Labor Party blind to African Gang Crime in Melbourne

Melbourne’s outer west new suburb of Tarneit is an African negro gang haven. It has become the hub of African gang crime that has been allowed to spiral “out of control” according to Federal Minister Greg Hunt, who represents the seat of Flinders on Melbourne’s south-eastern fringe.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says the federal government is “very concerned about the growing gang violence and lawlessness in Victoria”.

Meanwhile, Labor’s Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is in denial (usual for Labor), while his Victoria Police chiefs claim they are on top of ‘the problem’.  But the problem just may be that they identify ‘the problem’ as “Melbourne’s youth crime problem”.

Yep, all the home invasions, armed robberies and aggravated car-jackings are a “youth crime problem”?  Just like in Joburg?

One MP said Premier Daniel Andrews’ office had “freaked out” and was “running around like headless chooks”.

What negra gangs?   Nothing between the ears?

Amanda Vanstone’s negro immigrants from Sudan are over-represented in Melbourne’s current crime data for offences such as serious assault and aggravated burglary.

Even one of the South Sudanese minders on the Victorian government’s payroll, Nelly Yoa (actually a bloke from da desert), reckons more must be done to address violence in African communities.   He’s a South Sudanese footballer, injured in a high-profile machete attack at a Sudanese beauty pageant in Melbourne in 2011.  “Sudanese beauty pageant”?  Joke right?

“The State Government has watched this unfold over the past two years. Nothing has been done.  It’s been embarrassing for myself as a South Sudanese person. Enough is enough. Action needs to be taken instead of just talking about it all the time.”

But Sudanese community leader Maccas reckons Yoa “dint know what ee was takin bout”.  Deng is sick of hearing young African people branded as criminals in the media. Deng reckons there is no evidence ethnicity is causing youth offending, but he’s just got a chip on his shoulder.

At Christmas gangs of negro youths vandalised the community centre and park at a new Victorian estate, terrorising families with nightly crime sprees. The youths, mostly of African appearance (of course) trashed the Ecoville Community Park in Tarneit, in Melbourne’s west, tagging walls with “MTS” — the acronym for emerging crime gang ‘Menace To Society‘.

“We trash because that’s what we are.”

They must want back to Sudan.

Yet Deputy PC Commissioner Crisp reckons, “I don’t accept for one minute that we do have gangs. It’s about disengagement, it’s about employment, it’s about a whole range of things.”

Labor must have Crisp primed for a safe upper house seat.

So what attempted ambush on officers?  What Highpoint shopping centre cop bashing?  What out-of-control house party riot? What St Kilda beach riot?  What Moomba riot?  What menace to society?

People born in Sudan make up about 0.1% of Victoria’s population.  How about 0.0%?  Mass deportation back to Africa?  Yep. Qatar Airways Melbourne to Khartoum are going for just $1400, one way of course.

Stupid politicans instead are calling for mandatory sentencing for repeat offenders, but the leftard judges just ignore the law.  They’re all ex-defence lawyers.  What do you expect?

The Sudanese/Somalis are going ape in Melbourne’s outer west.  It’s a flat treeless plain, hot in summer.  Port Phillip Prison is handy and there are more than a dozen Maccas for Centrelink-funded monkey food.

Other silly politicians want token youth control orders – negro curfews, restricting social media use and enforcing school attendance.

Wishful thinking.  How about making them eat their greens?

Better to close all dem Maccas.

John Pesutto, member for Hawthorn (far away in Melbourne leafy east) and Liberal shadow Attorney-General , reckon. “These gangs don’t fear police … and they certainly don’t fear consequences.”

Melbourne needs a Cronulla like in summer 2005.

When the Andrew’s Labor government was gifting the Ecoville Community Park to Tarneit, just what were they thinking?

Comment by ‘Up The Workers!’:

“It’s funny sometimes how history can repeat itself.

Forty years ago last week, Prime Minister Harold Holt was tragically drowned off Cheviot Beach. In a monument to either bad taste or a warped sense of municipal humour, the then Malvern City Council (now part of City of Stonnington) named its new municipal swimming pool, the “Harold Holt Memorial Swimming Pool”.

Here we are 40 years later, and with the selectively blind, deaf, dumb and stupid A.L.P. and their blinkered Police Farce Chiefs (and their Seeing Eye Dogs) all denying that rampant Muslim terrorism, Apex Gang car-jackings, drug dealing and home invasions, or African Youth Crime even exist, we see how the brand new “Ecoville Community Park and Community Centre” in Tarneit, have been utterly trashed by these very same people whom we are assured don’t exist.

Tarneit, for those unfamiliar with the area, is in the City of Wyndham, Victoriastan, in the Federal seat of Lalor, formerly held by Allah’s Local Party Prime Spin-ster, the Right Dishonourable Professor, Doctor Juliar Gillard O.A.; D.C.M. (Order of the Arse; Don’t Come Monday) – the very same person whose comically incompetent A.L.P. Misgovernment (is there any other kind?) let the rabble, vandals, druggies and no-hopers in who are industriously trashing the joint, today.

Just 200 metres away from the wrecked Community Centre, stands the improbably named: “JULIA GILLARD LIBRARY”, which is miraculously untouched by a single sign of criminal vandalism or graffiti.

Is this another municipal Council with a wicked sense of humour?

Precisely why anybody in their right mind would dedicate a municipal Library to somebody who took 9 years to get a 4-year law degree, before being booted out of the legal shystering rackets, and who, without a word of “hyperbowl”, was in “high dungeon” about people who picked her up on her illiteracy, and finally, who never managed to correctly spell the name of her own political Party despite serving some years as its Leader, is beyond my comprehension.

A.L.P. – Always Looting the Peasantry!”