Election Programme

The Electoral And Community Programme of The Australia First Party is published to encourage people’s action to secure Australian Identity, Independence and Freedom.

The programme shall be used to sharpen any social or local issue of community significance to mobilize Australians outside of major political parties and organisations, both for electoral and in community action.

The programme is based upon the Eight Core Policies of our party published here as an appendix. These Core Policies are a part of our articles of association and are general statements of principle. It is upon these Core Policies that the current programme is put forward to the Australian People.

As should be expected, this programme may be added to, and slightly modified, as political conditions develop.

Any Australia First Party representative elected to public office is pledged to advocate the Eight Core Policies and to advance the Electoral And Community Programme. All Australia First Party activists also advocate our policies and programme to their fellow Australians.

The Electoral And Community Programme addresses issues of both the present and the future. Our supporters must be told and our party says it openly and without reservation or fear, that our ultimate aim is to achieve such policy changes in the direction of our country that we would be required to constitute a government empowered to regain the National Sovereignty of the Australian Nation. Thence we would return political power, wealth and law, to the possession of the Australian People – and, as a consequence, remove from influence those assorted foreign connected elites who now constitute a traitor class.

Our party is an historical party. Yes, it is called forth by the chaos into which Australia is plunging and is charged with directing action and constructing policy to restore our sovereignty, our rights and our freedom; it fights today within the logic and structures of the current system, but it also knows that to free Australia and to better the lives of our People, the party must embrace the principle of the historical great social Promise of Australia, a free land of free men and women enjoying the fruits of their labour and exercising their democratic power directly.

The goal and the idea set forth by the pioneers and founders and defenders of our land, is a trust and our party struggles to actualize the Promise as the reward of all.

Australia First Party has the mantle of strength conferred of a historical mission. It tells us that the men and women who live for this mission are of the same mettle as those from our past. They will fight for the true cause of Australian Independence and they will surmount all obstacles – and win victory!

National Council, Australia First Party, May 2012.

Electoral and Community Programme


We Pledge to Implement These Policies

1. The Australian People demand that WE the people should be represented in the parliaments and councils by elected representatives of our choosing and that we not be the victims of cynical, corrupt, and foreign-loyal party machines which have the final approval of the selection of our representatives; all such representatives must be citizens of Australia only and swear their oath to Australia only.

2. The Australian People demand the Implementation of Citizens’ Initiated Referendum and Voters’ Right of Recall of parliamentarians and councillors, so we the people can directly propose the laws and get rid of unresponsive leaders.

3. The Australian People demand accountability for all politicians, and for all those who have failed and corrupted Australia, sold the country to foreign states and agencies, or devoted themselves to globalization, or been citizens of foreign states while in office, we pledge to nationalize their personal property and deny them parliamentary pensions and benefits.

4. The Australian People demand the promotion and rebuilding of Australian Primary and Manufacturing industries to provide Australian jobs for Australian workers, providing the needs of the majority of Australians; and such that these technologies and skills survive in Australia.

5. The Australian People demand resolute measures to ensure the protection of the natural heritage and environment and eco-systems of our Native Land against degradation, pollution and abuse.

6. The Australian People demand the formation of an Australian People’s Bank, based upon the original charter of the Commonwealth Bank of 1912, so the national government can issue low cost credit for commerce and housing and debt free credit for public works, to limit interest rates and to eliminate the private control of the Nation’s credit. The functions of an Australian People’s Bank should be extended to provide service for the projects of State governments.

7. The Australian People demand the control of currency exchange rates to end speculation in the national currency and resources.

8. The Australian People demand Taxation Reform, its simplification to end the exemptions for the speculators, the multinationals and the super-rich and by the progressive introduction of a Debit Tax at a rate that allows it to replace most other taxes and collected electronically on all financial Institution withdrawals/transfers.

9. The Australian People demand progressive reduction of foreign ownership and control of Australian industries, real estate and resources.

10. The Australian People demand: the end of all immigration for a long period; the repudiation of all treaties on refugees; the severest restriction against any foreign contract labour and a full guarantee any such workers return to their country of origin at the end of their contracts ; the end of residency status for foreign students; the end of multiculturalism ; the phased repatriation of those who cannot, or will not, assimilate to Australia ; the immediate cancellation of citizenship and residence of former refugees and immigrants convicted of criminal offences and their return to country of origin.

11. The Australian People demand that Australia’s own European-derived culture, heritage and moral values be advanced at all levels of government and society, and be integral to educational curriculum.

12. The Australian People demand the public ownership of all essential services – namely roads (and abolition of tolls), water supplies, domestic energy supplies, postal services, rail services.

13. The Australian People demand that the Australian road transport industry be freed of petty over-regulation and control and operate to encourage smaller companies while Driving should become an accredited trade profession; there must be the end of world-parity-pricing for fuel and the creation of a domestic fuel industry.

14 The Australian People demand protection for Australian farmers by the provision of a guaranteed national market and pricing system, such that all food necessary to sustain the Australian People may be grown in Australia and regional Australia be maintained.

15. The Australian People demand the scrapping of all United Nations treaties that overrule our Federal and State constitutions that we may protect our freedoms and defend our national sovereignty.

16. The Australian People demand that the scourge of illegal drugs be confronted and dealt with by compulsory detoxification and community integration, parental input into the treatment of addicts, and the suppression of drug networks by special detention and the application of a death penalty for serious drug trafficking and drug manufacture.

17. The Australian People demand the establishment of a Historical Truth Commission to determine the untold history of our country, explore the depths of criminal corruption and false conviction and imprisonment and to release secret information held on our citizens.

18. The Australian People demand capital punishment for odious crimes such as treason, serial murder, mutilation murder and sex crimes leading to death, and other grave offences as the people by referendum decide.

19. The Australian People demand the abolition of the adversary system of justice – civil and criminal – and the institution of an independent, investigative system with trained and qualified judges and magistrates equipped to find the whole truth in all matters; they must be without political allegiance and swear an oath of loyalty to the nation; the courts must uphold compensation for the innocent, the jury trial and its extension to appeals and otherwise uphold our common law rights and freedoms.

20. The Australian People demand a single national superannuation scheme operated and guaranteed by the Commonwealth, with our savings invested only in Australian projects and with other schemes bought back or nationalized as circumstances demand and their overseas investments progressively discontinued.

21. The Australian People demand that the Australian armed forces not be employed in foreign service and that they be adapted exclusively for continental defence, unless Australia declares a state of war.

22.  The Australian People demand the responsible ownership of firearms as a constitutional right subject only to regulation and the retention with this of the right of the citizen to home defence.