Jul 19: Sydney Reclaim Rally

The Sydney Reclaim rally at Sydney’s Martin Place today drew about 250 people from various organisations and just a lot of ordinary people.

We shall let the report speak for itself.

No Room For Racism anarchists burn Australian Flag‘No Room For Racism’ anarchists burned the Australian Flag to counter the Aussie nationalist rally


The photograph of the Trotskyite and Antifa/anarchists who rallied against the patriots says a lot.

Despite months of organizing, despite thousands of posters and handbills, despite a plethora of groups coming together – all they could mobilize was about 250 people. That photo matched Left numbers at 11am. Perhaps a few arrived later.

AFP Reclaim Australia

This was a disaster by any accounts. It pretty much puts a ceiling on the capacity of these street-level enforcers of multiculti.

Even so, as we have said – guerrilla tactics should replace set piece duels. We shall say a lot more on this as time goes on.

Filthy Anarchists in the side lane lick their capsicum woundsFilthy Anarchists in the side lane lick their capsicum wounds