Diversity Dan Andrews Labor to condemn Victorians to thousands of curry munching fake students, scab labour and acid attacks

Last weekend, Labor’s union puppet Premier in Victoria, Daniel Andrews, went out on the town for Indian, savouring the samosa and chook curry washed down with several Kingfisher sherbies.

Dan:  “Yeah so I couldn’t eat it all, cos pumped with too much Kingfisher.”

Next morning, hung over Dan has converted to Indian declaring his Victoria’s India Strategy to import thousands of wobble necks on the pretense of ‘education export’.

Dan doesn’t think the previous ‘Stay Alert, Stay Alive‘ registration plate campaign was appropriate.

Diversity Dan reckons “To strengthen my Indian diet, Victorians must commit to long-term indian engagement and work together based on a shared understanding of equal exchange.”   What curry munching crap.

So more Puneet Puneet‘s – dodgy indian truck drivers, dodgy students, scab labourers, Uber drivers, gang rapists, acid throwers.  Indian victims (typically female) are attacked over domestic or land disputes, a rejected marriage proposal or spurned sexual advances. Just what Melbourne needs.

Impressed, and still hungover on Kingfisher beer, Diversity Dan warns he is to visit India in January to indulge on Biryani, Momos, Idli, Gulab jaamun, Chole bhature, Nethili varuval, Kati roll, Rajma, Pani puri and home-brewed Calcutta acid.

And Dan’s gone all hardcore hindu spiritual, insisting the themes of equal exchange, personal connections and long-term commitment to Vishnu.

Dan’s addiction strategy aims to explore new ways of integrating Victorians with punjabis..”drive closer engagement across priority sectors and invest in the pivotal drivers of economic growth.”

Victoria is home to Australia’s largest Indian population, with 209,257 Victorians with Indian ancestry recorded at the 2016 Census.  That’s a lot of curry.  As if marvellous Melbourne’s tone hasn’t already been lowered with all dem African negros running riot. Now Dan’s want’s the brownies to further perpetuate White Australian Genocide.

Victoria is establishing the first Indian community precinct in Little India in Dandenong, Melbourne, to support and celebrate Victoria’s punjabis with two more multiculti beachheads planned for Wyndham (Melbourne’s West) and Monash (Melbourne’s East).

Victoria is the number one destination for Indian backdoor immigrant students in Australia. There were 34,000 Indian fake student enrolments in Victorian universities in 2016, accounting for 44% of all Indian students in Australia. Dan want Melbourne to be the samosa capital of Australia

In 2016, Victoria welcomed 111,700 Indian visitors.  Unfortunately, many have overstayed their visas.

So Dan’s off to India tomorrow to feed his samosa addiction, invite thousands fake students, scab IT workers, acid-throwing punjabis and more dodgy truck drivers.

While he’s in the Third World shithole, Dan should meet up with superintendent of police, Ashwin Shenvi, about the weekly gang rape culture across India, like the indian woman in the northern state of Haryana gang-raped and then brutally murdered by eight indian men who smashed her skull with bricks after she had threatened to inform authorities.  Dan should meet up with the Acid Survivors Foundation India and with Alok Dixit, founder of the Stop Acid Attacks (SAA) campaign based in New Delhi.

“I rejected his marriage proposal”