May 24: End Immigration and ‘Refugee’ Intakes Forum

Date:      Saturday, May 24, 1pm to 3.30 pm
Venue:   Doonside Community Centre, Hill End Rd. Doonside


A People’s Forum to expose and criticise the patterns of immigration and refugee

Australian Border Force

There will be three speakers:

  1. Dr. Jim Saleam ‘Chinese Imperialism : the big question behind immigration policy’.
  2. Iggy Gavrilides – ‘The Refugee And Illegal Immigration Invasion Of One European Country : lessons for Australia’.
  3. Julie Head ‘The New World Order : how it impacts on immigration and the ‘free movement of capital and labour’.

From-the-floor forum speakers and short segments on the impact of this disaster.

Asylum Seekers


  • Bookshop – a couple of excellent Aussie displays
  • T-Shirts / Flags
  • Australia First materials and other political matter.
  • Canteen.

Enquiries:   Tel: 02-8587 0014

Cooks Landing

News Flash: 

Southern Cross Flag

The Liberal Government has announced on Friday, May 23 2014, that it plans to pass legislation to fast track asylum claims for the 25,000 ‘refugees’ currently held in Australian detention.

Does this mean the Liberals have just given up and will process Labor’s illegals and dump them on Australian communities?  Are the Liberals just processing Labor’s open border policy?

25,000 illegals approximate the population of Liverpool in Western Sydney, where only one in six are Australian.  Look out Western Sydney!

Muslim QueueThe so-called refugees are illegal economic migrants left over from Green-Labor’s open border policy.  Labor already let 25,000 illegals infiltrate Sydney and Melbourne, only to breed like crazy and suck on Australian taxpayer-funded welfare teat.

Mass release of illegals can only send a clear message to more of the bastards – that if you wait a while, the Australian Government will eventually cave in.

End Immigration