Anarchists will always be unmasked in Melbourne

Saturday September 16, 2017 and some ring-in zionist in Melbourne with a big ego calling himself Avi Yemeni led wayward ziopatriots in a street fight against masked anarchists. Whatever. Nothing to do with Australia. United Nationalists Australia watched on, describing Yemeni’s performance…

Avi Yemini’s ‘Reclaim Australia’ a ziopatriot agent modelled on Jez Turner’s London Forum

Read More:   So who is blow-in-from-nowhere Jewish activist Avi Yemini, suddenly leading Reclaim Australia? ZIONIST WATCH Bleeding obvious MOSSAD AVI:   The truth will set Australians free from Israeli subterfuge  

Tommy Robinson coming to Australia not about Nationalism but Ziopatriotism

by Dr Jim Saleam. | “The word is that Tommy Robinson, founder of the English Defence League (EDL) is coming to Australia in just a few months. That will be revealing. It will show who is who in the patriot zoo. The…

Dr Jim Saleam on the Cronulla 10th commemoration rallies

Published on Dec 7, 2015 Dr Jim Saleam addresses the validity of the 10th commemorative rally being promoted by Party for Freedom. He also addresses scurrilous remarks made by its party leader, Nick Folkes.