Muslims hate Christmas so watchout jihad-mosqued Melbourne, Sydney…Brisbane

Mosques indoctrinate jihad wherever they intrude.  That’s why they get built.  Each one is an invasion beachhead, a platform for Islamic mufti hate speech inspiring jihad attacks.

Strasbourg struck by jihad – the Christian Christmas cultural heart of Western civilisation


Likewise in the Antipodes, migrant Melbourne is copping Christmas jihad. Think of the attacks in Bourke Street, Bourke Street Mall, Endeavour Hills, Brighton, Mill Park,  Sydney is copping Christmas jihad. Think of the attacks in Martin Place, Fairfield, Parramatta, Holsworthy Barracks, Minto.

Brisbane so far has only copped machete gang Islanders.  Lucky.  Keep reading the news afflicting the southern states about their Islamic enrichment.  More mosques, more mufti preaching, more savagery.


Canberra’s multiculti sheltered workshop continues to betray Australians to Third World welfarists and hate-filled Islamists.  Thousands of Australians have ‘White flighted’ from the migrant-saturated big cities to the still-decent traditional Australian countryside.  They are never to return.

So now in our cities ethnics rule.  Christian festive Christmas and Aussie Santa shopping is dangerous in Melbourne and Sydney. Brisbane is next.

Foreign barbarian Islamics target December 25 annually as their hunting season of hate to slaughter as many of us in our streets. Then they post it globally on anti-social media sites.  Islam is all radicalised. There’s no such thing as a ‘moderate muslim’.

Australian federal and state governments are consequently compelled to redirect tens of millions of taxpayer wealth from vital socio-economic needs to protecting Australians from Islam – the same hateful beheaders let inside our city gates by Canberra.

Islam is all radicalised. There is no such thing as a ‘moderate muzzie’.  Many local Australian festivals are being cancelled because the local folk and councils cannot afford the costly anti-terror measures costing in the tens of thousands.

Security benefits flow from Globalist Enrichment

Islam is undermining regional Australian culture and supplanting it with its own – exclusively, hatefully.

Hate condoned by Spring Street

Jihad Scoreboard down under:

In Merkel’s muzzied Europe, it’s scary apocalyptic. Invited Islamics last week attacked Western Civilisation’s traditional festive Christmas heart of Strasbourg.  The Strasbourg Christkindelsmärik is the oldest Christmas market in France, dating back to 1570.   It’s Europe’s Christmas capital and this time of year is, well, Christmas. The market runs from 24 November to 30 December 2018.

Of course Islam woud attack Strasbourg this time of year.  It’s the Christmas heart of Western Civilisation

France’s 4.7 million strong Muslim immigrants breed and plot overthrow.   And while distracted in Paris, last Tuesday (December 11) in Strasbourg, Cherif Chekatt (29) prayed at his local mosque and then jihaded the Strasbourg Christmas market.

Beards are an Islamo-giveaway.  His pimple helped French police fast-track his martyrdom


Leftist media reported that Chekatt was technically ‘French’.  It was to play down French nationalist outrage about yet another Islamic terror attack in Europe.  Wrong.

With a Morrocan name like that he was Arab, never French.  He was ‘Passport French‘ – a Morrocan offspring muzzie of an Islamic enclave who only knew Islamic schools and teachings of anti-Western hate.  As soon as he became a teenager, Checkatt resorted to attacking his host nation, France.

Of course there’s a mosque in Christian Strasbourg.  They call it La Grande Mosquée de Strasbourg. 

They build it, get mat-kiss radicalised, and go jihading their host nation

There’s a migration multicultural lesson here.

Spot an Islamic shopping in Europe at Christmas

Of course he hated France.  Checkatt opened fire screaming the hackneyed “Allahu Akbar” at around 8pm on French Christmas shoppers and tourists in Strasbourg’s busiest market square.

Checkatt managed to kill and maim twelve innocents with gay abandon

Surprise, surprise, Chekatt was known to police.  He had been on the French intelligence (Les Fiches S) watchlist of people who represent a potential threat to national security, aka Islamics.

Checkatt had a lengthy criminal record and was ‘known in local Islamist extremist circles.  Chekatt had amassed 27 convictions for crimes including robbery spanning France, Germany and Switzerland.  He had spent considerable time in prison as a result.  On the morning before the attack, Chekatt’s home was raided by police who found grenades, a .22 firearm and two hunting knives.

So did police just let him go? Obviously.

That night in Strasbourg Christkindelsmärik, the Islamo-coward went armed with his .22 and a knife, shot a dozen Christmas shoppers, then fled by taxi driven by a muzzie.   It would have been like an 80s action movie.

Actor Alan Rickman played antagonist terrorist Hans Gruber in Hollywood’s 1988 movie Die Hard

Who escapes a shootout in a modern city in current year? There are cameras everywhere, helicopters, tracing devices in phones and vehicles… it’s over 12 hours later now and this man still isn’t caught.

Seven people were initially arrested in connection with the attack. Cherif Chekatt’s parents and two of his brothers were among those detained, but have since been freed. WTF?

Christmas is lovely in Old Europe.  All of the lights, the markets, the songs, the screaming “allah akbar,” the getting run over with a big truck, da shootings.

Bravo courageux plaisanterie EU

Just ask Yellow Vest protesters in Paris how much leniency they got from the police.

Strasbourg Christmas decultured by Islamic Invasion

We do know that Macron has an intimate relationship with man persons of colour.

So it wouldn’t be hard for him to pull a few strings with his younger boys.

Back in Melbourne, imported muzzie bros Ertunc and Samed Eriklioglu and comrade Hanifi Halis, were regulars at the Broadmeadows mosque before plotting a terror attack on behalf of Islamic State.  Neighbours described their behaviour as increasingly “strange”.   Their father Armagan Eriklioglu said he and his sons were interested in the works of Muslim scholars, many of them Turkish. “They would often watch YouTube videos together watching everything from Youtube, scholars, imams you know… sometimes lectures and all that, Koranic verses.”

A neighbour described a change in Hanifi Halis’ appearance about a year ago after he grew a beard and began dressing in a thobe, a traditional Islamic robe (basically a bedsheet).  So last month police just arrested the scum, before Christmas, just in case.