Nationalise Virgin Australia

What if our Australian Government bought Virgin Australia outright and so nationalised the airline? The LibNat national government is throwing $130 billion around like there’s no tomorrow after its epic failure to quarantine Xi China’s unleashed bio weapon virus COVID-19. Rather than…

Nationalism & The Virus – The Politics of Tomorrow (Part One)

This series of articles concerns the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic upon Australia’s politics. Comments and ideas can be directed to the party at   Each week, we will deal with a few issues as events unfold.

Daily Mail Attacks Patriot Who Called Out Chinese Death Cultists

The Daily Mail has taken aim against a conscientious Aussie bloke who made a symbolic stand outside the Chinese consulate in Sydney.
Their use of the pejoratives ‘rant’ and ‘racist’ have undermined the genuine sentiment expressed by this fearless Akubra-wearing patriot who took his anger to the street outside the consulate. There, he cracked a long whip, while vocalising the feelings of all true Australians who, courtesy of the Kung Flu, have woken up to the evils of the Communist Chinese Dictator State.

China-flu Brings Mass Unemployment & Divides Australia

Depending on whereabouts in the country you are, the contingencies the Morrison government have taken to contain the outbreak of COVID-19 so far have seemed a bit like a phoney war. That was until today with images of tens of thousands of Australians queuing up outside of Centrelink offices, many for the first time in their lives.

Australian business unwisely imbedded with Xi China should expect coronavirus implications

Recalled from his two month Chrissy holidays, Canberra’s Home Affairs Munster Peter Dutton embarrassingly has back-flipped over raw rat eating Wuhan coronavirus infected Chinese heading to Australia.  Incoming Chinese to Australia are finally being auto-quarantined so as to avert an outbreak upon…

Corona Virus: China lobs its Year of the Rat on Australians

Xi China’s imperialism is unleashing yellow peril hazards upon first world Australia: cyber attacks, import dumping, property invasion, Huawei spying 5G, yellow ghettos, SARS and now its Corona Virus Plague. Chinese reckon 2020 is Chinese Lunar Year of the Rat.  Bloody lunar…