To Vote Australia First is to put Newcastle First

To vote for Joe Ferguson is to take a stand for the future of Newcastle.

Newcastle City has a proud working-class tradition and over generations its people have prospered from hard work.  Newcastle has considerable opportunity – a working port generating wealth and surrounded by fertile land and a beautiful coastline.  Newcastle’s heritage is steeped in enterprising industry, coal mining, farming and grazing, trade and tourism.

Newcastle Coat of ArmsHowever, the City of Newcastle and its close community of established Australian families have been betrayed by ongoing Labor exploitation and Liberal corruption at Federal, State and Council levels.   Newcastle’s brown paper bag Liberal Party mayor has been a pawn of developers.  The major parties have lost the trust of the community.  The independents are just disguised Liberal or Labor.   Voters aren’t silly.

So who is standing?

Joe FergusonJoe Ferguson


To cast your vote for Australia First Party and Joe Ferguson on November 15 means you are standing up against so-called economic ‘reform’ in Newcastle.   Australia First Party denounces as a gross betrayal over twenty years of this so-called ‘reform’.

We say the foul phrase ‘reform’ means the on-going destruction of who we are and what we’ve achieved.

Newcastle City Council has played a role in this process of destruction.  The fall of Lord Mayor McCloy and other Newcastle area politicians was just a symptom of the rot.

The political system can tinker with electoral funding laws, but it will not solve the problem – because it is itself a part of the problem.   The problem lies in the sort of Newcastle we have created, because we are a city running on money spinning, foreign takeover and speculation.


Where has Newcastle gone?

Once upon a time, Newcastle was a mighty industrial hub with jobs for all, a training place for the best of apprentices, a centre of technical innovation, a place of solid cultural achievement and family values – and a source of pride for all Australians.

Over the last two decades, the official spokesmen in Newcastle Council, the business groups and the major political parties, have all said that Newcastle can be sold to the world as a city for conferences and a place for overseas students (who displace our bright kids in our own institutions and who stay anyway, taking jobs from others), as real estate to be sold to foreigners, as a service city to the Asian economies.

In 2003, the Newcastle City Council openly adopted a “plan” in precisely those terms i– with the call to speed it all up.

So much of Newcastle has been taken over by the sickness of ‘reform’ that the local elites are now prepared to sell what’s left.

The power elite has talked of making Newcastle a Special Economic Zone to attract more foreigners who will supposedly establish specialized new service industries staffed by 457 Visa labour and linked absolutely to foreign markets. Exactly how that helps us has never quite been shown.

Newcastle is undergoing rapid change. The pressure to step up dangerous coal-seam gas mining in nearby areas is on and the raping of our coal resources by the multinationals – mostly for the Chinese market – suggests that the city will be enslaved to these economic activities. Our port facilities might get an upgrade but it won’t exactly benefit our people.

The removal of the rail-link to Newcastle City tells us that the property developers are moving in to rob us of our recreation and convenience.

Mayor McCloy continued the policy of pushing for housing development along the foreshore, which told us that the character of the city is to be demolished. McCloy’s activity will not be dismantled neither by the Labor Party nor the Liberal Party.

The new 3000 houses at Minmi off the Pacific Motorway warn us of massive immigrant resettlement of the Hunter Valley and that will impact badly upon this city.  Services here for foreigners and employing foreigners does not help us.

The new call to have the current Hunter Economic Zone cater for even more overseas students and for more coal-seam gas mining activities is a wake up call. We will become servants in our own land and worse – we may not even own our land.

All the various schemes for Newcastle (and the Hunter Valley) are part of the Asian Century plan of the money men, an open conspiracy of the rich talked up by the politicians and which threatens us all with total dispossession. Such is the vision of ‘Official Newcastle’.

Alternate vision – a People’s Newcastle

There is an alternate vision, the one that Australia once held to and which we should follow again: that of an Australian economy producing for Australians first, one which guarantees all our livelihoods and our fair share of Australia’s wealth, a system where we all have decent housing and good community services and an opportunity to do better by our own labours.

The two ideas exclude each other. One is right and the other is wrong. We are determined to stand up and win back the Promise of Australia.

There must be action, but the old parties can’t do it. If Australia First Party was elected to Newcastle Council, Joe Ferguson would fight openly for that political vision which we call ‘People’s Newcastle’.

We reject the Labor and Liberal parties. They have morphed into a single entity with two heads which serves to deceive people that there is democracy. In truth, they serve only the vested interests and can offer nothing real to the true Australian; they are but a revolving-door-politics, where each governs in turn and is removed in turn, but the money system stands The long-term goal of these parties is to have more of Australia divided amongst the foreign investors – which they falsely say gives the assurance of a road to prosperity for all. These parties apply that philosophy to the administration of Newcastle.

In our place, we affirm the working class who has generally voted Labor; and, we affirm the tradies, the professional and the small business people who have usually voted Liberal. We pledge to represent all who in the past guaranteed the prosperity of Newcastle.

Because we stand for a positive environmentalism, we are obliged to reject the Greens as any sort of political alternative. We stand for the protection of our environment and we do so because we have an awareness of heritage and identity, of the Australian traditional family and lifestyle – and the needs of a sustainable economy which is run for Australians alone and not the global market. The defence of the Hunter biosphere cannot be waged by Green-humanists driven as they are by peculiar social agendas, particularly those things which support the refugee invasion and a sexual and gender politics. Because the Greens stand for open borders, they cannot stand up for the Australian people and the Australian bioshere and it is this absolute contradiction that Green voters should think over. We must have the unashamed defence of our biosphere minus the globalizing falsehoods of the Green machine.

Consequently, we must affirm the family and the Australian who has pride in himself as the very guts of Newcastle and its prosperity.

In this election, we expect to be sniped at by the extreme-left, the underworld mob called out to enforce with violence ‘Official Newcastle’ over People’s Newcastle. As advocates of ‘open borders’ and the policy of high immigration and refugee intakes, they ignore the Australian people and their needs and denounce any defence of the Australian identity or a policy of industry serving our national needs as ‘racism’ or ‘protectionism’. They denounce the family. In standing up for Australianism in all things, we expect their criticism and dismiss it. We affirm Aussie youth, straight and motivated.

And our youth demand special attention. There is a rising drugs’ crisis in Newcastle that threatens mainly, though not exclusively, our youth. It demands more than the occasional ‘week of action and awareness’. It demands a proactive seven days a week response which Council should assist to coordinate. Council should be the people’s first port of call for community and street level action.

We urge every Novocastrian to act to reclaim our city as part of retaking our country. We present here short-term and longer term policy initiatives that are essential to our future.

Programme for Action in Newcastle City

Australia First Party and Joe Ferguson aim to preserve Newcastle’s unique lifestyle, heritage and environment and remain opposed to the globalist dream of merging Newcastle into a huge single urban zone stretching from Port Stephens to Wollongong.

Consequently the housing developments targeting foreigners for profit, the policies which downgrade our city to a service-economy with unsustainable population growth based upon immigration – are repudiated.

The goal must be a sustainable Newcastle, progressive and safe, but one which answers to the needs of its people.

We shall act to unfold a cultural revolution in the politics of Newcastle against the politics of globalism in all its forms.


If elected, Joe Ferguson will use his office to achieve:

1. The City Council must work for more Public Housing in Newcastle as a key strategy of social renewal. All refugee privilege as imposed by the Federal government will be resisted in Newcastle. Charity begins at home. Emergency housing where possible should be adapted from Council property.

2. The City Council should expose the environmental dangers of coal-seam gas mining and other exploitative mining and demand that these threats be addressed by appropriate agencies. The air pollution from mining, coal trains, and power stations cannot be allowed.

3. The City Council will campaign for the re-nationalization of electricity to lower prices and to guarantee jobs throughout the main producing sectors of the economy of Newcastle.

4. The City Council will oppose the privatization of water and would favour nationalization of water such that corporations do not control the means of life and that prices for water services stay fair.

5. The City Council should apply Incentives to build innovative local business serviced with good transport links.

6. The City Council shall become proactive in the drug war, providing permanent facilities for the affected, to identify in conjunction with Neighbourhood Watch schemes and the police drug dealers, labs and victims and to favour parental intervention to rescue the victims.

A vote for anything other than Australia First is a waste of time.
Vote Australia First – to put Newcastle first!