Costly New Year’s Eve in islamified Melbourne and Sydney

New Year’s Eve 2016 in Melbourne and Sydney is set to be the most costly security event to date in Australia’s history; burdening the state governments of Victoria and New South Wales of over a billion dollars combined.

Yet without all the security measures, both CBD’s would be too dangerous and crowds of revelers vulnerable to islamic terror attacks.  So both states have been forced to despatch thousands of state police, barriers, riot squads, monitoring of CCTV’s and of islamic Facebook “chatter”.  Then there’s the standby Army with its own helicopters and commandos.

Australia’s Defence Budget now spent on responding to enemy attacks on home soil – why train for overseas deployment?


The latest anti-islamic defence tactic is to strategically position empty buses and garbage trucks to prevent bearded islamics ramming crowds.

Muzzies can’t be trusted with hunting knives, machetes, beheading swords, handguns, trucks, ANZAC Day, NYE, women, beards, mosques, free speech, Australian visas or citizenship.  Piss ’em all off.


Melbourne Anti-Islamic Security

About half a million people are expected to travel to the Melbourne’s city centre and along the Yarra River to see the fireworks and to see in the New Year.  Security will be tight with more than 1500 police present, a dedicated emergency operations centre set up in the city to monitor Sudanese behaviour.

Police Commander Russell Barrett said “Revellers will see an extremely strong police presence. They’ll be supported by all our specialist areas including water police, mounted branch, our public order management teams and our air wing.  “They’ll see transit and protective services officers on the train network and on the railway stations.”

The muslim population of Melbourne is around 170,000 and metastasizing fast.


Sydney Anti-Islamic Security

NSW Police will be using buses and garbage trucks as safety barriers in downtown Sydney to avoid a Nice or Berlin-style attack on the expected 1.5-million-strong crowd.  More than 2,000 officers are rostered on tomorrow night to keep revelers safe, including Water Police, the police airwing PolAir helicopters, mounted police and general duties officers.  As part of Operation Talisman, there will be 18 command centres across the greater Sydney area.  All police will carry infidel defence spray as part of their NYE kit.

While police said there was no specific threat to New Year’s Eve events, they were aware of a number of risks, especially following the Nice and Berlin attacks where people used vehicles to crash into crowds.

Assistant Police Commissioner Mick Fuller says, “The threat level is at probable.”


Beware of islamic beards driving trucks

And it’s all thanks to Canberra’s mass immigration policy inviting in Third World muslims into our once safe monocultural country from the war-torn islamic Middle East and Africa.

Then once they’re here, Canberra imposes multiculturalism on the rest of us so the muslims can import their anti-Australian ways, setup islamic ghettos, preach islamism, inflict violence against women, build mosques, and basically try and take us over.

The muslim population of Sydney is around 250,000 and growing faster.  Terrorist group Hizb ut-Tahrir staged a public protest in islamified Lakemba on December 21 ranting: “The path before us needs to be clear, to construct a solid independent path built solely upon Islam, built solely upon Islam to the exclusion of everything else.”

Remember the African riot at Moomba in Melbourne earlier this year and the muslim riot in Hyde Park Sydney a few years ago?  It was over a silly film screened somewhere not in Australia but in America.

Last week, Victoria Police foiled an islamic terrorist plot to detonate improvised explosive devices on Christmas Day at Federation Square, Flinders Street Station and St Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne’s CBD.  Islamic offspring Abdullah Chaarani (26), Hamza Abbas (21) and Ahmed Mohamad (24).

If they have beards and you can’t pronounce their name, they need to be on ASIO watch.

If you see unaccompanied muslims, do not touch them but notify authorities immediately


A 40-year-old islamic from London was arrested at Sydney Airport yesterday charged with making threats online targeting Sydney’s New Year’s Eve festivities.


BrisVegas Anti-Islamic Security

With about 120,000 locals and tourists expected to welcome in 2017 along Brisbane’s frequented South Bank, Hamilton Portside Wharf and Eagle Street Pier.  Police and security have been ramped up as usual.   Visitors to these precincts have had to be searched at security checkpoints. Thanks to the jihadi muslims wrecking it for the rest of us.

So there’s bans on everything – alcohol, glass, bottles with broken seals, bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, scooters, boogie boards, dogs, and burqas.  All beards are being closely monitored.

Queensland Police Service Acting Superintendent Mick O’Dowd said extra police would be on patrol in the city, but stressed there was no specific threat to Brisbane because the islamic population was still comparatively low.   “A number of plain clothes staff have been assigned to move amongst the crowd also, there may be some bag checks around the South Bank precinct and we just ask for people’s patience,” he said.  “If you’re coming to the precinct travel light – don’t bring a bag with too many things that need to be searched.  And burqas just ask for trouble.”

Queensland has a naturally occurring substance preventing the spread of islam:  ‘The Bevan

Even so, concrete barriers have been positioned around South Bank and at key positions along the Gold Coast.  Surfers Paradise is expecting crowds of around 50,000.

The muslim population of the entire state of Queensland is less than 50,000.  They’re still attempting to raghead and halal Logan, Holland Park, Rocky and Townsville.

But the Bevan factor has proven antibiotic in curbing the muzzie spread throughout Queensland.  Bevan ockerism has proven more effective a deterrent than all the PC appeasement and reactionary security.  Bevans are ingrain, do as they please, tell it as it is – no PC multiculti crap, and rampant mosque graffiti tagging. The soft cock Westies and Bogans down south just don’t cut the mustard.  That’s why Sydney and Melbourne have gone to the islamic dogs.

Fortunately Currumbin locals told the muzzies trying to halal the Gold Coast where they could build their friggen mosque (back in Mecca), so should be safe on the Gold Coast tonight.

“Now there’s a Bevan hangover in progress, just like last year.   No wonder dem muzzies stay clear a South Bank.”


And Tony Abbott’s additional 12,000 Syrian muzzies have started arriving and going on welfare and queue jumping public housing.  No docs, no background checks.  Look out Liverpool, Wollongong, Newcastle, Wagga, Albury, Coffs Harbour, Townsville, Launceston.   Why wouldn’t you settle them in a muslim country that speaks arabic and with a similar climate to Syria?  One way flights from Damascus to Sydney price from $1200, so that’s $14 million just for the 12,000 airline seats.

All the billions spent on security could have gone to local schools, hospitals and infrastructure for needy Aussies.  It amounts to foreign aid by importation.  Now we have institutionalised Middle Eastern Crime Squad, purpose-built islamic terrorist prisons overflowing with jihadis, a whole wing of ASIO tasked to monitor islamic offspring in the ghettoed suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne, with Brisbane incubating.

Now Canberra’s Immigration Minister tells us islamic terrorists pose a “rapidly evolving threat” to Australia.

No beard shave, no entry!

“The time for puerile platitudes, appeasement, inclusiveness and tolerance of terrorism-related crimes is over. The vast majority of Australians now want something substantive done about the Islamic threat.” Larry Pickering, 2014

Recall thirty years ago in pre-Islamic Australia. It was a hell of a lot safer.  But these days, with half a million muzzies swamping our cities and breeding radical offspring, it’s become unsafe for Aussie to celebrate New Year’s in the CBDs of Sydney or Melbourne.

Safer to stay at home, and see in 2017 with all four limbs and your head intact.