Category: Treachery

The XYZ of political finagling

For years now we’ve been aware of an Alt-Right website that hosts certain Young Liberals not above styling themselves as nationalists.
XYZ was created in 2015, at the height of the Alt-Right phenomenon, as a local response. It is listed prominently in the Executive Council of Australian Jewry’s report into anti-Semitism, but unlike nationalists, they are never harassed by media companies nor the police. In short, they continue on all the platforms where true political threats have become proscribed.

Climate Communism

Communist Idealism, Welfarism, Leftism, Anarchism, Election Loser Denialism, Born Again Communism, Redistributionism, Globalism, Scientologism, Alien Abductionism, Evangelism, Climate Evangelism, Doomsday Cultism, Nostradamusism, Apocalypticism, Y2K Bugism, Climate Armageddon, Climate Communism, and pigs fly pull the other one, it’s got bells…

Mandate Scomo so short-sighted and PC-ignorant of Australia’s indebted billions, Chinese renewables and mass immigration

Busy working Australians have voted to reject Greens-Labor coalition’s neo-communist threats of taxing to death working Peters to subsidise lazy Pauls.  Decent Australians have voted to reject: Knuckle-dragging Third World invasion Greens-imposed Stone Age blackouts Venezuelan welfarism, extreme poverty and…