Melbourne’s African flesh-eating Buruli Ulcer outbreak – more imposed harm from Canberra’s indiscriminate mass immigration policy

Australia can do without Third World measles, cholera, typhus, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, Ebola, Zika and the like.   HIV/AIDS originated from the deepest, darkest Africa from natives eating chimp meat and blood.  And Australia can do without the gangrenous Buruli Ulcer originating from the disease-ridden jungles of sub-Saharan Africa.  The infection comes from the same family as leprosy and tuberculosis.

Back in 1897, British physician Sir Albert Cook first detected the ulcer in a Negro patient at Mengo Hospital in Kampala, Uganda. It was named after Buruli County in Uganda (now Nakasongola District), because of the cluster of cases that occurred there in the 1960s.

The incidence of the disease has recently been rising in tropical Africa and in certain parts of Australia (wonder why?).

We don’t want you in our clean country

It’s a flesh-eating bacteria that paralyses the immune system and leads to amputations if not correctly diagnosed and treated.  It starts off as a small, painless lump on the skin.  It stays dormant in an infected person for months before a wound starts to bulge.  Over several weeks, it swells into a much larger and more obvious red bulge.  Eventually, the skin breaks open, exposing a raw and pus-filled wound that resembles an abscess and keeps growing.

It’s African, like AIDS, ebola, crazy ants and swine fever

Buruli Ulcer comes from Third World Africa and with global humanitarian migration is spreading.  There is no vaccine.

Notice that New Zealand has no cases of Buruli Ulcer because it doesn’t let in Africans, although if it was up to Leftist PM Jacinta Ardern?

Buruli Ulcer Outbreak around Port Phillip Bay

South of Melbourne around Port Phillip Bay, the tropical African Buruli Ulcer has tragically infected and disfigured hundreds of Victorians.

This presents a gross neglectful failure by Canberra national border security and biosecurity.  They’ve let in contaminated Third World filth with not only with no background checks, but scant medical checks.

In the sensible days of the White Australia Defence Policy, firstly non-Whites were banned entry.  Secondly, all visitors and immigrants were isolated and quarantined for such diseases.  That’s why quarantine stations were established at places like Portsea, North Head, Lytton and Woodman’s Point.  Dodgy types had to be checked out for months before release into the clean Australian community.

The deadly flesh-eating bacteria is being spread by mosquitoes  – probably African ones failed detection by Quarantine at Melbourne’s shipping ports.   Mosquitos recently spread over a thousand case of Ross River Fever (a Pacific Islander disease) in outer Melbourne in early 2017, notably clustered around Frankston and adjoining Casey.

In 2014 there were 89 reported Buruli Ulcer cases in Victoria, concentrated around Port Phillip Bay.   By 2015, it had moved to Melbourne’s south-east suburbs, including Bentleigh, Hampton and Cheltenham.  There have now been cases recorded in Melbourne’s Bayside and Port Phillip council areas.

The rate of infection in Victoria has almost quadrupled in four years, with more than 330 cases so far in 2018.  Medical cases have presented from bayside Melbourne down into the Mornington Peninsula with noted clusters in the populated hubs of Frankston, Mornington and Geelong.

Associate Professor Daniel O’Brien from Barwon Health says  “It’s got a toxin that actually does three things. One is to dissolve flesh. A second thing is it produces is an anaesthetic agent so a lot of the time, especially early on, patients don’t feel it.  The third thing is it actually paralyses the immune system.”

In August 2018, four-year-old Addison Taylor woke her mother Nicole up in the middle of the night at their Rye home on the Mornington Peninsula complaining that her knee hurt.  It had swollen to about twice the size as her other one and she couldn’t stand up.  However, by the next morning the pain had gone away and only a small pink bruise was left.

Ms Taylor believed Addison must have fallen over and there was no need to follow it up. It remained that way for weeks, then all of a sudden the sore cracked open. “It happened so fast, within a week it opened up into a big wound,” she said.  Her doctor booked Addison straight in to see Professor O’Brien, who identified it as the Buruli Ulcer and so prescribed her a course of specific antibiotics and advising that it would get worse before it got better.

Ms Taylor said more was needed to be done to warn people about the ulcer. “I wish I’d know a bit earlier because now it’s quite bad,” she said. “Addie’s been so brave. It’s quite scary for her, it’s not nice to look at.”

Expert in Virology at the CSIRO, Dr Kim Blasdell, says the bacteria (Mycobacterium ulcerans) is transmitted likely by mosquitoes and via contaminated soil or water that infects a cut or a scratch.  “It’s suspected that a lot of people actually catch the disease in their own garden.”

In April 2016, Melbourne Clinical Psychologist Dr Jan Smith, contracted the Buruli Ulcer on her ankle while simply working in her garden on her bay side holiday home in nearby Rosebud on the Mornington Peninsula.

Ms Smith believes it developed after she was bitten by a mosquito while gardening. Two weeks later, when the bite had swelled to the size of double her foot, she went to the emergency department at the Rosebud Hospital.

“It just kept getting bigger and bigger,” she said. “It was bright red [and] like a sock full of fluid.”

The ulcer was incorrectly diagnosed as a soft tissue infection.

By early May, Ms Smith was in the Alfred hospital on an antibiotic drip for almost a month.  The ulcer didn’t begin to heal until it was correctly diagnosed and she was given the right antibiotics more than a month after first seeing a specialist Prof Johnson.

Ms Smith will probably require plastic surgery on her foot.

She nearly lost her foot after the ulcer on her ankle was misdiagnosed.   Filthy Africans

Recent recorded cases of the Buruli Ulcer in Victoria started in 2010 numbering just 32.

The reported case volumes of the Buruli Ulcer in Victoria are as follows:

2010: 32

2011: 78

2012: 75

2013: 65

2014: 89

2015: 107

2016: 182

2017: 277

2018: 336

So that’s a tenfold increase over eight years and the trend shows the contagion is spreading at a scaringly increasing rate.  A doubling spike occured in 2016.

The infection distribution (epidemiology) is concentrated in clusters around Port Phillip Bay as the following map shows.


Disease expert Dr Paul Johnson of Melbourne’s Austin Health Infectious Diseases Department says the Buruli Ulcers were not seen of the Mornington Peninsula before 1990, while it was unknown on the Bellarine Peninsula before 1998.   “It’s moved, for reasons we don’t understand, and it’s setting up shop in Melbourne.  Every year it seems to be establishing new pockets all the way round the Mornington Peninsula.”

So why these areas?   Well who lives there, or more poignantly, who has moved to these areas since 1991?

Answer:  Africans, black Africans otherwise racially defined as ‘Negro’ of the biological taxon ‘Negroid’ – defined as a member of a dark-skinned group of peoples originally native to Africa south of the Sahara – hence Sudanese, Somalis, Ghanians, Cameroonians.

The populated hubs of Frankston, Mornington and Geelong have more socio-economic infrastructure, so of course that’s where Third World welfare seekers are typically despatched to by refugee advocates.

The likes of leftist-globalist missionary sects like the Mornington Community Singers and Mornington Church of Christ actively invite Africans to the Mornington Peninsula, such as the UBUNTU and African Children’s Choir to perform at Mount Martha in April 2016.  Peninsula Travel of Mount Martha on the Mornington Peninsula promotes holidays to Africa.  The Mornington Peninsula’s branch of Rural Australians for Refugees and the New Hope Foundation misguidedly are convinced that they are spreading the diversity enrichment, inviting African refugees to the peninsula.

“We welcome Third World welfare seekers, African talking drums, ulcers and all.”

[Homeless Aussies need not apply]


Then there’s this Ebola missionary nurse, Kim Heriot, of guess where – Peninsula Health in Mount Martha.

Hero Heriot in 2015 took off with Save the Children to deepest darkest jungled Liberia and Sierra Leone during the depth of Africa’s deadly Ebola virus outbreak.  “It’s quite a fascinating disease and you’re able to get good control with a change of practices,” she said.

“I wouldn’t mind going to work in East Timor,” she said, where there’s malaria, yellow fever, typhoid. rheumatic heart disease all running rife.  All fun.

There’s something in the water up at Mount Martha.

Canberra’s African Invasion Policy Since 1991

From 1991, Canberran Immigration invited the hateful barbarians in from particularly the Somalian and Sudanese civil wars.  They arrived on gifted humanitarian programmes in the thousands and were secretly dumped on Melbourne without asking Melburnians.

Canberra started inviting sub-Saharan Negro types into our beautify country during the Labor Keating Second Ministry (1993-96).  This was when his then munster for Immigration, Ethnic Affairs and Multicultural Affairs, leftist Senator Nick Bolkus (left below) dropped the migrant screening ball.  His ‘National Integrated Settlement Strategy : the way ahead‘ basically rewrote Australia’s Migration laws.  His Third World fetish undermined Australia’s border protection and all but the last remnants of our White Australia Defence Policy.



Bolkus was a leftist refugee advocate for non-discriminatory (free-for-all) migration and multiculturalism.  It was a non-Whites Only mass immigration policy.  It’s why he joined the Australian Labor Party in 1966. In Government, as Immigration and Ethnic Affairs munster, Senator Bolkus ramped up his “Productive Diversity” agenda, imposing and promoting his ideology of converting traditional White Australia into a multicultural (aka non-White, non-Secular) society resembling something very different.

Diversity Bolkus (a Greek immigrant) hatefully imposed the APEC card “invisible visa” entry for Tourism, watered down the Australian Citizenship Act, set up a Refugee Review Tribunal (so illegals could appeal Ministerial deportation at taxpayer expense.  Bolkus treacherously removed reference to Australia’s Head of State (The Queen) in Australia’s Oath of Allegiance.  he basically went hell-for-leather facilitating foreigners in Australia to become citizens (especially non-Whites) and ramped up Australia’s annual migration and Third World refugee programmes.

In hindsight, some brave patriot perhaps ought to have done him in.

By 2010 the überbreeding Africans had offspring aged in their late teens. They never assimilated because their culture is anti-Australian (non-English speaking, Muslim, barbaric, chip on shoulder).  Also because Laboral multiculturism policy has actively encouraged them to keep their tribal backward attitudes and practices, and to shun Australian values and standards.  They currently number around 10,000 in and around Melbourne in ghettos and continue to breed in large welfare dependent clans.

In the 2016 Australian Census, 380,000 residents declared that they were born in Africa.  When two of the opposite sex get together and breed, typical family sizes can be over a dozen offspring, so they are breeding many time the rate of the Australia decent nuclear family.  Being classed as intergenerational refugees, Canberra auto-entitles them all to languish on perpetual White taxpayer welfare.

These statistics do not distinguish the White Flight component from Kenya, Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe since 1980), Northern Rhodesia (Zambia since 1964), and South Africa


What is distinguishable to locals walking around downtown Mornington, Frankston and Geelong is that in recent years, the street crowd is noticeably sore thumb African.  Whereas a decade ago the only non-Whites to be seen were a few Aborigines, now the Africans have a constant presence.  It’s a criminal gang presence.

And where did those AWOL Cameroon althetes end up after the Gold Coast Commonweath Games?   We know that Refugee Advice and Casework Service (RACS) human rights lawyer Sarah Dale harboured them illegally in her Sydney office at 30 Botany Street in Randwick.

Did they get quarantined cleared for flesh-eating ulcers?

Guess who the patrons of the Refugee Advice and Casework Service?  A deviant and a feminazi – both extreme leftists.

Africans Hate Australians with Machetes and Buruli Ulcers

Over the Christmas weekend back in 2015, a fight over some Negress started in the car park of the Frankston Basketball Centre during the “South Sudanese Australian Summer Slam” basketball competition.  Whites were banned.

The violence outside the Kananook Railway Station in Seaford took place on Sunday, December 27, with two large gangs of Africans—estimated at around 200 in total, battled it out with knives, baseball bats, stones, and at least one samurai sword and a machete.

CCTV and photographs of the fighting showed clearly that the perpetrators were Africans, despite the controlled media’s efforts to ignore that reality.  Here are Sudanese offspring in gangs rampaging through Melbourne’s bay side suburb of Seaforth

Kananook Railway Station:  African in Appearance and menace, with a machete in appearance


They’re Muslim, so Christmas means nothing to them, except to terrorise local Christians and wounding two policemen in the process.  Victoria Police arrested 12 Africans, aged between 19 and 32, and detained them for questioning, then PC let them go without charge.  None of the controlled media coverage dared point out the race of the rioters

Where ever Third Worlders have invaded, they contaminate.  Note the lure of port Phillip Bay to Negros.


In Geelong since 2015, retail shop owners and shoppers in the CBD’s Moorabool and Ryrie Streets have been plagued by Negro teenage gangs threatening and assaulting frightened CBD traders inside their shops.

Salesman Bob Limb said groups of teenage boys and girls had been intimidating, threatening and verbally and physically assaulting shop assistants for several months as they attempted to steal goods.   The culprits have become increasingly brazen and aggressive because Premier Dan Andrews have publicly given them carte blanche that their ‘poor bugger me’ humanitarian status giving them impunity from prosecution, because they are PC auto-assumed to have traumatised upbringings and suffer disadvantage more than White Australians.

Boohoo, no excuse for criminally invalidating your citizenship, and with it your offspring’s-dependent citizenship.

Auto-deport the lot of you!

Geelong local Bob Limb has had a gutful of the African lawlessness intimidating his town


Mr Limb said he was speaking out to draw attention to the need for measures to make the CBD a safer place for all.

Mr Limb:

“I’m 71 and I feel frightened to come to work.   Businesses are having to shut and lock their doors to prevent these groups coming in.  It’s very much organised and they’ll call for reinforcements when they need to.  They verbally abuse people and make threats. It’s a pack mentality and now it is reaching a violent stage.  We can’t have them ruling the roost and everyone deserves to feel safe in the city.”


But Victoria PoliceInspector at Geelong, Tony Francis, boasted at the time that his force closely monitors CCTV cameras and that his force had arrested well, one person, whom they later let off with a caution and no conviction.

They wear hoodies stupid!  Plus they all look the same – black, apish and skinny.  If it’s not the car jackings, home invasions, machete street rampaging, then it’s their flesh-eating bacteria contamination.  If left untreated, the bacteria chews through skin and capillaries, all the while releasing a toxin that suppresses the immune system and leads to gangrene.

Major surgery is often required to cut them out. There have been two known cases of limb amputation in Victoria in the last five years due to the ulcer being wrongly diagnosed by ignorant GPs.

Dr Daniel O’Brien from Geelong’s Barwon Health, who is currently treating more than 100 patients, said new research into why the ulcer was spreading and how to stop it was due to begin next week.

Dr O’Brien:

“The epidemic is getting bigger and bigger.  It’s looking like we’ll see up to 400 cases this year and who knows how many we’ll see next year and the year after, so that’s the concern. It’s not turning around. And then it’s moving, we don’t know where it will appear.   But we don’t 100 per cent know how to prevent it, we are not having much success.”

The Mortein Campaign regrettably outlived the White Australia Defence Campaign, yet they delivered parallel social health messages.

Australia must be kept Third World free.  It’s critical for the survival and health of Australia’s environment and people that filthy, disease-carrying, überbreeding Third Worlders are prevented from setting foot on our clean shores.

Barbaric savages from backward hellholes like Africa don’t even begin to comprehend First World standards of civility, sanitation, hygiene, and decency.  They überbreed in polygamous plague proportions.  Worse than vengeful chimps, Third World savages are bloodthirsty, wicked and ruthless degenerates – think forced marriage, slavery, child-selling, breast ironing, dowry violence, female genital mutilation, blood vengeance, human sacrifice, witch hunts, blood fiestas, beheadings, machete attacks, cannibalism, public executions, stonings, infantcide, acid attacks, torture and assorted tribal barbarism.

And their filthy practices, rituals and habits like living amongst Human excreta, engender filth and transmission of many infectious diseases including cholera, typhoid, infectious hepatitis, polio, cryptosporidiosis, and ascariasis, and assorted respiratory tract infections and diarrheal diseases. They live in waste and are waste.

Then bleeding-heart refugee advocates welcome them into our safe and clean country.

Lime wash doesn’t cut it


In the May 2018 Federal Budget, an extra $84 million was properly diverted from the leftist ABC media monopoly to boosting Australia’s quarantine vigilance, or ‘biosecurity’.  A further $1 billion a year should be invested into better protecting Australia by abolishing the biased ABC outright, and a further $270 million a year by abolishing the anti-Australian SBS media as well.

Australia’s biosecurity is more important to Australians that breeding Third World welfare seekers.

How to avoid the Buruli Ulcer

  • Wear covering clothing that reduces contact with biting insects
  • Use insect repellent on exposed skin (Aeroguard)
  • Clean and cover cuts and abrasions
  • Remain aware if you live in or visit areas where the ulcer is more common, such as the Mornington and Bellarine peninsulas
  • Ask your doctor about the ulcer if you think you have one – there is a fast and accurate diagnostic test available

Melburnians along the bay side should not forget the Aeroguard andavagoodweekend.