African negro immigration copying America was always set to fail – da communal violence is intergenerational

It’s high time the spate of African-youth criminal attacks upon people and property in Melbourne be raised up from a discussion of ‘gang violence’ to one of ‘communal violence’.

Communal Violence‘ may be simply put in this case, as:

  • endemic violence organized by gangs or other structures, whether criminal or political or religious, that has the effect of intimidating other ethnic / religious groups;
  • violence that aims to establish some sort of autonomy for a group against the general society (be that a cultural autonomy or geographic no-go zones);
  • violence that is meant to craft a special identity for a group.

Communal violence implies the disintegration of the host society into what Geoffrey Blainey described over thirty years ago as – a country of tribes.

The multiculturalist propagandists and the advocates of the multiracial society have entered a period of denial, maintaining that the violence can be explained away as – lack of life opportunity, generational divides, drugs, male aggression and so on.  At no point do they acknowledge the problem was inevitable.

The nationalists say it was inevitable as this group, like some others, are outside of even the ‘norms’ of multiculti ideology and their resentments at the country (that is, the system) that invited them, could only flourish.

Australia First Party demands:

  1. The immediate end of all refugee programmes
  2. The immediate end of all immigration from Africa
  3. The immediate deportation of criminal elements
  4. Schemes of paid repatriation for African immigrants, particularly the migrant offspring.

When African rioters took over an Airbnb house in Werribee in December 2017, destroying the property and terrorising the neighbourhood, Africans were heard chanting, “Get the Whites!”  This was a keen fact omitted by the mainstream media until eventually divulged by The Australian. Jennifer Oriel commented in yesterday’s The Australian newspaper:

“Imagine a white mob shouting “get the blacks!” before terrorising a black neighbourhood. The establishment would work overtime to arrest the perpetrators and bring them to justice in Victoria’s right-on courts. Public media would be on the case, investigating white supremacy and damning racism. But in fact, it was a black mob shouting “get whites” in a working-class suburb, so it’s all quiet on the PC front.”

Oriel was reporting on the failure of ‘diversity policies’ and how Labor has strived to thwart any policy that addresses the racial aspect of this problem such as auto-deportation of African serious offenders. Citizenship should always be conditional.

As reported recently in The Weekend Australian, Sudanese youth commit crimes at four times the rate of any other group.

Yet, Victorian courts wasted untold dollars bringing three men to trial for beheading a dummy in a Facebook video that mirrored any stunt by The Chaser, but when the matter of African violence can no longer be ignored Victorian Supreme Court Judge Lex Lasry (below) tweeted, “Breaking: there are citizens out to dinner in Mansfield tonight and they’re not worried”. Political statement or what?

Does Lasry want to impose ‘Menace To Society‘ stick insect recidivists on his high-country gated retreat?

“Liberty Victoria, except no niggers in Mansfield”

It’s time to ban civil libertarian political advocates from Australia’s judiciary – they corruptly side with the criminals

It shows just how much of a cultish class-based doctrine multiculturalism is and the contempt the political class has for its opponents.

A day later, a 59-year-old woman was bashed and terrorised by more than a dozen Africans as they invaded her home, two teenagers were beaten, and a house was broken into. But the Supreme Court judge has no view of such things from the window of his Michelin-star rated restaurant. This was after the Victorian Police Commissioner Lisa Neville attempted to sideline the whole issue by outrageously claiming the Australian people (assumedly White Australia) are much bigger villains.

Oriel’s article spells all this out, in fact, but she posits the problem in partisan terms by attacking Labor. Both major parties share in the culpability for what is happening to our country.

The Australia First Party directly names the cause: the multiculturalism experiment.  We demand it be dismantled before it causes the fragmentation of our nation along tribal lines.

“When I’s return, hey Mansfield looks good yo – gotta Centrelink agent, two jewelry stores, camping store with machetes, man”

This multicultural experiment victimises the host population, Mainstream White Australia, who funds it and grants these communities not only immunity from criticism but a license to both misbehave and claim victim status.

The only ones held accountable for their failings are the bemused Australians who face criminal penalties and social shaming if they dare to name the beast in the room. The matter of African, particularly South-Sudanese community-related crime, is now in the multicultural blender being whipped into something which will eventually point the blame for all of it at White Australia.

The Negro Migrant experiment has failed in Australia, as it has elsewhere when imposed in First World societies.

Melbourne is being negroed – Baltimore (1968, 2015), Ferguson (2014), Milwaukee (2016), Melbourne (2016),… Perth?..

Labor accuses the federal Liberal government of playing politics with African crime in Victoria. But Labor has played politics with ethnicity for decades.

The result is a booming industry that trades in a culture of complaint and blame-shifting. The industry is funded by the taxpaying public but breeds hostility towards Australians. Its beneficiaries enjoy access to special funding and affirmative action while claiming to be oppressed. Its leaders cry racism but can rationalise racist violence when the aggressors are black and the victims are white.

It takes a long time for ideologues to concede error. One would have thought a mob of African males invading a home and punching a woman in the face might make multiculturalists repent. Perhaps a mob of African males attacking teens on the street might stir Melbourne’s green-left to unmitigated sympathy — for the victims.

Victorian Supreme Court judge Lex Lasry seemingly made light of concerns about youth gang violence in a tweet: “Breaking: there are citizens out to dinner in Mansfield tonight and they’re not worried.”

The following night at least 10 men of African appearance reportedly invaded a home and terrorised a 59-year-old woman by punching her in the face and threatening to kill her. That’s 10 men ganging up on one woman. But she’s white and they’re black so — whatever.

The same night a black mob allegedly attacked teenagers. In one attack they set upon a boy walking along the street about 9.30pm. They took a baseball bat to the boy’s legs and assaulted him. Justice Lasry, fearlessly dining out in Mansfield, might spare a thought for the terrorised people in working-class suburbs bearing the brunt of malformed multicultural policy.

Introducing Mr Johnny Rebel

As part of the federal inquiry into migration settlement outcomes, the Liberal government wished to amend the Migration Act to permit mandatory cancellation of visas for violent offenders aged between 16 and 18. Labor rejected this, justifying the dissent by appeal to the Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia, which objects to “any attempts to apply provisions under section 501 to juveniles”.

It also rejected the recommendation that anyone over 18 convicted of violent offences such as assault, sexual offences or the possession of child pornography have their visas cancelled under section 501 of the Migration Act. The Labor Party rejected two further recommendations to strengthen counter-terrorism. In short, if you’re a violent minor, rapist, child pornographer or budding terrorist of immigrant descent, Labor has your back. Not even Dante could conjure up a circle of hell that foul.

We have endured a protracted season of denial about the relationship between particular ethnic groups and criminal activity. However, in its submission to the federal enquiry, Victoria’s Crime Statistics Agency revealed that since 2014 there has been a 28 per cent increase in unique offenders who were born in Sudan. In 2014, the Australian Bureau of Statistics illustrated that people born in Sudan had the highest imprisonment rate, followed by persons born in Samoa.

Rebecca Urban reported in The Weekend Australian that Sudanese youth offend at a rate about four times the national average. Sudanese-born people are not 1 per cent of Victoria’s population, yet youth born there are responsible for 13.9 per cent of aggravated robberies and 7.4% of home invasions.

Rather than stopping gangs punching women, police and children, PC elites are busy discussing terminology. They’re concerned about the term “gang”.

Apparently it’s causing the yoof to invade homes, beat up women and children. We are advised to use the term “networked offending”. The PC elites can’t concede their multicultural program is a failed social experiment because it means de-funding a big state industry.

Victoria’s Labor government increased funding for multicultural affairs from $46.8 million to $51.1m. The budget for multiculturalism includes $21.8m for language services and $2m for migrant workers’ rights. An additional $19m was allocated to the government’s multicultural policy statement. Funding for Aboriginal policy was increased from $33.5m to $56.2m in the same budget.

In submissions to the migrant settlement outcomes inquiry, groups such as the South Sudanese Community Association in Victoria and the Islamic Council of Victoria requested more funding for programs. The SSCAV expressed concern that “a number of young people of South Sudanese origin have engaged in serious criminal activities”.

However, there was little analysis of the cause of the violence in the Sudanese community ¬beyond the trauma of fleeing civil war in Sudan. Instead, negative behaviour was attributed broadly to the Australian media, police, teachers and “racial hostility and discrimination in sections of the Australian community”.

Australians have spent billions on the multicultural industry over decades. With unprecedented debt, stagnating wages, high taxes and soaring basic living costs, we can no longer afford to fund these big state social experiments.

Non-White immigrants and their offspring in Australia needs to recognise that mainstream White Australian society was not democratically asked by Canberra for their impost.  Mass immigration policy continues to be undemocratically inflicted upon Australian communities.

Non-Whites immigrants and their offspring also need to read history and learn that while many human societies have a vicious propensity for violence and crime, Whites have demonstrated a capacity for mass killing and genocide to a scale like no other race.

Hate is being fueled by this yet another leftard social engineering experiment.  White backlash is building and when it comes, it’s set to be another Digger Uprising.  History repeats.