White Ribbon movement has an uphill battle against paternalist rape subcultures pervading Australia

This is particularly so in Melbourne, where murderous rape is in barbaric paternal cultures, excusable?  Women are not safe alone.

In the year ending 31 December 2016, Victoria Police recorded 12,956 sexual offences across the state, with an offence rate of 214 offences per 100,000 people in Victoria. In five years the number of sexual offences has increased by 45%, up from 8,936 offences in the year ending 31 December 2012.  The disturbing trend shown below by Victoria’s Crime Statistics Agency and is entirely in line with the rate mass immigration and commensurate multiculti policy encouraging anti-Australian subcultures to be normalised.

We don’t have more recent statistics, but we suspect they would reveal an increasingly disturbing worsening trend.  That’s why current crime statistics are delayed publicity by the governments responsible – the public servants always want to look like they’re doing their job to look good.  It’s blatant statistical coverup and so public betrayal.

Melbourne Women Recently Brutally Murdered…

The following four cases of Murderous Rape in Melbourne belie a sicken trend of pervading patriarchal subcultures preying on women. The perpetrated hateful savagery statistically condoned by weak bail laws, demands responsive vigilantism by decent First World men.  It demands the restoration of the death penalty for evil rapist predators, who have taken life and deserve ‘an eye of an eye’ justice, because upon release no woman is safe.

Victim justice must always prevail over offender leniency.  More judges need to be recruited from prosecuting lawyers who more honestly reflect the value of life held by Australian families and communities.

Murderous Rape of Melbourne’s Aiia Maasarwe

In Melbourne’s north last Tuesday January 15 around midnight, a female student from La Trobe University was stalked, raped and murdered.

Aiia Maasarwe (21), a Palestinian Arab of Israeli citizenship, caught the 86 tram home after a night out with friends at The Comics Lounge at 26 Errol Street in North Melbourne.  Aiia alighted at the designated La Trobe University tram stop in Bundoora and walked directly though dimly lit street route around midnight to her apartment. 

Her half naked body was found early on Wednesday by passers-by in a landscaped garden outside the Polaris Shopping Centre carpark off Main Drive.

On the same tram, CCTV identified Codey Herrmann (20) an Aboriginal of no fixed address.  Three days later, Victoria Police investigations ed to arresting Herrmann January 18.  He was found in the nearby northern Melbourne suburb of Greensborough in a park in a known gazebo hangout used by low-life druggies. 

Herrmann allegedly was a predator who had not known his rape victim.  It was an opportunistic attack by some violent young man, likely intoxicated, who had stalked a vulnerable young for over half an hour late at night, who once walking by herself then pounced in a dimly lit place when no-one was around.  Herrmann had been on bail for what police described as property related matters.

Subcultural Profile?   Aboriginal, dysfunctional upbringing, idle, wayward, depressed, suicidal, socially regressive, alcoholic, drug dependent, angry.


Victoria Police say that exchange student Aiia had left the 86 tram and was speaking on the phone to her sister Facetime overseas.  It was then that Aiia, walking on the footpath toward the Uni (less than 50m from the tram stop) got attacked from behind.

Detective Inspector Andrew Stamper:

“Sadly, her sister was talking to her on the phone.  The phone then appeared to fall to the ground and she couldn’t contact her. We think that’s the time. She heard the sound of the phone falling to the ground and heard some voices and that was it.

La Trobe University clearly out of respect for the personal safety of women, as decent First World family men, need to mount vigilante security patrols (male or female) to safeguard students from Plenty Road to the La Trobe University campus.

Dozens of locals and students have left floral tributes, held candle-light vigils outside Polaris and on the same 86 tram.  They consoled her distraught father who immediately flew from overseas.  All totally decent reactions.  Aiia Maasarwe’s savage rape and murder has recharged outrage over violence against women, especially across Melbourne society.

Aiia Maasarwe was the second female victim of hate crime in Melbourne in seven months.

Hundreds of local residents and La Trobe Uni students gathered to tribute Aiia Masaarwe in the Agora courtyard at the Bundoora campus on Friday

Leftist La Trobe University’s Roz Ward very publicly embraces the sexually deviant social re-engineering of Safe Schools gender bending.

Yet La Trobe can’t even safeguard the welfare of normal women on campus and its surrounding student accommodation villages. Aiia Maasarwe was following university commuting protocol, alighting at the La Trobe University tram stop then walking directly into The Agora campus village where she was raped and murdered.

La Trobe’s bizarre motto: ‘Whoever seeks shall find‘  – women are unsafe at La Trobe.

The presumed decent family culture of traditional First World Australia is being undermined when Liberal PM Scott Morrison announces another “action plan” this week to stem violence against women on top of $350 million already been committed.

PM Scomo:

“We must remain vigilant … I’m so sickened by the attack and frankly disturbed by it, as I’m sure Australians are all around the country.”

Dreaming rapper Herrmann posted on Facebook a week before the incident “International girl Of mystery You knows who you are“. 

In the hours after Ms Maasarwe’s body was found, Herrmann posted a photo of himself holding a can of Jack Daniels and an image of himself as a baby, with the caption: “b4 An afta”.

“I’m a red-blooded bro and once I’ve got the grog in me chicks are for the taking, man.”

Friends of Herrmann said he was a troubled teenager.  It’s understood he had family in Cape York in Queensland.  A former school mate said “I know he has gone missing a few times from school and he had trouble with family stuff.”   She said he and his sister were in foster care with a woman in Bundoora.  As high school started he became a little bit depressed, a bit troubled and a bit into the drugs,” she said.

Another former schoolmate said she saw him a week ago in Grimshaw Street, Bundoora less than 3 kilometres from where Ms Maasarwe was killed. He appeared disorientated and was walking into oncoming traffic.

“He hung around Greensborough skate park and had a lot of friends in Greensborough.”

Another schoolmate, said Mr Hermann had seemed like a normal student in his junior years but spiralled in his later years, battling with drug and alcohol abuse issues.  Others recalled him being quiet and withdrawn.  Another said “I always had a weird feeling about him. He was quiet and just really strange. I don’t think he was right in the head. As soon as I saw him on the news I wasn’t shocked at all.”

In recent weeks, Mr Herrmann posted photos on Facebook of Southern Cross Station as he boarded a train to Bairnsdale, as well as discussing his mental health struggles and having “battled with the devil”.  A post on January 10 read: “Shoutout to all the men going through a lot, with no one to turn to, because this world wrongly taught our males to mask their emotion & that strong means silent.”

Herrmann went by several different names including Kody Wrex and Codey Kulla Kulla.   His formative years were at Bundoora Secondary College until 2016 (age 17).  He had dropped out. Why?

This is his Bundoora Secondary College’s rather uninspiring main entrance gate:


The current Bundoora Secondary College Principal‘s motto for his impressionable students is: “Be what you are becoming.

We guess Cody Herrmann adopted the ‘resilience’ and ‘rigor’ inspirations, and aspired to the school motto

Murderous Rape of Melbourne’s Eurydice Dixon

Talented Melbourne comedian Eurydice Dixon (22) was similarly stalked, raped, murdered and left half naked – towards midnight as she walked home on Tuesday June 12 2018, in dimly lit Princes Park soccer oval in inner Melbourne’s Carlton North.  She had just performed a gig at a Highlander Bar 11A Highlander Lane in Melbourne’s CBD.

A passer-by discovered her body at about 3am Wednesday following lying half-naked on the Princes Park soccer field


Jaymes Todd (19) of Broadmeadows in Melbourne’s north, handed himself to police on the Wednesday, half sobered.  He had been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and was “socially regressive” (quiet and withdrawn).

Todd was a predator who had not known his rape victim.  It was an opportunistic attack by a violent young man, likely intoxicated, who had stalked a vulnerable young woman for over half an hour late at night, who once by herself then pounced in a dimly lit soccer oval when no-one was around.  Whoever seeks shall find?

Subcultural Profile?   Bogan, dysfunctional, obese, school dropout, idle, wayward, depressed, autistic, socially regressive, alcoholic.


Todd had attended Hume Secondary College in Broadmeadows.

The college vision reads “to develop and nurture the social, emotional and academic growth of all our students in order that they become resilient, life-long learners equipped with the skills, qualifications and personal attributes for success in and beyond school.  As a College, our overarching goal is that every one of our students achieves their absolute best in all areas of their studies. The academic success of our students is ensured by a rigorous Year 7-12 curriculum and highly skilled, dedicated teachers and support staff.”

“The guiding principles are also reflected in the three positive behaviour expectations that we hold of every member of our community: To be respectful, to be responsible, to be a learner.”

Todd had dropped out. Why?

“An important focus of our College is to support our students to learn effectively and to develop positive attitudes and behaviours. We endeavour to provide the kind of environment that will effectively nurture their development and a feeling of belonging or connectedness to school.”

Hume Central Secondary College Town Park Campus at Broadmeadows


Both female vicious deaths have fuelled a growing sense of frustration in Melbourne society, particularly from women who say they are already vigilant and that men have to take responsibility for their own behaviour as well as challenging the paternalistic demeaning attitudes of certain subcultural males and their intoxication and rape legitimising mindsets.

Thousands of Melburnians days later gathered with flowers in Princes Park to tribute Eurydice Dixon


Melbourne late at night is clearly not safe for women to be walking alone.

Yet Victorian Premier Dan Andrews, Victoria Police Minister Lisa Neville and Melbourne Lord Mayor Sally Capp are in denial, jointly and irresponsibly declaring in the wake of this second brutal rape and murderer that no woman should change her behaviour.

Are they heralding a repeat?

In 2015, Victoria Police homicide squad chief Detective Inspector Mick Hughes publicly warned the need for women in Melbourne to remain vigilant.

Detective Inspector Hughes:

“I suggest to people, particularly females, they shouldn’t be alone in parks. I’m sorry to say that is the case. 

He encouraged people to walk together, “females” to walk together.

“But if you’re by yourself you need to be aware of your circumstances and take reasonable precautions. I think it’s a travesty that we have to do that, we should be able to walk anywhere at any time, but reality says that we can’t.”

However, Victoria’s Minister for Women and Minister for Prevention of Family Violence Fiona Richardson said on Thursday that the community’s focus should be on stopping offenders, not the behaviour of victims.

How Victorian, or perhaps Dickensian.  Until that happens, is Richardson to accept accountability for subsequent rapes and murders around Melbourne?

Murderous Rape of Melbourne’s Masa Vukotic

Marvellous Melbourne again, the once “most livable city”.

Tuesday March 17 in 2015 and Canterbury Girls’ Secondary School student Masa Vukotic(17) (born in Serbia) was taking her usual evening exercise walk along the foot track through Koonung Creek reserve in Doncaster in Melbourne’s residential leafy east.


Price left his home in Albion on the poorer side of Melbourne at 5.30am and spent 11 hours travelling around the Melbourne metropolitan area on public transport.  He visited Crown Casino, where he gambled away all of the money he had.

Price had an urge to rob and stab someone.   He travelled to wealthy Hawthorn looking for ‘rich’ people to kill before returning home to collect a large kitchen knife.  Price even had the foresight to take a spare t-shirt because he anticipated the need to change out of a blood stained shirt following the stabbing murder he intended to commit.

Sean Christian Price (31) ended up in Doncaster somehow in Koonung Creek reserve, where he said he observed Masa and felt he needed to kill the “yuppie”.

Price chose and stalked his helpless schoolgirl victim then pounced when no-one was around.  Price took the knife from a bag he was carrying and ran up to her.  He pushed her into the bushes where she pleaded with Price not to hurt her.   Masa told Price she would do anything he wanted her to do.  Price ignored her and began stabbing.

“I just f**king started ripping and stabbing and f**king just stabbing,” he told police.  Momentarily distracted by a dog, he stopped mid-murder to investigate.   And then Price ‘went crazy’.   He aimed for Masa’s “lethal regions” and her “vitals”, stabbing 49 times in the heart and ‘on the gut’ (as she lay on the ground with Price stabbing hatefully frenzied over her).  Price was anxious to make sure she was dead, because if she wasn’t then in his opinion what he was doing was a “waste of time”.

Price then ran from the scene, and asked a passer-by for directions to Doncaster Shopping Centre then boarded a bus on Doncaster Road about 7.10pm.

Price afterwards confessed to police detailing the exact moment when he decided to savagely murder 17-year-old Masa Vukotic:

“This chick was on the other side of the road and she’s coming up, yeah and she’s like started talking to a bird like f**king Snow White.  I thought she’s f**king – she’s dressed like f**king all yuppie’.  “I just f**king had to kill her, man. I f**king had to kill her.”

Price knew the moment was upon him, when he would escalate from a deranged sexual predator and thug, to a full-blown killer.

Price continues:

“And it was like, you know, I was looking, looking and I just thought f**k this, this is the moment. This one just ended up being the one, I just f**king had to kill her, man. I f**king had to kill her.”

Price was ultimately identified, caught, convicted and sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 38 years.  He was a dangerous predator who had not known his rape victim.  It was an opportunistic attack by a violent young man, who had stalked a vulnerable young woman walking by herself, who then pounced in a quiet bushland reserve when no-one was around. 

Whoever seeks shall find? 

Price had been on a subject to the supervision order for unlawful assault of a female and separately for criminal damage.

Subcultural Profile?   Suffered from perinatal head trauma, sexually abused as a child, dysfunctional upbringing, family history of mental illness, regularly changed schools, had learning difficulties, alcoholic, drug dependent, psychotic, angry, extremely violent.

Everyone knew Sean Christian Price was a ticking time bomb. He had told authorities that himself. He had been committing crimes since he was just 18 years old – including at least two shocking rapes.   The court fixed a minimum term of five years and six months for offending that involved six victims aged from 13 to 45.  They were all female victims chosen at random as Price drove around looking for what he described as a ‘buzz’ or a ‘rush’.

In one case an attack happened in the presence of the victim’s children, whom he threatened to murder.

In January 2012 he was sentenced to four months’ imprisonment for recklessly causing injury to a female psychologist at the Victorian Institute of Mental Health.  He was incarcerated at notorious Corella Place in Ararat – home to some of Victoria’s worst sex offenders and dubbed the Village of the Damned

On January 14, 2013, Price was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment again to Corella Place for nine counts of criminal damage and one count of unlawful assault.   He had gone on a rampage within the facility, causing $50,000 in damage to buildings and motor vehicles.

By October 2014, the staff at Corella had had enough of Price.  He was set free but was still subject to the supervision order made by the County Court which was to remain in effect until May 2022.

Price warned the authorities on his release that he would kill someone and that it would be their fault.

As a child, Price became the victim of repeated and persistent sexual abuse and violence, which became ‘normalised’.  He had a family history of mental illness and suffered from perinatal head trauma.   He regularly changed schools and had learning difficulties and then abused drugs.
By the latter part of his teenage years Price had exhibited signs of psychotic illness.

Tributes yet again

Murderous Rape of Melbourne’s Jill Meagher

In 2012, Irish journalist working at the 774 ABC Melbourne radio station, Jill Meagher (29) at 1:30 am on September 22 left the late night Bar Ettiquette at 408 Sydney Road in Brunswick in Melbourne’s inner north.  A co-worker had offered to walk Jill home but Jill declined as she only lives five minutes walk away.


Adrian Ernest Bayley (then 41), a pipe layer of nearby Coburg, jogged up behind Jill and accosted her on the footpath on Sydney Road.  As Jill turned into dimly lit Hope Street, Bayley attacked her, wrestling her into a bluestone laneway next to 34 Oven Street where he raped and then strangled her.  


At 4am Bayley drove back to the lane with a shovel and took her body to lonely Blackhill Road in rural Toolern Vale 40km out of the city to the north, where he buried her in a shallow grave on the roadside.

The community laid floral tributes at the site of Jill’s discovered makeshift grave


Jill’s body was discovered six days later.   Bayley pleaded guilty to Meagher’s rape and murder in April 2013. In May 2015, Bayley was sentenced to another 18 years and his non-parole period was extended from 35 to 43 years for three other rape convictions.

Bayley was a predator who had not known his rape victim.  It was an opportunistic attack by a violent man, who had stalked a vulnerable young woman, who once by herself, then pounced in a dimly lit side street when no-one was around.  Whoever seeks shall find? 

Bayley had been on bail at the time appealing his sentence for malicious wounding.


Bayley was born Edwards.  He had no respect for women and became a serial rapist.  In 1989 he married for the first time after his girlfriend became pregnant.  The following year Bayley raped a 16-year-old girlfriend of his sister.  Two months later he attempted to rape a 17-year-old girl and threatened to kill her as she walked home from a bus stop. He poked her in the eyes several times and ripped off her clothes.  In December, he abducted a 16-year-old hitchhiker and took her to a remote area before trying to rape her.

A former friend said he had a tendency to withdraw and that he kept to himself. Others described him as a “fitness freak” who was “smart”.  Bayley’s Facebook page showed he had nine friends and was Buddhist.  He sure as shit wasn’t Christian.

His wife divorced him in 1995.  The same year, he began another relationship and had two more children, a son and a daughter.  It was shortly after that relationship broke down, in July 2000, that he changed his surname by deed poll from Edwards to Bayley.

A neighbour at that time said he lived in a boarding house in Wyndham Vale. “It’s a rooming house for divorced men on low incomes,” landlord Mark Stevens said.

In 2002, Bayley was jailed for 10 years for attacking and raping sixteen prostitutes in St Kilda between September 2000 and March 2001.  In 2012, he pleaded guilty to king-hitting a 20-year-old man, breaking his jaw and leaving him unconscious.  But he then appealed against the sentence. Because he was appealing, he was released from custody until the appeal could be heard.  While on bail his former housemate, Barry, swung axe at him to rescue a woman that he was raping in the home they shared.  He attacked a female Dutch backpacker on July 15, 2012.

Bayley was working as a labourer digging holes for piping when he raped and killed Jill Meagher, 29, in a Brunswick laneway off Sydney Road on September 22.  In 2013 Bayley was jailed for life with a minimum of 35 years on June 18.

A Toolern Vale resident has since got local Melton City Council to remove all tributes to Jill – and all memory

The community’s floral tribute to Jill Meagher outside the women’s dress shop at 517 Sydney Road, where the last CCTV footage was captured of Bayley accosting her outside on the footpath.

Melbourne’s community floral tribute to the loss of Jill outside the Duchess Boutique at 517 Sydney Road – per the last CCTV footage of Jill seen alive


Duchess relocated because as unrelated innocents they just sell women’s gowns, not morbid tourism.

Shop CCTV enabled police to nab Bayley.  So leave these retailers alone along with Jill’s grieving family.

Patriarchal rape subcultures of multicultural Australia

A 2014 National Community Attitudes Survey on Violence against Women revealed that most measures of community understanding and attitudes on violence against women have not improved in Australia in almost 20 years. In some areas, they’ve worsened.

Two out of every five women experience some form of physical or sexual abuse. And nearly half have experienced sexual harassment since the age of 15.

A culture of denial exists in Australia, with more than one in three people believing women make up false claims of rape.  While young people under the age of 25 are one of the groups least understanding of violence against women, attitudes of young men have significantly improved since the last survey in 2009.

Few Australians openly support violence against women, but many others subtly endorse it by trivialising and excusing acts of abuse.

In New South Wales, the law does not even use the ward rape, but down plays it as “sexual assault”.

Rape is clinically cultural and predatory habitual and psychologically results in desperate guilt murder.

Castrating murderous rapists is humane and effective

Each of the above murderous rapists have committed heinous crimes against women.  The victims and their life-traumatised families and friends have not received justice.

To prevent violence, we need to hold perpetrators of violence to account.

How can Australians decently presume First World status when systemic violence against women persists.  Rape remains barbarically acceptable by patriarchal misogynist subcultures that continue to be officially sanctioned by Australian governments and public servants – PC locked and loaded in the multicultural diversity dogma.

In order of arrival down under:

  1. Aboriginal
  2. Aussie with traumatised upbringing
  3. Pacific Islander
  4. Asian
  5. Indian Subcontinental(aka Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Tamil, Bangladeshi, Karen, Burmese)
  6. Arabic
  7. African

Decent First World Australia is losing civil morality.   The White Ribbon movement targeting the social values of men and boys to end male violence against women and girls is culturally working?  Across multicultural patriarchal cultures above? 

The subcultures need to be brought in line with Australian community standards.  Multiculturalism is standing in the way.

There is little evidence that the White Ribbon movement is making a scrap of difference to protect women from predatory evil men who hatefully, habitually and culturally seek to rape and murder women.

Silly university mottos like ‘Whoever seeks shall find doesn’t exactly send the right behaviour changing message.  It’s not what namesake Charles La Trobe had in mind Vice Chancellor.   It seems plagiarised from Bundoora Secondary College’s motto: “Be what you are becoming.


John Dewar, Vice-Chancellor and President, La Trobe University

The soft-on-crime judiciary and likewise the states/territories cannot be trusted to apply Australian First World decent values and standards to adequately sentence perpetrators of heinous crimes (and terrorism).   Australians have a right to live safely in our country, day or night; women especially, without chaperones or armed guards. 

It’s time Australia nationally to reintroduce the death penalty for heinous crimes and terrorism.  Thirty states in America do. The Ronald Ryan injustice case excuse warrants challenging.  Those guilty of heinous crimes and terrorism can choose which ever euthanasia method the wish, as long as it’s cheap, simple and effective within 24 hours.

Leftist Amnesty International can bugger off.  No one will miss a rapist, murderer or terrorist.

The mother of a rapist-murderer would never tribute flowers to her evil son?