An active Blue Mountains environmentalist and small-business man, Mr Steven Ridd, has repeatedly come under unfair financial attack by departments of the current New South Wales Minns Labor Government. Mr Ridd is an old Army mate of AFP’s John Hood and who…

Nationalism & The Virus – The Politics of Tomorrow (Part One)

This series of articles concerns the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic upon Australia’s politics. Comments and ideas can be directed to the party at ausfirst@alphalink.com.au   Each week, we will deal with a few issues as events unfold.

XYZ – You Don’t Speak For Nationalism!

A public statement by Dr. Jim Saleam

The nationalist without nationalism website XYZ is at it again, pretending to speak for Australian nationalism. And with a clever plan!
An article published today under the penname of ‘Golem’ has a lot to say that pretty much confirms for us the snaky and dangerous quality of a group of people who wouldn’t understand Australian Nationalism, even after and by a miracle of time travel if, John Curtin, Jack Lang and Henry Lawson materialized in their ‘office’ and patiently tried to explain it to them. Let alone beat it into them.

This time, XYZ is calling for present-day nationalist leaders to come forward and set about building a “united front” and then – becoming “politically organized”. Of course, united fronts are good things, when the elements composing them are positive forces.

Melbourne Neo-Nazi Group Is An Asio Trojan Horse

Three weeks ago, ASIO’s Director-General Mike Burgess cited ‘Neo-Nazis’ as “among our most challenging security threats.” A week later, in a pub in west-Melbourne, a gaggle of toxic outcasts who’ve been causing headaches for dedicated nativists for a while now initiated a new club in the hope of remaining relevant.
The leader of this paltry group is known to talk to the feds and has often sat down with ASIO. His timing couldn’t have been better.

Far-Right And Neo-Nazi Terror Threats – Just One Big ASIO Lie

In a public address yesterday at the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation’s Canberra headquarters, ASIO Director-General Mike Burgess, gave many warnings (sic) about espionage” and jihadi terrorism in our country. Some of that is probably true, as far as it goes. But he also lashed out at “far-right groups”. And then he singled out those neo-Nazis!

High court ruling on Aborigines may end in civil war

The constitution, imperfect though it is, is under attack. Recently, the High court voted 4-3 to allow to foreign-born criminals to avoid extradition on the basis that each had Aboriginal ancestry.

In doing so, they have conferred special rights upon the blackfella which supersede our migration laws on the basis that their ‘Aboriginality’ connects them to the land in a wholly transcendental fashion not applicable to the rest of us; not even those of us White Australians with ties going back several generations. Suddenly, race matters very much.

Sydney Morning Herald inserts communist ‘China Daily’ into paper

Outrage has been expressed by both politicians and senior journalists at Nine as the Sydney Morning Herald has openly displayed its agenda by flagrantly promoting Communist China’s interests.

The XYZ of political finagling

For years now we’ve been aware of an Alt-Right website that hosts certain Young Liberals not above styling themselves as nationalists.
XYZ was created in 2015, at the height of the Alt-Right phenomenon, as a local response. It is listed prominently in the Executive Council of Australian Jewry’s report into anti-Semitism, but unlike nationalists, they are never harassed by media companies nor the police. In short, they continue on all the platforms where true political threats have become proscribed.

Jim Saleam on the Rense Network’s ACH programme – The State of Australia Today

Dr Jim Saleam, Australia First Party president, talks to Andrew Carrington Hitchcock on his popular Rense Network programme ACH.

ANZ Bank runs censorship against Nick Griffin

by Dr. Jim Saleam and another. | The invitation to have Nick Griffin, Vice Chairman of the (European) Alliance For Peace And Freedom, speak in Australia hit yet another small snag – de facto censorship by the Australia New Zealand Banking Group…

Medevac Bill fraud repealed: normal Australia prevails against hateful Leftards

Phelpsies fuming. Yesterday, the end of Kerryn Phelps’ Medevac Bill fraud for rapefugees became nigh on Manus and Nauru. Access to penis enlargement procedures on mainland Australia has been severed.  Despite ‘progressive’ Greens-Labor, dejected in opposition, recalcitrant in stonewalling Australia’s elected government…

Not Conservative, Not National, Not Conservative National – But Australian Nationalism

by Dr. Jim Saleam, National President | This is the first of a series of articles on conservatism and its relationship to Australian nationalism. The Australian nationalist movement appeared to take a step forward when Fraser Anning stood up in Parliament in…

Westpac: the pedophile’s bank

Westpac’s vision out of its headquarters in Kent Street Sydney is to help its shareholders and pedophiles prosper and grow.  The bank believes that helping certain communities – illegal migrant workers, ‘cash-onry’ ethnics evading tax, jihadi sympathisers, and pedo rings – is…

Fairfax Anarchism (Part 6) – When Fairfax-anarchism met the Nazis: a license to troll

by Dr. Jim Saleam. | This is Part Six in an ongoing investigation and expose of the anarchist / Antifa movement and the strange concessions made to it by state and media forces. (NB. When discussing Fairfax, the author is referring to…

Fairfax Anarchism (Part 5): the ASIO Shell Game

by Dr. Jim Saleam. | This is Part Five in an ongoing investigation and expose of the anarchist / Antifa movement and the strange concessions made to it by state and media forces. (NB When discussing Fairfax, the author is referring to…

Climate Communism

Communist Idealism, Welfarism, Leftism, Anarchism, Election Loser Denialism, Born Again Communism, Redistributionism, Globalism, Scientologism, Alien Abductionism, Evangelism, Climate Evangelism, Doomsday Cultism, Nostradamusism, Apocalypticism, Y2K Bugism, Climate Armageddon, Climate Communism, and pigs fly ..so pull the other one, it’s got bells on.  

Greens and other small-L ‘liberals’ need to confront the murder of Australian children rather than the ‘suffering’ of refugees

contributed. | How incredible it is that Australia is beleaguered with a serious quantum of mental illness which now impacts upon us directly in serious violent crime. Perhaps the most despicable product of this crisis is that of parents who can murder…

Kristina Keneally: Conservatives aim to block Nationalists

So a few weekends back, August 9-11 in 2019, the Liberal hosted The American Conservative Union’s so-called Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Sydney, just to rub in the Greens-Labor’s national election loss and piss off their militant support base – Trades…

Liberals in a name – are we witnessing Aldous Huxley’s predictions of a dystopian world come to pass?

(contributed)   Australia’s Liberal Prime Minister, Scott Morrison and his Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, have been gloating like parrots in a granary nearly all of 2019 as to how their government will be returning a budget-surplus. However, what neither of them or, indeed,…

Contain Nazi China to stand up to Beijing’s dynastic Fourth Reich under Emperor Xi Jinping

On Wednesday August 7 in 2019, Australia’s Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security wrote an important article in The Sydney Morning Herald. It’s savvy and informed author warns Australians that if the People’s? Republic of China’s imperialist ambitions are not contained,…

Visit Communist China for holiday? Be prepared for Beijing baseball bats bashing British entrenched democracy

China’s emperor Xi Jinping and his ‘One Belt One Road’ dream of global domination certainly manifested its will yesterday in Hong Kong. Beijing enforced it’s authoritarianism dispatching a gang of thugs wielding confucius whip-sticks against the free people of Hong Kong. Media…

Fairfax Anarchism (Part 3): Exposed! Call for information about anarchist leader

by Dr. Jim Saleam. | This is Part Three in an ongoing investigation and expose of the anarchist / Antifa movement and the strange concessions made to it by state and media forces. (NB. When discussing Fairfax, the author is referring to…

Skippy Ken taking Australia backwards

Bring back the cow hide on the floor and the antelope head on the wall.  Part Aboriginal MP Ken Wyatt is setting a new fashion trend by donning a dead kangaroo around Canberra these days. Is it a look at me statement…

Chinese ‘educity’ invasion beachhead rejected by Melbourne: Up yours emperor Xi Jinping

Bloody Chinese again.  Beijing’s soft power ‘educity’ invasion beachhead of Werribee which could have seen 80,000 Chinese communists take up residence downunder – has been thankfully rejected by local Aussies. Thanks to four years of persistent active opposition by Melburnians a wake…

Sixth Queensland miner dies because Anastasia Pluckachuk Labor can’t find a representative love panda for the state’s safety committee

At 2am on July 7 in 2019, mine worker Jack Gerdes (27) died from falling into an excavator at NRW Holdings’ Baralaba North open-cut coal mine, situated west of Gladstone in central Queensland.  On June 26 David Routledge was crushed to death…

Escarpment Group scandal- ethnic hoteliers prefer to exploit 407 Visa Third World ethnics than pay decent wages to local Aussies

(contributed) Reports are filtering in of a foreign owned and controlled luxury hotel group preferencing Third World hospitality scab labour on the pretence of ‘internship training‘ while shunning qualified local Australians. A 14-month investigation by The Fair Work Commission and the Department…