Jun 25: Australian Pride Rally in Melbourne

WHEN?     Sunday, June 25 2017 from 11:30am to 2pm (forecast weather is cold, sunny, calm)

WHO?       Hosted by the True Blue Crew, with many supporting Australian nationalists and patriots

WHERE?   Meet outside front of (south side) Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton Gardens, Melbourne

WHAT?     Bring your Australian Flags, bring your pride (smartphones optional to ‘shoot’ feral lefties)

HOW?      Stay together in groups, stay vigilant, no weapons, co-operate with police, all good lads/ladies.

A patriotic sea of Aussie Flags waving through Melbourne reclaimed

True Blue Crew:

“After the success of our “Australian Flag March” held June 26 2016, and with the anniversary of that event upon us, we’ve decided that this should be an annual occasion (the Celtic winter solstice).

Our Australian national pride, heritage, culture and way of life are now constantly under attack from “leftists” and various anti-Australian traitors.  The anti-Australian agenda to destroy our Australia Day, our ANZAC Day, and any remaining Australian pride appears to be gaining momentum (sadly).  The push for the all round destructive concept of “political correctness” is preventing us from pointing out those that are a problem for our community.”

Police will bring this terror group undone

Protest the Anti-Aussie Left and their perverted cancerous agendas:

PROTEST MASS IMMIGRATION  – against increasing immigration / refugee intake which will only further clog our roads, public health system, increase unemployment, and make it harder for Australians to afford a home;

PROTEST THE ILLEGALS – against closing refugee centers which will see a return of the people smuggler boats to our shores and further threaten our national security;

PROTEST THE DEVIANTS  – against the gender bending programs forced on our children such as “Safe Schools”. The Victorian Labor government is forcing perverted social engineering on our children, brainwashing them such nonsense as “there is no such thing as gender”, that they can choose whether they wish to be a boy or a girl?!  And exposing them to unnecessary sexual concepts at an early age, damaging our children, your childrens minds, all under the guise of tolerance and understanding when it is in fact the indoctrination of a generation into this extreme “loony left” way of thinking!

PROTEST THE AFRICANS – against the African crime gangs are running amok throughout our suburbs, we no longer feel safe in our own homes of a night, but political correctness deems we must not mention who brought this problem to Australia and who the perpertrators are!

PROTEST ISLAM – We are under the constant threat of terrorism, a fact acknowledged by our government and police force but political correctness means that every incident is due to a mental illness or “Lone Wolf”!

Never Forget Moomba 2016!


The leftist media (ABC, Fairfax, 3CR) is hateful anti-Australian propaganda.

It only gives a voice to those that put forward the “leftist” narrative, while if you’re a patriotic Australian that displays pride in our nation you will invariably PC demonised as a ‘bogan’, ‘racist’, ‘uneducated’.  Show the masked stick insects the mirror!

They burn our flag, laugh at our traditional morals and values, put down everything that makes us Australian, that makes this the great nation that we are extremely lucky to call home, yet promote every other culture, this is erasing what it means to be an Australian and dismantling everything that makes Australia the envy of nations world wide.

The only way we can fight these people, the only way we can save Australia from their agenda, to ensure that our children and many more generations of Australians have the chance to grow up and live in the lucky country that our forefathers created, is by spreading Australian Pride. By showing all young Australians that we are not ashamed to display our patriotism and that they should feel the same way.

The Spirit of Cronulla comes to Melbourne

We are expecting 300 plus proud Aussies to descend on Melbourne, don’t be stand offish on the day, say G’day to your fellow rally mates. Share the Aussie spirit. We are all there for the same reason and as Australians we need to break down those barriers between us and bring back that tribal instinct and sense of belonging that the other cultures who are making their way to our nation on mass still have, but Australians seem to have lost.


So bring your Australian Flags, bring your pride, show Melburnians what it means to be patriotic, spread our love for our nation, and show them that there are many of us that will fight for the future of our great country and will not allow them to continue with their agenda that is destroying everything that was created by those before us!


Australia First Party supports True Blue Crew’s right to rally and free speech.



Aussies Reclaiming Aussie Streets


Well, True Blue Crew’s now annual Australian Pride Rally was again entirely successful in conveying its national message:  Australia is for Australians.

Some 300+ patriots (male and female) marched in Melbourne today from the Royal Exhibition Building about half a kilometre to Victoria’s Parliament steps on Spring Street.  There were a few public addresses, rallying cheers and mates networking.

United Patriots Front leader Blair Cottrell spoke at the rally and led the march to parliament. All good.

Aussie patriots all orderly and united

Victoria Police managed to fend off the pesky unwashed feral rabble of Anti-Australia racists, deviants and rapefugee huggers.  The anaemic lefties rocked up with the hateful placards quickly hobbled together in bad illegible handwriting on the back of dumpster cardboard.  It was laughable.

And yes they brought along their criminal element in black smelly tracky dacks and masks to test and invite Victoria’s new mask ban carrying 15 years in Barwon Prison.  Police horses kept the ferals way back outside the Imperial Hotel in Bourke Street well out of horse-poo chucking range.

Police keep pesky feral lefties at bay


A full contingent of riot police, the Public Order Response Team (dubbed ‘antifa thumpers‘) were at the ready for masked black bloc terrorists in case they resorted to violence – we trust all deservedly paid Sunday penalty rates.

Of course the leftist media were there (ABC, The (Fairfax) Age, Huffington Post, Green-Left Weekly) all taking selective photos and videos.

A minor skirmish instigated by ICE-d up antifa doing affray, violent disorder near the Royal Exhibition Building early on and then afterwards way off in Russell St, but they were promptly subdued by police orange pepper spray that sent the stick insects scurrying and crying, pleading for water for their eyes.

Is there anything more entertaining than observing police full-on douse a feral in orange pepper spray?  Police scored five antifarks.

Cop da orange pepper antifarkwits!


Joy to behold. Note how they’re all weedy and anaemic.


Cult-driven, despite the official warnings, antifa arrived with violent intent, so disappointing Victoria Police, especially because slow-learning antifa persist in relying on face coverings

Terror group antifa mingled black clad and masked up within the leftist feral mob. Police were on to them.

Police searched several and discovered a few illegal concealed weapons – a knife and knuckle duster. One anaemic black clad antifarkwit was duly arrested and for breaching of peace. See stick insect below.

How about Dan Andrew’s empty promise of that 14 year gaol term for wearing masks?


Victoria Police northwest metro commander Russell Barrett said they were disappointed with people who chose to wear face coverings.

“We were disappointed that a number of protesters (dem antifa types) chose to don masks and question police.  We were disappointed in their confrontational behaviour. They (lefties and da antifa) have always initiated the violence, they are the ones who have carried weapons,”

~ Commander Barrett confirmed.

Good effort.