Melburnians dare own a Mercedes-Benz and expect a night African home invasion and carjacking

Members of Mercedes-Benz Club (Victoria) be on notice.  If you reside in Melbourne and choose to park your prestige motor outside a locked garage in view of the street, be prepared for a very dark home invasion.  Else simply driving around Melbourne in your prestige car, expect to be carjacked by the very dark.

Melbourne has become Australia’s carjacking capital thanks to Canberra’s compassionate invitation of Negroid Africans


No trained Boerboel?  No pump-action?  Aloof, in denial convinced ‘it won’t happen to me?  Then if you live in Melbourne you really have no idea.  Upon a pre-dawn knock at your front door (sometimes less subtle) be prepared from your bed to just handover your Benz keys to the threatening and fidgety juvenile stick insects armed and with anti-White privilege attitude.

It’s of course Marvelous Melbourne and last Thursday February 14 at 3:45am, six male Negroids home-invaded an address (pictured) on Fabian Court Maribyrnong because there was a Mercedes-Benz car parked outside.

Vanstone’s Negroid Night Terror

Now with Negroids ruling Melbourne streets at night, wealthy Whites oughta know better.   T’is a red rag to a bull; or in the current Melburnian context – a prestige car to a hunter-gathering Negroid.

Melbourne Dreaming: when bayside beaches were decently White

– the fish, the chips, the sand, and the beachgoing families.


Meanwhile back in Melbourne, a family home in Fabian Court in Maribyrnong at 3:45am got home invaded by six vibrant Sudanese youths.  They woke and clubbed the father over the head with a golf club (11 iron) beating him into a bloody pulp until his head bled.

They demanded the car keys to his white Mercedes-Benz B-class wagon in the driveway then took off in it.  He managed to return a what’s for one of the home invaders.  The distraught mother was petrified of being Negroid gang raped, and his daughter (8) was traumatised by the attack.

Neighbour James Tedesco said he heard the noise and saw the white Mercedes reversing out the drive and racing off, then three thin black teen males running away from the property.

“They were on foot and screaming out. One of them looked to be holding some goods.  I would have said they were 16-22 (years old), young thin boys.  They were on foot and screaming out. One of them looked to be holding goods. I would have said they were 16 to 22 (years old) and young, thin boys.”

The father (50) was rushed to hospital where he continues to remain in a serious condition and may never fully recover.

Police said the intruders were African in appearance and aged between 16 and 22 years old.  The Negroids were pressumed to be cashing in their dole payments and buying up big on ICE and beer.

Australia pre-1988 was African Negroid free and carjackings were unheard of.   We ought to have learnt from the White American experience since 1619 when the Dutch shipped the first African slaves ashore in the British colony of Jamestown, Virginia.  The kidnapping and the slave trade was criminal and it has undermined White American society ever since.   Had Lincoln after the Civil War ended on Apr 9 in 1865, not just renounced slavery but properly repatriated all the Africans back to Africa, the Africans would have been truly free for self-determination on their continental homeland and America would have been restored to a bastion of White civilisation.

Daily in America, Africans are responsible for most of the crime and the prisons are dominated by them.

A certain White American website knows all about the ‘N’ problem

Back in Melbourne,  Victoria Police Detective Sergeant Mark Anderson has confirmed that the injured vibrant invader is known to Victoria Police. Victoria Police said they are “pretty confident” of finding the offenders, because they are serial Africans.

Yet local Melburnians despair because Victoria Police are dismissed as being PC useless and merely apologists for African criminality and terrorism and typically do little to pursue known African offenders.  If Africans ever end up before the Victorian judiciary who are all civil libertarians, let them off with infinite good behaviour bonds and Maccas or KFC vouchers.

Thanks to Victorian Premier Dan Andrews, African impunity legislation means they are assured that they’ll never face charges in the state.  Useless Police Commissioner Graham Ashton’s has ludicrously named  ‘Wayward Taskforce‘ detectives who apologise for troubled “young people” (Negroid migrant criminal offspring) in Melbourne’s west.


Gentile Melbourne, indeed Australia possesses a violent condoned past. Vigilantes can only take so much hateful invasion and government turing a blind eye to it.  One only needs to read up on the plight by our Eureka Diggers from colonial Australia’s Gold Rush.  Back then the colonial governments of the colonies at the time let in thousands fo Chinese celestials with their diseases, crime and vice.  Despite pleas from the Diggers, the authorities refused to listen, so the Diggers to the law into their own hands.  Digger uprisings spontaneously erupted against the invading Chinese at gold diggings at Bendigo, Harcourt, Ballaarat, Lambing Flat, Buckland River, Clunes, Ararat and other locales.

“Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

– George Santayana.


Shocking?  Read History – Warts and All History. 

Honest historical folk faces show no regret, only a sense of people’s justice. 

Will government let it come to this?