government alone gives away $4,300,000,000 per year to help foreigners. This does not include ‘indirect’ aid or anything from the States!


Are the members of the Australia First Party “anti-Refugee”?

No, the members of the Australia First Party wish no harm to any of the other Peoples of the World, but we are ANTI-­Australian Politician, especially the ones who do precious little to prevent the ripping off, the Suffering and the unhappiness that goes on every day for a great many of the Australian People.

FACT: Over 16 thousand Aussies sleep out on the streets and the number is growing.


Is the Australia First Party really “a disgusting party” as Immigration Minister and ALP member Chris Bowen said once on ABC radio?

No, unlike Chris Bowen’s Labor Party, the Australia First Party will protect the Australian People from all forms of pornography, especially child pornography, “gay” (sic) pornography and bestiality pornography.

FACT: The greatest profiteer from the distribution of Pornography in Australia is a financial donor to the ALP.


Does the Australia First Party deny our Christian duty to help others?

No, the guiding principle of the Australia First Party is to love thy neighbour. Our neighbours are our fellow Australians and it is our demand that our Australian People be housed, fed, educated and medically cared for first, before we concern ourselves with the needs of strangers!

FACT: Over 400,000 Aussie kids in poverty.



Is not globalist propaganda magazine, ‘Green Left Weekly’, correct when they accuse the Australia First Party of being unconcerned over the suicide of two Asylum Seekers” in 2010?

No, but the Australia First Party is more concerned about the two thousand one hundred Australians who took their own lives in 2008. The Liberal/Labor/Greens Governments are so unconcerned, that the most up to date figures for Australian suicides are those for 2016?

FACT: More Australians suicide each year than are killed on the roads.


Does it worry Australia First that by caring for Australia first and refusing Asylum Seekers, the Australian Government will not be honouring its ‘Foreign obligations’?

No, the Australia First Party exists to make sure that the only obligation of the Government of Australia is its obligation to the health, security and prosperity of the Australian People alone.

FACT: Suicide rates amongst Australians are higher than in any country of origin of these refugees!


Why does the Australia First Party object to the free housing of Afghans, Sri Lankans and other foreign “refugees” in our homeland Australia?

There ls only one reason and one reason alone, because there are over 100,000 Australians who are homeless!

FACT: The Sri Lankans are fleeing their homeland due to their persecution at the hands of another Indian ethnic group, the Sinhalese. The Australian Government also allows Sinhalese Into Australia.  Work that one out!

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